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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How To Accept a Compliment | Vocabulary & British Intonation

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compliments they are one of the most

beautiful things in the whole world

I love complimenting people but I hate

receiving them how do I respond how do I

say thank you in the best way possible

without getting all awkward and shy well

let's find out today hello it's me your

mates Elliot from ETJ English and I'm

here to help you with responding to

compliments with the correct intonation

with the correct pronunciation and with

the correct words compliments are

amazing as I said I think it's very

important that we compliment people if

we're thinking something about someone

and it's something great something

beautiful something amazing we should

say it because people deserve to hear it

we deserve to make people happy but we

do have to understand that sometimes

when people give us compliments or we

give people compliments they're quite

difficult to respond to unless you're a

really really confident person now most

of the time people who are studying

English are not the most confident

people in the world the reason why is

because well you're studying English

you're using a different language and

sometimes you don't have the right words

or the right intonation to use so don't

worry I understand and if I gave you a

compliment and you maybe gave me the

wrong answer or set it in the wrong way

I'd know why and most natives do but

let's try and convince them that we are

the experts so let's say somebody says

to you oh I love your haircut okay

that's a really nice compliment someone

likes your haircut fantastic how do you

respond just say thank you

now we are going to get into more detail

and give you a few more options but if

you're ever worried say thank you but

it's not as easy as that how do you use

intonation to sound like you really mean

it it's quite tricky and this is a

problem 90% of my students have when

they first join my course because they

don't realize how important it actually

is for natives particularly pretty

natives to use intonation to create an

effect and the Korea the effects that

we're trying to create here when

somebody compliments us is a thankful

grateful emotional tone and this tone

the best tone I would say to use would

be a rising tone which falls back down a

rise fall or up down tone you might want

to call it call it whatever you want

but the sound essentially let's say

we're saying thank you thank you okay

thank you we're going up and then we're

falling back down the reason why we're

doing this is because it's a tone which

shows effort is a tone which shows

emotion we use it for good things for

bad things to sound friendly to sound

approachable so try and experiment with

that tone when people are giving you

compliments same with the word thanks

thanks thanks up down Thanks

it really really does show that we are

thankful so please experiment with that

tone and try and sing it in the right

way if you can't pronounce the sounds

well then you need to practice the

sounds first for example that ah sound

in thanks I have so many students again

who joined my course and they pronounce

the app in thanks as air and it becomes

thanks or thanks like an American this

is simply because they're raising the

tongue too high in the mouth and it's

becoming an air like in Elliot but we

need to keep the tongue down and open it

nice than the mouth nice and wide and it

becomes an ah thanks thanks you'd be

surprised it's one of the most common

words but it's actually really difficult

for many non-natives to pronounce as

well as thinking about the intonation

and things like that let's say I love

your t-shirt Thanks Thanks what if we

don't want to just always say the word

thanks well we know from my previous

lessons we could say Cheers

again same tone cheers Cheers

and now we've said thank you in a more

informal way but what if we want to say

more what if we want to compliment the


back while my best advice if you want to

compliment someone back is don't just

return the favor

you know if somebody says I love your

glasses and let's say they're wearing

glasses too don't say oh thanks I like

yours too but now it is okay to do that

don't worry it's fine no one cares that

much but if you want to show like you've

made more effort maybe just say thanks

you're so kind that's really nice of you

thanks or thanks it means a lot so what

we're doing there is we're adding

something onto the thanks we're

complimenting them back complimenting

their personality and saying you're

really kind or that's really nice of you

okay we're saying that what that's what

they've done that effort is really nice

and we appreciate it you could even say

thanks I appreciate it so I always do

that if somebody compliments me I try to

add that in and say you know it means a

lot or I appreciate it or something like

that it does help make sure you're using

this up downtown on the important words

to add more emotion and more effect to

the words you're saying

now one more thing let's say we want to

start a conversation with this person

they've complimented us and we're

worried about what to say next but we

want to keep talking to them now is the

time you could return the favor but with

a question so for example let's go with

t-shirt somebody says oh hey I love your

t-shirt and you can respond and say oh

thanks I like yours too where did you

get it now in a more natural everyday

intonation Thanks I like yours too


where did you get it where did you get

it now firstly I'm using a falling tone

on where did you get it because this is

what we call an open question where did

you get it now when we use a falling

tone on a question most of the time

that's that falling tone is to show that

it's an open question not a yes/no

question but remember when I said of

thanks I did a rise for tone so thanks I

like yours too - where did you get it

use that intonation and now what we've

done is we've

into a question so now we're building

conversation the easiest thing to do is

get other people to talk about

themselves so turn it around back on

them say oh thanks you're too kind I

like yours too where did you get it from

and now we're asking them to talk about

themselves and we've started a

conversation easy it's a great way of

keeping a conversation going it's a

great way of getting people to talk it's

just great and it's British and it's

what US British people do especially the

orchid ones like me ask questions and

people can talk forever you know as I

said if you want to learn about

intonation and how to pronounce all of

these sounds in more detail you're going

to need you know some some real

professional help and I'm here I'm a

teacher I have an online course you can

also talk to me on whatsapp whenever you

want with voice messaging or WeChat if

you're in China and you can do that

while you take the course you can join

with the link in the description box

below and hopefully I can help you with

improving your British accent your

pronunciation and overall your English

so thank you very much for watching and

also if you like podcasts I have one the

links also in the description below

cheers again guys I will see you soon

take care bye



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