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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Esther is Back! Live Q&A with Esther and Robin

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okay we're just setting up here hi hello

everyone my name is Robin and of course

I'm here with Esther good morning or

good night wherever you are we're from

all different time zones in the world so

I'm very happy today to be here with

Esther that's the main reason I'm happy

but I'm also happy for another reason

and the channel has passed 300 thousand

subscribers yesterday so both of us we

thank you so much for your support and

I'm just so thankful to everyone who has

subscribed and watched the videos and of

course everyone who is watching today so

let's take a look at the chat chat room

to see who's here I could see Leila

floor and phii's your man welcome and

you know Lauren Manuel

whoever hello shri ani I'm sorry if I

say your names wrong sriyani sub bass

singer where are you from I'd be

interested to know where that name is

from and flooring yet okay so welcome

everybody to the live chat now I've

there's a link below you can go to the

other channel where I do a lot of live

videos teaching English and in the

future Esther will also do live videos

you'll do video live videos on Shaw

English but you'll also do some videos

on the learn English live so both of us

will be working on both channels yes

so join that let's see who's coming in

we have a few more people

Joseph Morrow Kel hello Lester Torino

Sotelo hello Bell Hanna nook and that's

an interesting name and flooring you did

about two lives with Esther Drummond

yeah we're doing two one for one channel

one for the other channel and Medhat

Fozzie hello from Kuwait well hello

Marcos fonescu Vanessa Brazil I wonder

what time it is in Brazil it's on the

other side of the world can Zara hello

Layla okay Layla were to join their

livestream yesterday

thank you well bound to see hello yard

in Hijaz hockey hey hey back marcin what

I can't that's right hello from Poland

but polish names are a little bit

difficult do you have any idea as to

what that might be washed wits I don't

know I'm sorry if I said it wrong hello

ma'am Esther hello did okay so many

people are coming in already I'm sorry

we can't get to everyone's name but

thank you guys for joining we're doing

fine Brazil 4:30 p.m. okay I'm doing

fine hello hello everyone from Somalia

Ukraine thank you for joining

oh man Philippines Wow

Florin wants a Korean lesson like what

do you think about teaching Korean life

maybe one day in the future but Esther

is not Korea I am NOT where are you from

Esther I'm from America I was born

and raised in the u.s. so I'm

korean-american ok Somalia again lots of

people from Somalia today hello

Egypt nice to see you Sudan Turkey all

over the world yesterday

Nihao limbo gives you flowers oh thank

you hey pal

ok Algeria Wow and Turkey again ok so

many people coming in Haiti alright

again thank you everyone for joining the

livestream and again thank you for

300,000 subscribers and we hope to make

more content in the future better

content like these live streams to

engage you more yes and if you want to

be in contact with us check the links


we're on Facebook Instagram Twitter

don't be scared to contact us usually I

handle all this but if you have a

message for ester send it to me I will

tell ester and especially the whatsapp

group if you have whatsapp the links

below join the group I'm talking there

every day I try to I try to talk to or

three times a day but sometimes I'm busy

but I'm active there so you can get in

touch with us there

so again links below King talk to us

don't be scared all right

I'm just checking the chat sorry for the

quiet type

alright so many chats are coming in so

if if you have any questions for Esther

or me mm-hmm but today is more Esther

cuz she hasn't been on this channel in a

long time start asking your questions

and I'll try to will try to answer your

questions today and I'll just Esther

when did we meet we met in 2012 so about

six and a half years ago I think 2012 at

that time I asked Esther to help me make

some videos that's correct

and she said sure Robin and we we met

about I think 10 times and we made sure

Esther did I liked working with Esther

cuz she she can make a video in one take

one take means I say action and she

talks for five minutes without a mistake

so that's I liked those kind of teachers

some teachers I actually you don't know

but I probably interviewed about about

20 teachers oh I did not know that you

did not know that and I practiced with

20 teachers but a lot of those teachers

could not could not teach in one take

okay they were camera shy more I'm one

of those teachers they kept making

mistakes so it was very difficult to

make a video with them but Esther she

came in she taught and she taught very

well in one take so she was perfect for

grammar videos and the videos I made

thank you we uploaded the videos and of

course people really liked her grammar


and for years people are asking me

where's Esther I'm here no no no no

where's Esther I'm here it's my cello do

the words Esther so I found Esther and

she's she's not living in Korea anymore

that's where we made the videos she's

living in California so I came to

California just to find Esther and start

preparing some new videos for 2019 yes

so that's what we're doing here now so

again if you have questions ask in the

jet so Janice vlog asks if you have a

vlog do you do any video blogs at this

time the answer is no but that is

something I would like to do in the


so right now I'm a student so I want to

focus on my studies but after when I

have more time I hope to do vlogs and

other content for you guys okay good

what are you studying now oh that's a

good question I'm studying school

counseling school counseling

yes what does that mean so if I work as

a school counselor I work in a school

and I help students with just doing well

in school sometimes students have

trouble with friends they have trouble

with family they feel very sad or

anxious and nervous at school or

sometimes they just need some help

learning how to study or how to be

organized so a school counselor helps

with a lot of those things

school counselors also work with

teachers principals and students parents

to help the students do well in school

okay so that sounds like a great career

I'm sure and you're the perfect person

because you're very nice to everyone hey

but you're still an English teacher in

some ways yes all right oh we have so

many people huh

Parham mazar-e why start live I think

you're asking why do we start these live

streams to engage to talk to students

more directly of course on my channel we

make a lot I make a lot of videos but

it's very difficult to engage the

students so hopefully by making live

streams we can teach topics and and then

answer questions by students right away

mm-hmm so that's why we're doing live

streams see I'm checking all the chats

and the questions now and everyone is

very nice if you have a question ask it

in the chat if you do not see the chat

you have to log into YouTube to

participate in the chat and thank you

for all the wonderful and kind comments

Bell had Anouk this is nice couple we

are not a couple

just Esther is a great friend of mine

all right

Florin Florin asked Robin with so many

groups I find hard to choose one of them

to enter into why are you talking about

whatsapp groups yeah I have three

whatsapp groups again the links below

just join it floor in it's up to you

whatever almost every whatsapp group I'm

activated in is the same it's up to you

Florin saw do we have many people from

Saudi Arabia to Azerbaijan welcome

Algeria again Mexico and yeah it pal

send me what's up number we don't send

whatsapp numbers we just participate in

group all right

Marcin the Polish woman Marcin would

poets question how to create complex

sentences on your own

I mean how I create my sentence is not

understood okay so how you're creating

your sentences now is not being

understood by native speakers yeah I can

see arson from your question here yeah

you have a little bit of a grammar

problem so we have to fix that grammar

how can we fix the grammar

well I always suggest one way there's

many ways one way I encourage is reading

so if you're reading a lot of writing

that will help with you know if you're

getting the input of writing that will

help help with your output that will

help your grammar do you have any

grammar tip Esther well I agree with you

doing a lot of reading also sometimes

something as fun as watching TV shows

movies listening to music that's in

English I find that to be helpful when

you're learning a new language

yes but be careful with music there's a

lot of songs with terrible grammar you

know that's true I guess it depends on

the genre music Manuel Lucas so toll

free ass do you mean like personal

questions or related English any

question you have we will try to answer

it if we don't like your question we'll

we'll ignore it you can ask it yeah long

time no see teachers yeah please kindly

continue this nice program yes we're

trying to create more programs to help


Florin asks would you ever consider

counseling in live videos that that's

becoming more popular you know therapy

through technology but there are a lot

of issues you have to think about like

confidentiality which is a big word it

means making sure that the things that

you talk to me about are kept just

between the two of us and with new

technology that's a little bit harder to

make sure of to ensure so I would

consider it but there would be a lot of

things to be careful of yeah but could

you do a live stream to give simple tips

to hundreds of people

sure simple tips yes excuse me I have a

little bit of a cold these days thank

you for the show what is your Instagram

name we all of our links are in the

description you have to check the

description for our links all the

information is there

Tanzania Morocco I think we have so many

countries Robin which country are you


I'm from Canada she's American I'm

Canadian does our English sound the same

what do you think pretty similar is

there anything I say that sounds strange

to you a little different is when you

say sorry sorry sorry I'm sorry more of

a sori and then I say sorry sorry sorry

okay so there's little differences of

you I haven't noticed anything nice

think that's the only Oh with your speed

between the two of us all right our

polish Marcin what's poets I spent two

years for listening and writing I know

sixteen tenses but I have still the same

problem okay well maybe do you have a

chance to talk to native speakers maybe

I would recommend finding a language

exchange in Poland I'm sure there's some

language exchange groups where

foreigners and Polish people meet and

there's lots of apps to help you find

language exchange maybe if listening and

writing isn't working for you maybe it's

time to just start engaging talking to

foreigners more maybe that can help you

yeah so which part of California are you

from originally

I'm from Burbank I grew up in burping

Burbank is near LA yes and it's in

Southern California

yeah and I'm from a city called Edmonton

in Western Canada so not we're not too

far from each other but still far I

guess it would be a far Drive a long

drive but we're more on Western North

North America yes I am United how to

improve speaking skills

well the key

there is skill skill can be improved

with practice so of course the best way

to improve your speaking skill is talk

to a native English speaker but I know

in your area there might not be a native

English speaker so I recommend whatsapp

you can send voice notes to to other

people and to me if you join my group so

sending voice notes helps you to

practice speaking like I said before try

to find a language exchange in your area

also reading out loud get a book to

start reading out loud that can also

help to improve your speaking I know

it's difficult I know the struggle is

difficult but it's up to you to practice

it's it's a skill you gotta practice it

Daisy fan I love your two voices her

voice is clear and nice and my voice is

rough and deep but thank you I don't

feel that you have the same accent well

I don't I don't think we our accents are

the same 100% but very very similar I

don't know is that your opinion or am I

very different um I think the American

and Canadian accents are very similar of

course I have not I have not been living

in Canada for about 20 years okay so

I've been living outside of Canada in

different parts of the world so probably

my accident changed from I guess

standard Canadian is she a student yes

Esther is studying her master's now is

that expensive Esther it's quite

expensive yes studying in America yeah

hello shibir Berea

from Afghanistan if I miss your question

just ask it again there's so many people

asking questions

tavon I guess that's from Vietnam how

about IELTS how to get a high band the

high high level score yeah practice you

can practice IELTS speaking again in

your area everyone in your area there

are foreigners and those foreigners like

to join activities in your area like

hiking in joining length they like to

learn the language it's up to you to

find the groups now one app this app

doesn't give us money but I will promote

it Meetup app meet-up app and that app

is great too finding local groups to to

participate in to find foreigners and go

hiking with foreigners and practice your

English it is not a dating app it's just

for finding clubs and friends but

finding foreigners or English speakers

English native speakers were people

fluent in English in your area it's up

to you guys you got to do the work you

got to research it's difficult but when

you do find the group you can make a lot

of friends

for ISA MF hi hi from Turkey can you

help me with my writing

well Frieza in 2019 I will be doing live

streaming of writing so I will on on my

other channel learn English live in the

links below I will be doing probably

starting in March all kinds of lessons

on how to improve writing I know that

doesn't help you today but check back in

March for my writing lessons as Sir SAS

okay I know when I speak in English I

think I do well when I see videos of

pronunciation and repeat I think I look

like a robot well when you yeah one

problem with pronunciation is students

often practice pronounce pronouncing

just single words and that's great to

start practicing words but we should

practice sentences because when a word

is in a sentence it'll have different

different sound different intonation so

for pronunciation if you if you think

you sound like a robot maybe try to just

switch from words to sentences and then

try to listen to how a native speaker

says the sentence and then mimic copy

their intonation and stress of that

sentence Ramazan Battelle please dear

Esther give lesson every time on this

channel well she will give future

lessons on this channel yes Lauren I

will teach writing rules in March

Esther is very nice talented teacher for

me thank you

okay which countries have you traveled

to Esther I have been to Korea Japan Lau

Thailand Vietnam Cambodia Mexico and

Canada those are the countries that I

have visited and I found out yesterday

I'll be going to Costa Rica

Oh when will you be going to Costa Rica

in June I'll be going there this month

oh wow this month on being first lady

I'll be in Central America at the end of

January so all those countries in

Central America if you want to maybe

meet and have a coffee let me know and

when did you go to Canada last summer

why did you go to carry me I went on a

road trip

that means we drove all the way to

Vancouver from California oh and what

did you think of Vancouver it was very

clean very beautiful the people were

very nice yeah Vancouver is a beautiful

beautiful city and of course the people

were very nice

Canadians are very nice okay

do you have any English class any other


no we just do online English I smile I

hope one day I can talk with talk like

Esther she has a great accent no thank


Robertson Jacoby nice aquino which book

would you wreck which which book would

you suggest for beginners in the English

language Robinson I don't directly

suggest books direct or give titles

directly because it's very important

everyone your level of reading so a

little the biggest mistake of people

when they start reading books is they

choose a level that is too high and a

lot of my students they want to start

reading Harry Potter Harry Potter is a

thick book and with lots of idioms slang

it's a very difficult book to read for

beginners so if you're a beginner reader

always you have to find the book that is

at your level so don't start with Harry

Potter okay go to the book store look at

the different levels of books open up

one book try to read the first page if

there's more than three words you don't

understand that book is probably too

difficult for you alright

so it's very important that you finish a

book so if you start reading a difficult

book you're gonna get tired it's gonna

take too long you're never gonna finish

that's gonna hurt your motivation start

with an easier book finish it then

you'll get more motivated to continue so

I would have before I would recommend a

book I have to know your level

okay and floran how to find out the

level of English of a book again there's

a lot of there's a lot of series of

books that are leveled so if you go to

an English book store they'll have

levels on them written on them level one

level two and you just have to find your

level esther have you got that cat yes

from Kili oh I remember you had a cat

now give you oh you must be a super fan

because I think she mentioned her cat

did only one video maybe two videos do

you still have your cat I do he's right

behind us or in front of us napping on a

chair okay thank you for remembering oh

the cat what's his name oh he will be in

future lives dreams he loves to talk so

you might hear him greetings from France

hey Sam Rohit

Samri how to talk English fluently

please well

samer it if you are in you know every

student wants to talk fluently that's

their goal but I would say most students

you do not need to be fluent unless

you're living in an english-speaking

country so very living in an

english-speaking country by living in an

english-speaking country you will become

fluent over time but if you're not

living in an english-speaking country

and you want to be fluent this is maybe

a little bit unrealistic goal what I

mean is you know I've done I've done a

lot of teaching but I also do a lot of

business and I travel to many countries

for business you do not need to be

fluent in English for business you you

should be advanced you should that

should be your goal to be advanced but

to be fluent

to be able to you know watch movies

without subtitles that's very very

difficult and that takes a lot of time

if you're not in an english-speaking

country so if you're if you just need

image for your work I would say advanced

is good enough don't don't spend your

lifetime trying to be fluent to watch

Marvel movies without subtitles but it

is possible to be fluent and one way is

reading if you enjoy reading that will

help you to be fluent if you read a lot

of books someone told me that this to

study in America is so so so expensive

the students spend a lot of time after

their studies to repay their debts

is that true Esther unfortunately it's

very true college university is very

expensive in America very expensive and

many students take years to pay it back

after they finish school how many years

10 years 15 years

it can yeah depends on how much the

student borrowed to go to school okay

Oh clearly

gilli Oh again he says without subtitles

it's impossible to understand movies

well again a big mistake with beginners

is to study with movies English now

movies are very advanced English and

watching with English subtitles is

difficult my advice is don't if you if

you're using movies or TV to study

English that's great but I would

recommend smaller bits so just study a

scene a scene like a two three minute

scene of a movie just keep studying that

scene a movie can be two hours

no one can you know if you're studying

English reading for two hours you're not

gonna learn very much and I would also

recommend YouTube videos

YouTube videos are usually smaller so

pick a channel our channel of course but

pick another channel that you enjoy for

entertainment smaller videos and study

those movies I know guys it's hard to

watch a movie without subtitles too hard

Florin ask for business which level is

enough a 1 a 2 B 1 B 2 C 1 C 2

Florin those are European standards and

I'm not I'm not familiar with European

businesses and what they want from

non-english non-native English speakers

so I really can't comment but I could

check that for you if you ask me in the

whatsapp group I'll check that

mohamad why she isn't reading the

messages I'm reading the messages today

in the future Esther's alone she will

read the messages I'm doing two things

denied jebel what is your extra job

Robin I I do all kinds of work but you

know my teacher teaching on YouTube is

my third job so this is not my main job

this is more of a hobby that's why I

have to do everything myself and I'm

very slow at it it took me years to get

Esther heat back very slow my main job

is teaching at a university in Korea so

I will go back to Korea in 4 March

semester and then I do work at a trade

company part-time I do some consulting


Leyla I see your messages not all of

them all right

hi I am living in an english-speaking

country and I want to study in

university but problem with me is

writing please suggest some things to

improve writing what do you think how do

you how can someone improve writing well

writing is a skill that you need to

learn so as Robin said he will be

teaching some writing skills on his live

English videos and I think another way

to practice writing is by reading

looking at how sentences are structured

reading look at organization practice

reading essays because you do a lot of

essay writing in university sometimes

you can it's better to learn by example

mm-hmm and I know writing is difficult

because a lot of students write journals

but nobody checks it to give some

feedback so hopefully in March when I

teach my writing course I'll have a way

that you can give me samples of writing

and I can give feedback to help you

improve but as Esther says reading is

very important

Jean Lee is st. Fleur oh that's a French

name sorry I don't speak French very

well where where are you now we're in

Fresno California

Esther lives in Fresno

Samantha had teacher do you remember

that when you said don't give up I

didn't give up so I have a lot of videos

good for you man

yeah never give up guys Jean Mattos

ester give hello to thank you for


Jean Mattos Ecuador

nobody's from the UK I'm Canadian she's


I am United English language is easy or

hard what do you think it's not an easy

language to learn

but with a lot of practice

you can do it but any language it's it

takes a long time and you as Robin

teacher said can't give up you have to

keep learning keep practicing keep

trying a lot of people are shy to

practice speaking the language that

they're learning but trying don't be shy

and it'll get better and a lot of

students they want they want to be

fluent in a week no no no you know a lot

of books another a lot of you other

YouTube channels they promise to make

you fluent in three months six months

now any language takes time and effort

slow and steady is what you need to be

there's no quick way guys if you're

jumping from book to YouTube channel

looking for that quick way to become

fluent you're never gonna find it

alright to be fluent it takes time and

effort any language dear mentors give me

whatsapp number we have the whatsup chat

group in the description so you can join

that phase our con will you teach us all

of the grammar

from basics to advanced eventually we

will do that but it takes time to make

these videos and it takes it takes your

support also to make these videos the

more you support the more the quicker we

can make these videos all right thank


I'm reading your comments but it's you

know I can't reply to every comment but

I am reading every comment and I'm very

thankful for all of you saying nice


Raisa Alana do you think a bad way to

learn other language basing me on

English search articles like French to

American show I'm not sure your question

raises a lot can you ask that again try

to clear up your question sorry have you

been to Europe I have not been to Europe

one day one day I've been to the UK I've

been to Sweden and I've been to Turkey

all of them are very lovely places I'm

sure but I haven't been to the main

continental Europe area yet I see all

right from Brazil fabric ooh Rodriguez I

am United make more videos will help us

make more videos

a question for Esther how many languages

can you speak fluently if you can't what

language would you want to learn hi from

Mexico guys from damon albarn army a

nightmare I'll be in Mexico next next

week so how many languages do you speak

so currently I speak two languages

English and Korean I mentioned yesterday

I studied Spanish for four years in high

school and I'd like to relearn Spanish I

think it's a very important language to

know especially in California and the

United States and I might I think I want

to learn sign language

which is using your hands to speak for

people that cannot hear why are you

interested in learning sign language as

a school counselor it might be an

important skill for me if there is a

deaf student so somebody who can't hear

it always feels good to know that

somebody can communicate with you and I

want to be that person if there are any

deaf students so sweet thank you Sam

star why don't you answer me sorry Sam

if you I'm trying to keep up if you have

a question just ask it again if I miss

your question just ask again

Juancho perez why are you learning

French we're not learning French I did

learn a little French in school but

although I'm from Canada and Canada is

officially bilingual my French sucks

Abra Abraham's shell hello there I'm

from Guatemala I'm so happy to be here I

love the videos because they think there

are a lot of vocabulary to learn when I

learn a new word I think is one

opportunity to improve me

you sound like a very good student

Abraham shale some of you are using

other languages sorry we don't speak we

only speak English oh we have huge Oh

Esther would you recommend ESL students

to study in California well I am

thinking you might be Korean in

California especially in Los Angeles

there are a lot of Koreans a lot of

Korean Americans a lot of immigrants

from Korea so it's very easy to get by

it's very easy to live and work and go

to school in California without really

learning English if you are around LA so

maybe another city in California might

be better but also California is very


so you might want to keep that in mind

very expensive so to add on that I would

stay I would say stay away from the west

coast of North America don't go to

Vancouver don't go to Seattle don't go

to San Francisco don't go to LA go into

the interior where there's last

international students yeah if you go to

these these big cities even East Coast

New York

these are multicultural cities there's

too many people from your own country

there and it's it's too convenient to

use your own language so you have to

find a place in North America that

there's not many people from your your

country and study there that's my

recommendation I would say and there's

also safety issues

I was in LA last last week and you know

I'm not American I'm a simple Canadian

and LA was a lot a lot of a lot of

things I didn't understand I didn't know

and there could be potential dangerous I

don't know I'm like being too paranoid I

think it has to do with where you were


okay so depending but they are big

cities with sure big city problems you

know there are good things and bad

things advantages and disadvantages of

every place right so big cities you know

I appreciate I like that there are many

different kinds of people right not

everybody looks the same I don't feel

alone even though I'm Asian in a

majority you know Caucasian or white

country lots of good food but as Robin

said some places are dangerous and it

can be expensive oh yeah and a lot of

traffic sometimes a lot of cars and

people sometimes Florin asks what sign

language do you want to learn well if I

learn sign language I would learn

American Sign Language ASL because I

will be working in American schools yes

sign language is different depending on

the country you come from

yes and Mohammed hello teach Robin are

you a grammarian or languages no I've

I'm a teacher

I've studied teaching and I've been

teaching 20 years but I you know I'm not

a I think you want to say ling linguist

Elwyn hara ha hi Robin I am confused

where should I start my process of

fluency should I start from practicing

the vowel and consonant verse first or

mimicking and linking please advice that

is a very difficult question because I

don't know your age I don't know which

country you're in I don't know your

level your current level but just all I

can say is if you if anyone here wants

to be fluent you have to put in the time

and when I say time I mean hours

everyday hours every day of reading

writing listening and speaking if you if

you really you can't you can't be a

casual learner which means you're

learning a couple hours a week English

and expect to be fluent it's not gonna

happen guys if you if you seriously want

to be fluent you gotta study hours every

day the four core skills reading writing

speaking listening but again I don't

think most of you need to be fluent

advanced is enough for work or travel

okay we have a lot of thank-yous from

Philippines thank you and we have a job

home Unum what's the difference in

pronunciation between word and world how

would you say that world is a difficult

word but you have to say the L world and

then the other one that doesn't have an

L word word world

Dina and Jamel I want to understand USA

movies what should I do without

subtitles well I usually recommend my

students when they watch a movie you're

gonna watch a movie and you should watch

that movie the first time with your

country's subtitles alright I say that

because you want to watch that movie for

entertainment first so you see your

country subtitles and you watch the

movie okay you got entertained the

second time you watched the movie now

we're using it for a study purpose not

entertainment anymore try with English

subtitles so watch it again with English

subtitles or two or three times and then

when you

yeah so you understand the movie very

well and you understand the language

they're using when you feel confident

start to watch it without English

subtitles and watch it a few times now

going through this process is very

helpful to improving your listening and

comprehension of English but guys that's

gonna take too long you're watching the

same movie it's gonna be boring and

you're watching you're spending 20 hours

on one movie I wouldn't recommend that

way it works but I'd recommend choosing

smaller smaller media let's say smaller

videos - like 3 to 5 minutes and like

YouTube videos

and practice with those not before you

get to big movies movies are hard mm-hmm

have you seen any movies recently yes I

have what did you see

I watched the newest animated spider-man

I think it was called in to the spider

verse and it was very fun Royal Bunya

Tov please say which day of the week and

what time you make live videos I will be

making a schedule in the future I'm just

helping Esther to set up to make live

videos and I'm traveling now so I

probably will have a more regular

schedule in February in March and I will

update you got a subscribe to the

channel to get my updates to know the

schedule so everyone subscribe hit the

bell icon so you're notified so we have

late people do you speak Korean I do

speak Korean oh and of course a few of

you hello Esther are you Chinese she's

not changing don't judge people by their


my parents are Korean so by blood I am

Korean but I was born in the USA where's

your heart my heart oh that's a hard

question I love Korea and I love the USA

hello from India

Florin everybody can find three hours

for learning a foreign language in

theory well it depends on the age of

course young people have more time to

study foreign language that's why they

and they pick it up faster and one of

the reasons they pick it up faster and

then university students have time but

people when people start getting jobs

then it becomes very difficult to make

time to study English but I again I

would suggest if your work if you're

working and your target is fluency

that's a very difficult thing because

you work all day you're tired you don't

want to study English three hours every

night but if you want to be fluent you

have to real oh I love Korean people

mm-hmm thank you Oh someone asked are

you from Thailand is it true that Korean

people speak English and not only Korean

language do Korean people speak English

in Korea yes many Koreans do but they're

the same as you they're learning they're

practicing there are a lot of English

teachers and foreigners that speak

English in Korea so they have that

advantage and benefit like this video

Dana Jamil mr. Amin was your favorite

movies you forgot the I in movies if you

don't say well you said favorite moves

I don't like oh you're gonna fix this I

like all kinds of movies that's the

answer I watch every kind of movie

have you been to Kurdistan no we haven't

been there saman jihad I have one dream

in my life I want to be an English

teacher like you is good good for you

all right will

Elwyn Hara hop do you think mimicking

and the interview of American people one

of the best things to get fluent

mimicking an interview mimicking is very

helpful sure that will help you to

increase the level of your English I

don't know if it's gonna make you fluent

excuse me

you would have to mimic a lot of people

to be fluent Leyla excuse me Robin you

didn't answer any of my questions I'm so

sad I am very sorry Leyla there's so

many questions today but of course you

can contact me in the whatsapp group

from which state published Shah English

online well I live in Korea so I make

most of my videos out of Korea Esther's

in America my wife and I watch Korean

historical movies we enjoy watching

have you been to North Korea if you

haven't been would you like to go there

have you been to North Korea I have not

would you like to go there I think it

would be a very important experience to

learn about North Korea and see what

it's like it's difficult for asked her

to go to North Korea because she's


in 2014 I went to North Korea for three

weeks it's easier for Canadians and I

enjoyed my trip there Greeley oh are you

two going to make other wonderful video

lessons yes we're gonna make lots of

video lessons but this is the last time

you will see us together for a while for

a while this is a special case in the

future we will be separate doing our own

videos separately so this is the last

time you guys will see us together for a

while and thank you for the flowers some

on jihad and lots of flowers you got

lots of flowers and hearts do you think

learning English just for interview is

helpful Florin no no I you have to learn

English not just for interview

I'm from UAE you are the sweetest oh

thank you I don't know maybe they might

be talking about you yeah I'm not the

sweetie okay someone has an Arabic name

sorry I can't read your Arabic Robin

tell us more for life in Canada I talk

about Canada on the other channel learn

English live link below I make some

videos about Canada if you're interested

about Canada go check them out

faith Keskin I've been to Turkey she has

not Oh June or do you think it might be

Julio June June Julio's robbing my name

is pronounced like the month June June

happy New Year to both your amazing

teachers thank you

you Happy New Year this live Channel and

she will probably we don't we don't know

the schedule yet but she will be doing

live streams without me about different

topics all right

okay so I'll wrap this up guys you I

know I know you've got a lot of

questions here I've seen most of them

I'm sorry we don't have time to answer

all of your questions Esther and I have

to go to work now making new videos I'm

gonna leave Esther I'm only going to

stay with Esther a few more hours and

then I'm gonna continue on my my trip

going to Mexico and Central America in

the next few days thank you everyone who

joined and participated again thank you

for the 300,000 subscribers it's been a

long journey but I'm very happy and I'm

very happy to be with Esther again if

you want if you really want me to answer

your questions the best way is to join

the whatsapp or other ads there's all

kinds of links in the description these

are the ways to contact me on facebook

these are the ways to ask me questions

and usually I will try to answer every

question or talk to you directly so if I

didn't if I didn't address your question

I'm sorry do you have any final words

Esther I just wanted to thank everybody

for watching and for leaving all the

wonderful comments and encouragement and

support for the past six and a half

years I really appreciate I am very

thankful for your love again and support

and I am working on some more projects

with Robin so I hope that you will

continue to support us and Shah English

and learn English life well set alright

guys thank you very much I'm gonna end

the livestream so we will see you in the



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