Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pokémon by Ecumsille - Capítulo 22 [Parte 2]

Difficulty: 0

This must be the gym

Come on! Follow me

What's happening?

What do you mean?

You know I can't understand you. Just follow me


gym battle?

Hi little white kid! I'm Koga, the Gym Leader

did you come for a battle?

Exactly! I challenge you to a battle for...

Don't tell me those are your Pokémon

Go! Pikachu

Now! Use Electric Ball

Now what? Haven't you learnt that attack?

Iron Tail?

Shock Wave?

Don't you know any attack!?

(What's he planning?)

Venonat! use Toxic

Wait! You told me that you haven't learnt Iron Tail

Well, whatever. Keep attacking!

Venonat! Use Sleep Powder

(I must think of something)

Bite your own tail and use Thunder

Well! Ready!

Now again! Use...

Where did it go?

Now! FInish him with Psychic!

Wait! That's not fair

Did you think this would be an easy badge? This could be a very poisonous battle

Come back!

What happens now?

Well, whatever... Here's my next one

Go! Use Gust

Ha! How about that?

Pretty good try, but it was just a test

Throw me your best

As you want, here I go!

This will be an interesting match. I'll let you make the first move

Go! Use Silver Wind



Well, use what you want...

Venomoth! Use Disable

Now! Psychic Attack

Finish it with Aerial Ace

It can be!

I guess this is over

I quit the battle!

What are you saying!

I quit! This is not worth

I would never expect such for a trainer


I got it!

You both are guilty!

You don't know any attack That's why we lost the battle

Specially you! You did nothing!

What do you know to do?

Well, I guess...

That's fine...

How about you?

You did nothing too

Show me what you know to do

What the hell was that?

Look at you! You don't even look like a normal Pikachu

Let's see! What's your problem?

I got it!

You fight well under pressure

Yes, it must be...

So, for now... We're going to train!

Go to the corner!

Well! I'll throw some rocks and you evade them, OK? Let's start!

Try to evade them

Come on!


Help me!

Don't let me go

Well, it was good while it lasted

The twists of destiny has carried our hero

What mysterious past is hiding? and what new surprises will be revelead?

All the answers and more, in the next episode

This story will continue.... HOOAH!

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