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Many times it happened to me that watching a movie or a music clip,

I found scenes with strange content

and as much as I could rewind again and again

I could not find an explanation.

I thought I was the only one who noticed these things until

I received hundreds of emails from you,

revealing before me the strangest things that happened in movies.

Get ready because my subscribers have made amazing discoveries,

absolutely impossible things that happened in the most popular movies and clips in the world,

because I'm Breakman and it's time to take a break.

Today we present

5 paranormal things captured in movies and music clips part 5.

A large part of the videos you will see below were sent by my audience.

If you know more content like this, do not hesitate to send your contribution to the email you see on the screen.

Let us begin

Number 5

We open this top with the least terrible of all the video.

It came to me in email format at the hands of Jezz Vazkes,

In his email he tells me that watching a music clip of a group called "la firma",

He realized something impossible,

something that should never have happened and that also has a terrifying story behind it

"La firma" is a musical group from Mexico

and one of its most popular videos is exactly the one you know in this video,

probably gained such popularity because there appears a person who should never have taken a shot.

The video that you now see on the screen was recorded inside a factory,

there was not even a minute of video when in the distance we can see a man standing staring at the camera.

While it could have been just an extra,

here comes the worst ...

When this video began to attract the attention of the general public,

people appeared saying that the man

was very similar to a person who worked there years ago

and who suffered a serious accident in that factory.

Accident that regrettably took his life.

On the other hand, the producer and the editors of that song

assure that nobody could have leaked on the plane

and that it is almost impossible that someone who should not leave has appeared like that.

Tell me what you believe.

Number 4

Marvel Studios has become the largest film producer of all time,

its new films appear on billboards around the world.

While they are recognized for their incredible visual effects,

there is one thing that their movies do not have

and it is the paranormal context.

None of his films represent terror,

that makes what you're about to see completely unbelievable.

Mauricio Álvarez wrote me an email telling me that while Captain America saw the first avenger,

He noticed something that should not be there.

A strange being without form that crosses the scene.

this movie is super hero

all its context is of action

there are no monsters or ghost

Keep this in mind for what you will see below:

That was not a coincidence.

It is impossible that it was smoke,

since a huge being can be distinguished by walking slowly.

I repeat,

There is no context for something like this to appear

What are the possibilities?

The publishers mounted that spirit in the scene ?

With what reason?

Marvel does not need that type of advertising,

advertising, the brand is already viral in and of itself.

Because of how the shot is located, I can only conclude that it was recorded accidentally

and you, did you realize this?.

Number 3

Everything you see below is strange,

even starting with the email that came to me.

it, a person asked me to anonymously show a discovery he made in a music clip,

the email described everything with such accuracy

that I could immediately understand what he was trying to tell me.

The event described in this email occurred in the musical clip of the song "cool kids" by echosmith.

This song has a happy rhythm,

it is pop and some time ago it was a success on stations around the world,

however, there is something very dark behind his lyrics and the things they show in his video.

When you look at it for the first time,

you only see a normal video of a musical group,

many happy and reunited people appear,

but the worst comes when you reduce the speed of the video

and you find strange and disturbing scenes.

There is a certain minute of the video where at normal speed it seems like a light effect,

but when you spend it again in slow motion, you realize that the black screen is really the scary face of a girl.

As if that were not enough,

later and expeditiously,

it is also possible to notice the singer surrounded by what appear to be corpses.

What's wrong with this video?,

Maybe we should examine the lyrics more carefully.

The whole song talks about some guys who seem to have an obsession with children who get cold in their school,

and even, it seems that the song told the story of someone who is ignored or maybe upset in that place,

this together with the images,

makes us immediately think that it refers to the bullyng and those tragic incidents that involve weapons in the United States.

While there is nothing really paranormal here,

the fact that such a popular and happy song like this one has these subliminal messages makes everyone bristle.

Number 2

What is found in this position is extremely strange.

It happened in a musical clip so old that the assembly prepared,

here is not possible.

Let me explain this situation a little more.

It has happened on more than one occasion that music videos show strange things on purpose for people to talk about.

Remember that the internet is a social system

and strange things quickly become vira

and from the perspective of advertising campaigns,

there is no better strategy than adding something weird to a music clip.

However, the above is very difficult to apply here

let me tell you why

this post corresponded to a video of the year 1980

when the internet as we know it now

was nothing more than a crazy and impossible idea of the most creative minds.

At that time the music clips were only shown on television,

there was no social interaction, there was no possibility of going viral,

therefore, we can assume that everything that happened h ere was completely accidental.

It's about the music video "girls just want to have fun" by Cyndi Lauper,

no matter who you are or where you are from,

you probably know this song

It's a classic,

but your video maybe not so much and what you're about to see,

it will surely make you repeat the clip again and again.

I've seen it many times

it's hard to say what happened here

Could it have been the wind?

If you pay attention,

you will notice that just when the cereal box falls,

something in the window also moves.

Could it have been a cable that pulled the box?

Or perhaps we have witnessed the moment when the thing that threw the box of cereal

escapes through the window?

Tell me what you think

I want to thank Zeno-Sama, for sending me this video

Before advancing to position number one

I inform you that this Saturday I will upload a new video to the channel

It will be amazing, so do not miss it

let's continue

Number 1

The last thing we'll see in this video is a relatively well-known case,

but due to the fact that it happened in a film as iconic as spiderman,

I think it deserves a message in this series.

This is the first spiderman movie, the one whose actor was toby mcguayer.

as you will suppose this movie is about superheroes

here are no ghosts, no screamers, no terror.

It's just an action movie.

that makes what happens in this particular scene, is completely strange

When zooming it can be clearly seen as if it were a person that appears intermittently.

It is not about anyone standing behind the bushes,

The image materializes opposite.

It's like the silhouette of a man looking to the right.

What are the logical answers to this?

Some editor who wanted to play a joke on Marvel?

A simple stain?

Tell me what do you think

The world full of strange things

they can happen to anyone and at any time

Do not let your records be forgotten

help me to collect the most terrifying situations sending your experiences to the mail that now on screen

I'm breakman and this has been your break

and see you, but not before leaving a greeting

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