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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Clara's Great Depression DANDELION SALAD | HARD TIMES - recipes from times of food scarcity

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Greetings my beautiful lovelies. Hello. It's Emmy. Welcome back.

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So today we're continuing with a hard time story where I'm exploring recipes and food that was created during times of food scarcity.

So if you missed my last video where I cooked a steak made out of grapefruit peel

I'll put the link up there and down below

So in that video many of you commented about Clara and her Channel Great Depression cooking, which I hadn't visited in a long time

So thank you so much for reminding me of that Clara and I went and binge watched a lot of her recipes where she shares

stories of her family and herself growing up during the Great Depression

What her family and her mother had to do to provide food for everyone during that time where there wasn't any food?

- one of those recipes that she included was dandelion salad

So sadly Clara has since passed but this video is dedicated to her and her resilience and resourcefulness

So let's go outside and pick some dandelions. Here

we are at the second week of May and I'm in my backyard

so I know that these dandelions are going to be pesticide free because we do not spray the

Dandelions as you can see they're everywhere. This is not the peak season for dandelions

you can see that many of them have gone to seed which is just fine with us because

we don't spray for them because I have bees there is my recent split and there is my original hive and

Dandelions are an important source for bees for both pollen and nectar

It's an early source

Bees depend on it. It's also worth noting that dandelions were actually considered an important green

They were planted instead of like planting grass. It's just until recent times that they been

Labeled the scourge of you know, the suburban lawn, which isn't it really true. They're lovely. They're a beautiful flower

They're actually related to sunflowers and they're lovely. Look at those beautiful dandelions.

Claire says just use a knife go around the base of the dandelion and pull em' up.

Just cut em out

I'm going to cut as much of the dirt off here as possible clean them up outside

Put em in my bowl

So now I'm back in. Here are the dandelions, freshly-picked I also started picking some dandelion heads

I'm gonna see how many I can collect and hopefully I'll have enough to make some wine

So I'm going to wash them in some water Clara washes them at least three times in cold water

So what she did in her video is she just pulled off these dead leaves?

Here and she trimmed off the ends and

All of the dandelion is completely edible including the stalks and the flowers, but for the salad we're just looking for the greens

So so I've had dandelion greens before but I saute them with a little bit of olive oil and garlic

This will be the first time I've had them raw

So Clara actually shares a very sweet story of when she would come back from working her job at the hostess bakery plant

And she would carry a knife with her so she could pick dandelions on her way home and bring them home to her mother

It's so sweet. All right, so we're gonna pick out as much grass and you know all summer

mossy nonsense I

Would normally be doing this in a sink, but since we're doing it on camera, I'm just using large bowls and water

So while I'm washing my greens

Let me tell you a little bit that audible so at audible

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So right now I'm currently listening to a square meal written by James Engelmann and Andrew Koh

so basically

It puts the Great Depression into a historical context providing

Anecdotal stories of people who actually were going through the Great Depression and the policy matters of how the US has tried to ensure people

Had enough in nutrition very interesting book and what I love about audiobooks is that I can listen to them whenever I want

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All right, big thanks

audible for supporting my channel. All right. So here are my dandelion greens. I'm gonna dry them off onto this

Dish cloth here

And I'm gonna dry most of the water off in a flower sack towel

And you spin it but you do it outside because now I have water all over my kitchen and that works amazingly. look the flower sack

Towels all wet on the bottom

Alright look and it gets them pretty dry


Lovely right

alrighty next I have a lemon and Clara recommends to roll them very smartly so you can get

All the juice out cut

the lemon in half

OOP I guess my knife was dirty

It's ok that's organic I'll use my fingers to strain out any seeds

So that's probably about a tablespoon of lemon juice and now I'm just gonna add olive oil

And that's probably about 2 tablespoons of olive oil now just add a bit of salt and pepper

So I'm gonna whisk this up a little bit now, I'm gonna add my greens


I found very charming as Clara says just to use your hands to mix the salad

So the best so my hands are nice and clean. I'm just gonna just toss my salad. Oh

It smells so good now I'm gonna need some tongs . I just washed

my hands

All right, let's give my beautiful salad a taste it looks gorgeous to Clara at the ducky mouth


And that's great

Fresh crisp green nice bitterness kind of reminds me of arugula a bit

It's not as peppery as arugula, but it definitely has a bitterness to it

I think the earlier you picked the dandelions the less bitter they'll be this is later in the season

So these do definitely have some bitterness to them, but I actually quite like that

It reminds me the fact that I'm eating dandelions and I think bitter foods are something that we don't taste a lot of these days

Definitely a lot of salt definitely a lot of sugar but not enough bitterness. I think it's really good for you

I think as a tonic herb and just good for exercising your taste buds, right?

Delish so

There you have it Clara's

dandelion salad

So the next time you see a patch of dandelions consider making it yourself.

Just make sure the area has not been sprayed;

it's not in a highly trafficked area;

you don't want lots of pet traffic, or exhaust traffic or anything that will potentially pollute your food.

So head over to slash EmmymadeinJapan,

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to receive a free 30 day trial and a book of your choice. Thank you guys so much for watching;

I hope you guys enjoyed that one;

I hope you guys learned something; if there's a recipe that you'd like me to try,

be sure to leave me a comment down below; follow me on social media; and I shall see you in my next video.

Toodle-oo! Take care! Byeeeee!

Nyah-nyah do you know?

The Description of Clara's Great Depression DANDELION SALAD | HARD TIMES - recipes from times of food scarcity