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hello minecraft this is Maxwelljones for the tutorial

on the Pulverizer. So first you need to

get a Pulverizer, i'm not gonna show you the recipe. You will need some kind of power to

power it.

Here we use some Redstone energy conducts from our power source here

and we power down our pulverizer. we see me deity that's the energy

is coming in; it can store 4800

minecraft Joules. On the right side you have a configuration panel

showing you that the maximum power is four minecraft Joules per tick

second option the Redstone control you can control your Pulverizer with

redstone so like a lever for example

and here's the configuration for the inputs and outputs

first we'll put everything blank. everything blank means

you need to put your stuff inside manually so here we have some

iron ore, we drop it in there and its pulverizing

and getting in the output sectionpulverized iron on the main outputs and down

is the secondary output

you can by pipe it also into pipes like cobble stone and stone transport pipes

like so

and let's say

the top output will be for the main product and right output will be for the

secondary products

we can put a lever

in front of it so we can activate or deactivate it so i'll put

one iron ore inside then you see it's pulverizing because it's activated at the

moment so lets deactivate it

and see. now it should be off and not

doing its work. there is a couple of ways to input or materials in the pulveriser

so now we input from the left side

we can see the blue color code, we can use a hopper for example

and turn it with the Crescent hammer we can

drop our stuff in the hopper if you have lots of stuff it's kind of useful

here I prepared a chest with

some stuff inside, there's Iron ore, gold ore, silver, ore copper, certus, blaze rode

bones and so on... you can choose to

pipe it in if you like or you can choose to

add another hopper on the bottom of the chest and the things are

going to go directly from the chest to the hopper and into the second hopper

and then into our pulveriser



will be processed, but only one at the time

after some time waiting we can see that the top chest has all the process materials

and the bottom chest has all the secondary process materials

thank you very much for watching have a good day and if you'd like to video


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