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Gday! Today were looking at the difficult world

of law enforcement.

Police officers are meant to be the best of us

but its a low bar

humans are shit.

Therefore, even the fuzz

can cockup from time to time.

Like this guy.

Hes managed to hook himself over a fence,

Im sure it happened

after an exhilarating, action packed

car chase that lead to an intense foot pursuit.

Or maybe he was just going for a walk

and got stuck, it happens,

Im sure he can reach his radio,

and call for backup.

Yeah here we go, hes phoning it in

Ah fuck!

Hes dropped it.

This is not going well.

Maybe he can pull out his gun,

aaaand shoot the fence.

This copper is trying his best

to subdue a wily agile suspect,

and hes nearly got him,

but the purp spies the sewers.

Hes like "screw this, Im not going to jail",

and cheeses it right into the drain

to look for Splinters safehouse.

The cop is like, “Aw, yeah, nah, fuck that.

Dispensing justice isnt worth

being ankle deep in shit.”

Meanwhile in Russia,

these officers are pulling over a little yellow hatch back,

but the hatchback wanker stops.

Is he gonna leg it?

The cops go to cut him offBAAAM!

Theyve had a prang,

the car is cactus.

They decide to get out and pursue on foot.

The hatchback wanker is like

"I was only tricking ya.

I am actually driving."

He says "Nostrovia bitches!"

These boofheads are having a punch up.

Heres Policia to end it.

They jump out of the car,

but the handbrake is off,

they chase the car to arrest it

for reckless driving.

This bicycle cop is searching for dickheads

using their phones whilst driving,

which is an ever-increasing threat to public safety

alongside the bloody Coronavirus.

Theres about 3 cars that use this road

so hes likescrew it, Im going back to base

for lunch.”

Here's a cop car.

Its turning the corner.

Why isnt he stopping?!


Ho Ho...

He was on his phone.

[“Why the fuck

are you looking at your phone, officer?”]

[...(Beep) “I got another text from an officer.

Gimme a sec”]

He acts like hes in the middle of fighting

actual crime,

when really hes going on lunch break too.

Its a shame bicycle cops dont get taken seriously.


Thats a big stack.

I think its the shorts.

Its weird to serve justice in a pair of King Gees.

Dont do it mate.

Dont do it.

Oh there ya go.

You see, you should not have tried to spend time

relating to the teenagers.

Not worth it.

This cop is pursuing on foot at top speed.

If he goes faster hell trip over.

Shit, yeah, I jinxed him.

The fugitive has a big lead now,

although he looks wobbly,

yeah down he goes.

This is the worlds clumsiest foot chase.

Johnny Utah chasing Bodhi in Point Break

was not based on reality.

You know what would be handy in this video,

a fucken bicycle.

"Come in control.

Weve got a 10-43 in progress on highway 9.

We're in pursuit of a couple of mules."

"Roger that.

Youre in pursuit of drug smugglers?"

"No. No fucken negatory.

Literally mules.

The animals.

It's a slow day."

Ok, one more bicycle cop.

Last one.

3, 2, 1.

Arse over tits!

That was a genuinely cool move.

I would like to see him use that

on a baddy.

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