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Dreams I see that game

Silent Hill

You promised me to tell me everything about this game something

But she never did


You have the making of now

In your special DVD

Just waiting for you

Please James

This is where silent hill 2 was created here in tokyo summer on the 42nd floor of these buildings

Counting the graphics designers programmers and musicians over 50 people work for nearly two years on this project

The Silent Hill 2 would not have come to life without these three in a miura

Producer-San tow charge of designing the characters and cinematic visuals and Yamaoka who created the sound of music

All three are very ingenious, but they say it's like being married is they all work together on the first son in Hill

but the [son]

And [he'll] [too] they've gone much further because silent hill 2 is not more than just a horror game more a terrible love story

Anyway, what do you mean anyway? You don't sound very happy every detail of the [game] is conceived to shake you up mentally

Huh, emotionally. I'm here for you James


This is the artistry of these alchemists of the emotions

Backgrounds in Silent hill are based on a concept of simultaneous repulsion and attraction as one way to define their impact

Strangely enough they look nasty and disgust us, but also they have their own kind of charm

Which is just the effect that the art director was trying to achieve of course yelling look at the wall

So when you talk on a negative wall and kill [me] [or] [sorcerer] are additional give God

Some security [Mr.]. [Kazan] you [Wanna] [Konzi] Yannick on zZisko?

Before creating the images for these grim visual backgrounds sabore Yama went to shoot a few stills

It may sound odd, [but] these stills are perhaps the most important images of all

The bathroom was the very first room modeled by the art director

This was the first image created for the visual background

In a way, it served as the graphics Bible for creating the other visual backgrounds

It's no accident if the players start the game indoors

Mary could you really be in this town a

Different rationale applied to the exterior visual backgrounds the idea was to give the impression that the city is larger than you'd imagined

Certain sequences that might seem over long were inserted deliberately to Convey a feeling of isolation

[maha], [Chohan] [tembo] Decorum ahmedabad ichido so much in [Satara]

[Occasional] [Jana] Julie

Otis Cottony Ota so no [drop] Condo everyone can't oka, so

Chakras are a thermogenic - Mata - Kanji, toka

you know - that happened a

Game taking an kali tended chosen steam it up on the Island ago

What I thought are they going to kill you?

In addition they used a grainy filter to dirty the images are given them character

Is what silent hill 2 would have looked like if its creators had not used this ingenious process?

Always trying to take us by surprise

Graphics designers had fun planting a few disturbing elements throughout the game to go unnoticed at first for instance

There's that body in front of the television. You don't realize [it]. You know that face

seems Longer ask or

Understand just zooms got screw that up James

John Deere Yoga no, Mrs.. Joy. Can I

Another image from James's Brain that dress on the tailor's dummy holding the flashlight

You've seen that dress before

It's Mary's all of these mysterious details come together to form a visual background ideal for conveying impressions of [solitude]

Suggesting a parallel dimension [a] perfect substrate for showcasing such elaborate and ambiguous characters

of course

It's James the hero of silent Hill 2 but just like in the first silent hill the main character does [not] have the key role

The rear is a fascinating woman who epitomizes the ambiguity of sign little - I don't look like a ghost

disturbing and

sometimes looks cute

Mm-Hmm, and now there's no specific model of her with her disturbing ambivalence the Maria character is much more appeal than

Other heroines don't ever leave me alone

you're supposed to take care [of] me, [so]

[for] example the one of final Fantasy the movie

sato explains why she ran away, but main girl character doesn't have a wrinkle and

That doesn't have a kind of a bad point. She she is kind of perfect [for]

Example, you know if you are

If you were attracted by a some woman, you know she's not perfect

You know yeah, if you take take our pictures, you know

Sometimes our faces like that

you know it's not perfect, but you [know] if always she's perfect I guess ah

you want

Lover you, you're in love with her because she's human she has a you know

Character you know that character has a you know the head point of course bad point, and you know good point

They didn't make that

but you know is


Real than the [science] here second

you know from

no visual or

You know technique point of view

But you know I think you know I made more realistic


Do I look like your girlfriend?

So maria is a woman who has her weak points. It takes full responsibility for them

She flaunts a tummy with a little roll of flab your face your [voice] just your hair

doesn't try to conceal the brown spots on her skin cheats with respect to some parts of the body [I]

Think I see is that brunette she's not brown

She died you know red then she died

You know she breached

These details make her seem very real [a] woman with appeal

Sato explains actually Maria was sexier when we first started out, but her plunging neckline gave us too many technical problems

And we weren't happy with the way the graphics looked

A body like [that] isn't much without a lively expressive face so startup threw himself into his work on this part of the animation

I try to act sexy in front of mirror and

You know I got

just [open-open] [half] the eyes and

Move that you know under lip [six-year] like that. You know in the office that was perfect

As a matter of fact to obtain better results in face animation Santa did not resort to motion capture

I couldn't trust that you know face motion capture that motion capture system


took just a you know a position of their

Skin if you open the mouth oh um

You know muscles down here. It's tighten but a motion capture can I cannot capture it?

Mm-Hmm, but I you know if I [I] make them in front of mirror I can notice it I can capture it

No, that's more so far. You know was biggest


By doing the animation by hand you can combine dozens of expressions and come up with just the right one even the most absurd


The other hand motion capture was used for the body sequences

In other words these motions were carefully thought-out or rather carefully observed

The actress playing Maria struck poses that would turn [the] head of any red-blooded male player

The animators simply had to transpose these sexy poses

For the finishing touch [all] they needed was a voice that would bring the face to life

Between 50 and 60 people from Japan the United States were auditioned and only five of them were hired

By the way the same persons who made the motion capture

You must be thinking [five]

[Hmm]. That's funny. There are six characters that's easy to explain the same person played Maria and Mary

Once again, it's no accident

same Polygon structure Polygon structure of a face

Exactly same. You know a little bit our

Skull shape is different and our maria can make a mary's face Mary can make Maria's face


Gimmick of the face like a Skeleton and

In a [muscle] structure, it's a little bit different

Now unlike James Angela is really bizarre [in] the game. She's supposed to be 16 or 17

She doesn't look like a teenager

There's not you know usual teenagers one

has her

something I think and I try to

You know I?

Tried to make her make her face

Special has something inside then you know that's why I made a you know this lines

you know this shadows you know she has that [kind] of a short neighbor mouth and

Try to make her face in motion face animation

They're a bit



Makes her looks more older

The design team aimed to make angela look older and opted for an older voice the actress [playing] Angela is about forty

Last but not least there's Eddie [excuse] me his creation was kind of funny

[characters] [Daehwa] mum, [we're] Gonna using a little bit [local] are you using a Modernist?

For your information doesn't know about it

Fortunately he only borrowed his friends physical characteristics because Eddie is maybe the most deranged of all

appears heavy and clumsy due to a number of subtle details

You you killed him


Pupil a little bit wider

Open a little bit wider from another characters his eye

[Direction] is A

another Direction

[you] know his eyes move little forced to get your other characters

Yeah, I did that on purpose

Why not till now? I always let [people] walk all over me

Just like that stupid dog

He had it covered, ooh, Eddie

An in-depth study of human emotions passionate attention to detail and perfect casting there lies a secret of the characters in Silent Hill 2

But the monsters are every bit as ambiguous

The creatures [in] Silent Hill 2 not your run-of-the-mill horror game monsters. They have no horns no tentacles

No supernatural powers. They're monstrous because their shape suggests deformed human features most oh

Kangaroo videos massaging tomorrow Stopover Ningún, Paso

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Eso Current, Ryoga

Star Vijay

Takeda que esto

Mucho Ashton on Dad Tito Berroco solos [asset] [evade] [a] [Sukkah] desna. No, Estaba

Ningún to achieve a coup

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it's got the I could go eat [o] sweet [o] [El] [poco] so young captain stand a

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So then he visited a barman

Who watched Equable atamanov Chiara Francica start the car so it doesn't mean supporting?

but sometimes inspiration strikes when least expected

Total are a designer who did a hot dog ago?

record a second

double Minimum [ality] and

Dig up on Junior can I?

Do [my] [job] instance Kato?

are even

I'm sorry when we cheat attack you alex. Yes, man

She came in programa Esta. [Toejam]. We're Gonna Technical ossineke. Let's go

And judge the coop can you [tell] we give it judgement coming to get?

this one

antithetical Conover's, Navarro

To the next night Noreen [Arena] given a calculation

eso no cura meter

So correct intuitive

costumes dancing

Of course itõs references were not merely

anecdotal you also drew inspiration from his favorite [artist] the Irish painter Francis bacon whose

Tormented features influenced the visual World of Silent Hill

The most striking an original creation is indisputably the triangle headed Monster

Each others with such ease you might think he got the result he wanted straight away

But what he was looking for was a monster with a hidden face like that. It was less human and therefore more disturbing

His first idea was this monster

Then you realize that there was nothing, but a human in a mask

So then he took the concept further giving him a head in the shape of a triangle he explained it this way

- it kinda guy forgot my second was it the city gets to live it

Once the monsters have been created all they needed were a few bizarre disturbing monster noises and some choice musical sequences

This was a job for the sound designer [Yemma], Oka?

Muga Jimena sound of [crete] selected Tokenism am [Italian] ankles and Okita inspiration telugu comedy

So in online space I know given the discrete item of the sound of [Magda] [Octet] Clever, Makuhita

given and not tacos de La Carrera given Oculina to consider mother

Chicano [Caca] [de] it's Gonna Do

To this crap [are] muscles that much coke a tina took a doctor

But a masonic receiver miko congress to equal to the poor. He did not deny us

It's a theme that conveys the Melancholy of sign [hill] to which like the game itself plays with unlikely combinations

my guy my God zero your

melody to someone like a denim a roadie to your bar of

[talking] is on on you your shit, tina marty a julienne on the skittles you took any Jewish interests

But I know Kana

She cannot see melody alex your easy not [come] [car] team authority cannot she barely eats your new

boss looks okay

Martin OkonoMiyaki

Testaburger nice cannot Imagine as collaborative our tod more nada so no collage and [otPs] lost

Mental taking a tomorrow, Nanako by unitary talk until 9 o'clock or [mocha]

decodable code at all

so there are more - Nikita -

so nasty

Yamaoka also produced all the sound effects a total of 50 sounds not counting the nuances

To prevent repetition. He created hundreds of footstep sounds for the characters a

To read with the Sam Rules applicable to the horror survival game

my God

No, yes, or no, but if oh I know yuri. No addresses sound atoka [oh], [no]

Masseria [Trashy] sound of I eat. Do you okay the 90s kiddo?

Nobody ordered only ticket and don't be taking a four month not about crash [Carla]. He's a talker

So [you] know needing a format you know cut the sound oh?

Boo God knows why not it's my night what horn I'm Dead, Seattle asks dead. Oh, no does

She need a nanny achieve an so no she's taken an image staying tight stake out the running up


Hunted no, no, I can't take [that]. Maybe got a [height] [dick] [tell] [joka]

I [dipped] among God or even speaking Nano coptic run Escape stick in a mall

Do you know how tommy came there? No career?

No, sound on girls on a business Rostro. De thomas godot so don't you take [enough] [for] motto [knock] to sound at all?

my creator Creator star A

Telescope more clear - the sound Onimotsu [over] Gotcha man children not one this being said however

[Yamaoka] is too good a musician not to know that silence is sometimes the best sound of all


[Mantis] gone yet. I don't know so much greater Kudu stanga sound of an actor [-] Kota [oh], [no]


dog is an octet so no not tonight -

Natsu no, zenga, whatever minor Mango Garden violet it. I don't wanna get a cotton elastica. So not tonight

You've got a ball, so it was no sound oh, no

so no no she wanted update the

Audio Track of Silent Hill [2] like the graphics and animation succeeds in creating an Oppressive world

Mysterious and completely original, [but] all of these technical exploits should not obscure. What makes silent hill 2 a work of genius

the fear

Silent hill had another major strength in that invented a new type of fear

Yamashita's gold zuka look silly to you car

One [Sunday] [Funday], [so] when I what can I do?

to be no

[-] [Mario] [-]

[Sachi] me my name [Oliver]. You come tonight, so knows

Souvenir Monsta Gasoline

Donation a local mechanic go [Baharon]. I go to de Nova Corps I go to

The creative people push their analysis much further this feeling of psychological terror

Specific to sign Hill - was the product of serious brainstorming about the human mind and heart say garage ago horror has to


Human's Heart

[Aero] deeply you know shaking people's heart deeply means that


You know uncover?

People's core emotion and the core motivation for life

Everybody is thinking and concerning about you know

sex and death

every day and


We want to scare or Shake or touch the users or spectators ah?

Then that we have to

think about

you know

sex and death deeply

to make like a dead death scene you know somebody died or

Monsters died or

You know if we make that kind of scene?

we try to

We try to mix eric

Essence this is kind of visual and you know

Cora comes out

You can see it in these images of Dead nurses [their] short skirts and low necklines

You can see it in the images of disembodied legs

on this suggestive scene

Angela's Tragedy

How do you know about that and of course Maria's ambiguity icy cold like death?

I'm not your mary and suddenly sensual

So you're a Maria I?


If you want [me] to be to conclude

Let's look at one of the most important scenes in Silent Hill 2 and that's a prison scene

James, honey did something happen to you after we got separated in that long hallway

Are you confusing me with someone else?

You were always so forgetful, remember that time in the hotel

Maria :


Coco's Sno-cones éNteKhno Muy

Bueno our sin [day] a loss scenario no don Caracara scenario no meeting go car okay coco

Coco Co I ride a state agenda

[Maria] me Tamia Marry Ananda Square, onan cassotto Sakina

Yo, Tommy re Puede que vamos sur

Scène. De Zona Zona De Su mano

My you Dada Tom o'Connell answer Tom Olga's kado

so no

Marion undecayed oh [Marion] [Angelica], tsO. No fushigi Satyros Goku das Tabata cnas me


You said you took everything, but you forgot that videotape we made

so listen Andy

Hajime America

My [Mama] Delgarito Maryada, Sexina a noted oh Dr.. Dodd. Okay, [Janice] Deskah, no

sexy salon, Ariana posed oh

Coco became esta. [I] wonder if it's still there

How do you [know] [about] that?

Aren't you Maria?

Then we get to the big scene the one we're in the same shot Maria who is playing at being Mary becomes Maria again?

I'm not [your] mary notice how the sound of her voice becomes more carnal how her gestures become sensuous again, I?

Am if you want me to be

[neverhood] horror being more poetic

Never has our emotional ambiguity been so skillfully exploited the creators of silent hill are artists and the game is a work of art

It is real as this hand touching your face unreal

So why not take another look [at] Silent Hill [2]?


The Description of Making of Silent Hill 2 - HQ