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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: CARP FISHING Urban Banx 10 - LIVERPOOL

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Well it's been a long time coming but I'm finally out on another urban adventure

this time I'm meeting up with my good friend Craig Stannard and we are in a real iconic city.

For sure it's most famous for its football clubs and of course the legendary band that was The Beatles.

But today we're going carp fishing, this is Liverpool, this is Urban Banx.

Well, looks like Craig is already here, I can see him up there. We are in Liverpool and look at that temperature

18 degrees, we've had a big storm over the past couple of days, a lot of rain this morning

but yeah, feeling really optimistic, never fished in Liverpool before, I'm mad buzzing

there's loads of park lakes to go at, let's catch up with Craig and take a look round.

How are you doing mate?

I'm alright you?

Yeah man not too bad.

M1 was pretty bad, M6 was pretty bad but it is what it is.

Green bank is that way, Sefton is this way and Princes is just over the other side.

Have you fished them yourself?

No, not recently

For the following two days I was going to be fishing with Craig Stannard, a good friend and talented artist with some incredible artworks to his name.

Come here

It's alright, I'm used to it.

That's my DNA collector.

It's what sorry, a DNA collector.

If it's icy, you tip it over and you can get more grip

but you've seen the spikes, if anybody attacks you, you can get them in the shin.

Lovely to meet you, have a great day see you later.

Well, I've turned up at the first bit of the park lake normally I'd do a lap immidiately but the wind is absolutely hacking down here and I've already seen a few fish

in this margin. When we arrived there was a couple feeding the ducks and the swans and the water is coloured and if you stare hard enough

just beneath the surface you can see the odd fish down there

so just a small handful of bait as I walk along this marginal shelf not going mental, going to assess the fish, see how they react to it

but I'm more interested in getting right down onto the bottom of the wind and having a good look.

We've just come a little bit further around on the back of the wind with an island here sheltering the area.

There's a couple of cormorants out here smashing the place to peices and they have clearly backed the carp up into this little channel.

Stab in the dark, 40 fish maybe 50 fish.

Not as big at the ones I was seeing up there which were mid to upper doubles, these all seem high singles maybe but there's a few nice koi out there.

I didn't think I'd be doing it today but I've drawn for the Sawn-Off

A little 2lb Sawn-Off, I'm going to get in there do a bit of freelining quickly and see if we can't get ourselves our first Liverpool carp.

Go on Alan!

Yes, that'll do.


First job, get them back in there where they were happy.

There we go mate, first blood, that didn't take long.

Off the mark.

You did say this would be a somewhat prolific and you were right mate.

Really nice little carp, big up Liverpool, nice one Craig!

No problem.

Great start.

Mate, I love fishing.

I found a few fish along this edge, very similar to the opposite side where the wind is brushing along this bank

and I gently lowered in a couple of 10mm Citruz pop ups

and I was really confident if I could have sat there for a few minutes I might have got a bite but I couldn't.

I had a little wonder up, it was the only fish I saw this one, he was milling around in shallower water over the top of a lot of leaf debris

and yeah, good old bread fluttered down and he dropped down straightaway on top of it and it's a really nice one.

Driving up here this morning there's always a load of things going on in your mind

what's the weather going to be like, are we going to get any bother, are we going to catch?

So to have met up with Craig in the car park and arrived at the lake and caught a really lovely common almost immidiately

it really lifts everyones spirits, but for this to happen, I didn't imagine coming to Liverpool fishing a park lake like this to catch such a beautiful common.

For all those people who say what do you want to fish there for, this is the exact reason I come to places like this.

I come up here, he was on his own in the leaves. I stood there and there was no trying to hide. I just stood there, he was there.

And he just tipped up.



People often ask me what's the best rig in the world, this one, just a hook and line, Zig Flo, get on the Zig Flo.

Wow, can we see more?

Yeah, we are going to get it out in a minute and do some pictures.

This is amazing are you fishermen?


Do you sell them?

No, we put them back again, we just fish for sport, for fun, to see what's in here.

I really like this bit where people like yourself show interest and admire them for the beauty that they are.

Do you all want to get in for a picture everybody?

Come in for a picture.

Come in mate, come in!

Big smiles.

Yeah lovely.

Park life.

Liverpool park life, not better way to spend a day.

Listen, enjoy the rest of your day, lovely to meet you.

Well a couple of quick bites here including one really nice one but they don't seem to have hung around

I spent a bit of time observing them and they are on the move all the time

there's no big snags or weed to keep them in an area, so if you do disturb them by catching one they soon move off

so Craig and I decided to get on the move and go right up the top end of the lake now.

I'll be honest It's not the end of the lake which I believe most of the fish to be at but you've got to check it out, you never know.

So we're going to do an entire lap of the lake now, end up on this bank here, which again I really fancy.

When we arrived this morning there were a few fish milling about there and I have put a bit of Citruz in and a few maggots, some hemp and some flake.

So fingers crossed there'll be a few having a munch round there. Let's get on the move.

Well we've nearly done an entire lap of the lake back round to the area that I most fancied this morning

and I'm going to sit here now and have a bite of lunch and try to catch one off the bottom.

It's not that I haven't been trying, I have out some little 10mm pop ups down there and tryed feeding them but

they're not particulary receptive at the moment but we'll give it one last try here and if it doesn't work

I'm going to then knock up a little mix which I do believe they'll start feeding on, some mashed bread, maggots, hemp and just some flaked boilies

and actually try to get them feeding on an area as opposed to picking up a single hookbait.

Just keeping things really simple, it's not particulary weedy so I'm not dropping the lead on the take.

I've got a small lead, a little heli sleeve bead, a small length of Armour Link and a good old Ronnie rig.

But like I say, they aren't tripping up on it at the moment, in fact I haven't had a bite.

If I don't get a bite here now on a little pop up I will start wittiling things down, maybe three maggots on a hook

or a single grain of corn but for now we'll give it another half an hour on this and see if we can't get one to pick up a single 10mm Citruz.

I'm shattered, I've been up and down and up and down chasing them everywhere

The tactic of little pop ups, which would be my real go to park lake rig is not doing the do today

although I'm finding plenty of carp and stealthly positioning little ronnie rigs or casting chod rigs towards coloured water.

It's not done me any bites yet so the next port of call is to knock a mix up of small bits including maggots, flaked boilie, some hemp, maybe some pellet.

Then possibly go and get some dinner and maybe come back here and do the night or maybe just do a couple of hours.

The two bites I did get on bread, they are feeding really finicky, they are just gently sucking it in

and maybe a boilie or pop up is just too cumbersome for them at the moment.

So smaller hook, thinner braid, I'm going to fish some mag aligners and some single grains of plastic corn soaked in the Plasti-soak.

Fingers crossed I can get one more park lake fish.

I'm just following Craig and we're right in the thick of it now, this is the middle of Liverpool.

Just going to grab a bite to eat. The day has quickly turned to night, going to grab some munch, re energise

we all definitely need it. It's been a long day.

Then get back to the park lake, get back to Sefton for the night, really looking forward to it.

The days been amazing, I caught a really spectacular common, mad buzzing but I feel I could have caught more fish.

I'm hoping thr night brings better things with a slightly different tactics where I'm going to give them some grub.

So let's see what happens tonight, I'm going to get packed up real early in the morning because I want to get over to another park lake in Liverpool called Stanly Park

It's sandwiched between two very famouse football grounds, Liverpool and Everton

and although I'm not a football fan myself, far from it in fact

I'm still looking forward to getting into that park lake in between those two iconic football clubs because there's also some special fish to be caught.

After a bite to eat I met up with Paul and Jack, a couple of local lads who have fished these waters for years and know the full ins and outs of all the waters in Liverpool.

After speaking with the lads that evening and hearing about so many other venues in Liverpool I just knew this city would need another visit.

On arrival at the water I scanned all the prebaited spots with the head torch and hoped to find signs of feeding fish.

The rain has just started to come in, I've managed to get my rods out on the spot, Craig is just putting his last one out now.

It's been a brilliant day, I'm shattered but thoroughly enjoyed it, the people of Liverpool have been amazing, Craig has been a brilliant host and I managed to catch two stunning carp

Hopefully the night will bring a few more, certainly very positive about it.

I'm going to try to get some sleep now as I say it's been a long day but one more brew with Craig, hit the sack, get up bright and early

and get over to Stanly park to see what that's all about.

One of three amazing Sefton park fish from Liverpool last night. It was a brilliant night till the rain came in and it was horific

then the swans turned up so I reeled in at about 1:30 in the morning but three bites, Craig also had one so we'll get those out in a minute and have alook.

I'm going to get it back and get off to Stanly park for the day. Really looking forward to that, looking like it's going to be a slightly nicer day than yesterday.

Proper buzzing.

Well mate what a way to end our first 24 hours.

Good night in the end wasn't it.

Shall we move on to the next part of the adventure?

Yeah, looking forward to it now.

Where you going next?

We're going to go to Stanly park.

See you later boys have a good day.

Let's do this, Stanly park got Everton there, Liverpool football club over the other side.

Proper buzzing to have a go here. It should be a similar arangement, apparently the water is quite clear and we should be able to find some fish

so yeah buzzing for the final bit of the journey go and do a day session here and see if we can get one.

There's one and one in here, there he is look, good fish.

So we've jumped behind a set of railings here at Stanly park, there's a few anglers on unlike Sefton there's a few boys on here

one lad caught last night, other than that it's quite quiet but I immidiately found some fish

There's two bridges that create two back channels into another area of the lake and the fish are on the wind in these channels.

I'm feeling confident, going in with the Citruz and bread mix again with single grains of corn or maggots. Let's see if we can catch one.

Beautiful common.

You should have seen the other one I had, lovely golden fish big fat one with a big belly on it.

Go on, go on!

How long have you been here?

Not long

Not long!

I love Liverpool, the future of carp fishing.

Well that didn't take long at all, a few lads popped down and we were just having a right good chat.

It's almost like the carp fishing has been secondary because I've had such a good time just meeting all these new people.

In such a beautiful environment, big ups lads, thanks for coming down. Come in for a picture.

What it's all about! Proper park lake common, big ups Liverpool, big ups to everone we've met, yeah it's been amazing.

What, just a single maggot?

So I've got a leader to nail everything down with a little bit of putty up the back of it. Mono is not particulary heavy so it just nails it.

Then a really low profile lead. Carp are really inquisitive and they like things moving around and it gets their senses going.

Dead simple, let's have another one!

I hate to be arrogant about it but I kind of knew it was going to go, there was just so many fish here, the sun has been beaming down

I was just contemplating tying some zigs but it's rattled off. It's only a little baby but it's another Stanly park carp.

Another lovely Liverpool park lake common.

How does that saying go Craig? Some people think fishing is a matter of like and death.

It's much much more than that!


Stanly park!

My 36 hours has come to an end and I have thoroughly enjoyed spending some time in Liverpool

massive than you Craig, I couldn't have done it without you

big ups to Pablo and Jack thanks for coming down last night and all the lads here and as The Beatles once said

I got by with a little help from my friends.

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