Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tygra's Garden

Difficulty: 0

-[opening theme music playing] - Their planet exploded

[chorus] Thunder, ThunderCats!

- They crashed On Third Earth - Thunder, thunder crash!

- Gotta beat up Some bad guys - Mummies, mutants

- And make Some new friends - Unicorns, robots

Built a big base With a cat-shaped face

And now They're ready to go!

There's WilyKit, WilyKat, Tygra

Panthro, Cheetara, Snarf, Lion-O!

[chorus] He's a brand-new Lord With a magic sword!

It's Thunder, Thunder, thunder ThunderCats Roar!

No, no!

-Stay back! -[all] Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme.

Come on, it's Cookie O'Clock!

Yeah, Lion-O, you gotta respect Cookie O'Clock!

No! You guys know that Cookie O'Clock

doesn't start until everyone is here!

We have to wait for Tygra.

Hey, guys...

Huh... huh...

Hey, Tygra's here!

Guess what, everyone, it's...

[narrator reading]

[all cheering]

Hey, tardy Tygra, catch this!

[banging, thudding]

-[gasps] -No, thank you.

My girlfriend has me on a bit of a diet.

[faint laughter]

What? When did you get a girlfriend, Tygra?

-Yeah, you didn't know? -They've been dating for months.

Her name is Silky. She's great!

[faint laughter]

But how'd you meet?

It's so cliche.

I was chasing a giant worm underground.

We started talking in a dark damp cavern.

Then, true love.

Wait, wait, wait. You met your girlfriend... underground?

Yes. I have to get down there right now.

Can't be late for date night.

But wait, Tygra!

Who's going clean up after Cookie O'Clock?

-[all chomping] -What was that all about?

What was a what a what? [burps]

Cookie O'Clock is one of the few things

Tygra actually enjoys!

And, now, he's just bailing on it?

I'm worried about this Silky person...

Being in a relationship is all about compromises, Lion-O.

Yeah, just let Tygra do his thing.

[chomps] Whatever you do, don't meddle in other people's relationships.

Me? Meddle in other people's relationships?

Ha! I'd never do that.

Honey, I'm home!

So, what do you wanna do tonight?

[Lion-O] Is Tygra talking to himself?

It's up to you. We could stay in.

No, let's go out.

-[Lion-O] A flower? -[kissing]

Tygra's dating a flower?

-[continues kissing] -[giggling] Oh, Tygra.


-Where am I? -[blows air]

-Now, eat your dirt. -[chomping]

-[shudders] -[faint laughter]

-Oh! Cotton candy. [laughs nervously] -[grunts]

[blows air]

Now, eat your dirt.

Ew, so gross.

[faint laughter] Wha-- what?

Oh, pizza! [grunts]

-[blows air] -Oh!

Now, eat your dirt.

Oh, this is bad.

[all chomping]

Stop what you're doing!

We have to save Tygra from Silky!

-[all chomping] -Who?

Tygra's girlfriend...

who's a flower, FYI.

Which in itself is kind of cool.

But there's something wrong with her.

She's making Tygra act strange!

He's in love. Love makes you act strange.

You'll understand when you're older. [slurps]

But she's making him eat dirt.

I've heard of stranger diets! [burps]

We've got to do something before it gets any more serious!

Great news, everyone.

Silky and I are getting married.

[all cheer]

You're going to marry that flower and eat dirt forever?

And I want you to be my best man, Lion-O.

Whoa, really?

I've always wanted to be someone's best man.

It's No. 2 on my life goal list.

[sniffles] But sadly,

I don't think I can I accept.

Not if I think Silky is bad for you.

But I need you to bless our union,

so I can... [reading]


But, Tygra, why?

I will leave the ThunderCats

and go start a new life with Silky.

Thunderian tradition dictates

that to be discharged honorably,

the Lord of the ThunderCats

must bless my marriage

with the Sword of Omens.

I'm not gonna do that. Come on, Tygra.

-The ThunderCats need you! -[all chomping]

[Cheetara] Who?

A real friend would bless my marriage.

Well, if you really think I'm such a bad friend,

then I won't ruin your wedding

with all my bad friendship vibes!

-[sobs] -Okay, then.

[all chomping]

Tygra, you forgot the trash.

[ceremonial music playing]

You sure you don't wanna come to the wedding, bud?

Yup. I'm good. I don't go to weddings of traitors.

Suit yourself, man! More cake for us [burps]

-[purring] -Lame old Tygra!

You know what's more fun than weddings? TV!

Come on, Bolkins, time to Bolk up!

Now Squat! And Squat! And Squat!

-Squat harder now! -[grunting]

Ignore him. Just keep squatting!

-Don't pity the fallen! -[meows]

Oh, come on! What?

Why are you looking at me like that?


No way.

You can't emotionally manipulate me with this

awesome scrapbook full of me and Tygra's best moments,

and... Oh, who am I kidding?

These are some pretty best moments!

Okay. Now, that was a fun day.

And Tygra even cleaned up after me.

Aw, and that's when I dragged Tygra to that roller coaster he was so scared of.

[chuckles] He puked for hours.

And there we are at the dance party

Tygra wasn't sure if he wanted to go to!

[chuckles] He puked for hours.

[chuckling] Oh, yeah, I remember that day.

[exhales] Tygra hated that.

[sighs] He hated that, too.

Wow! Tygra is always

doing stuff he doesn't want to do, for me.

Maybe, it's time

to do something

I don't want to do, for him.

It's time to be a better friend,

and a best-er man!

-Snarf! Get me to that wedding! -[meows]


Silky sure has a lot of friends.

Hey, guys, come on over here. Let's even this thing out.

[ominous hissing noise]

Uh, okay.

-Wait, what? -[ominous hissing noise]

Oh, uh, friendly bunch.

-[all scream] -Oh, no. [chuckles nervously]

No, it's just that worm Tygra told us about.

Dearly beloved plant creatures

and ThunderCats,

we are gathered here today to join in the union

-of Silky and Tygra. -What? Where am I?

-[blows air] -[zombified groan]

[crying] So beautiful.

Silky. Do you take this ThunderCat

to have and to hold,

to cherish and to love,

through sickness and in health...

'Til death do us part!

[all] Aw!

[laughs wickedly]

[all] Aw!

[eerie music playing]

[all shuddering]

[all screaming] Whoa!

Tygra, what is going on?

He-he. Sorry guys.

I guess I'm being mind-controlled?

So much for the reception!

I guess we'll jump right to the best part,

getting my wedding present...

the Sword of Omens!

What the heck? Where's Lion-O with the sword?

Uh, Lion-O is not coming.

-What? -Yup. Looks like your plan's ruined!

I guess it's a good thing Lion-O didn't come with the sword after all!

-[all laughing] -I know right. What dumb luck.


I'm here, and I brought the sword!

-[all] Oh... -Sorry I'm late.

I had to get this suit tailored,

but I'm here to apologize.

I was wrong to meddle in my best friend's special day.

Tygra, even if you aren't a ThunderCat,

-I will always care about you. -Huh?

And, so, it is my honor, as Lord of the ThunderCats

to bless this sacred union

between man-cat and woman-flower...

with the Sword of Omens!

Tygra? Sword?

[Silky laughing wickedly]

Foolish cat-man!

I was using Tygra to get the Sword of Omens!

Tygra, how could you marry such a devious flower?

No... [stuttering] I didn't mean to!

I think I've been mind-controlled.

Ha! Mind-control this.

[screaming] Tygra!

So meddling was the right move. Take that, Cheetara.

Dude, I literally don't even care.

-Just save us! -Oh, right.

Sword of Omens, come to my hand!

What? No!

Am I the only one who didn't know he could do this?

[screaming] No!



-[all cheering] -All right,

let's beat up some plants. Whoo-hoo!

-[grunts] -[burps]

-Yeah! Get some plants. Uh-oh. -Speed kick!

-[groans] -Whoa-oh! Nice one.


[both grunt, chomping]

Tygra did want us to eat more vegetables.

[both grunting]

-Come on, Tygra. -Whoa!

[both cheer]

-Well, Tygra, I hope you learned your lesson... -[Panthro screams]

...that eating cookies and being a ThunderCat

is way cooler than marrying a dumb plant.

-Lion-O, I was-- -[screaming]

I was being mind-controlled.

[laughs] Oh, I know...

-[yelling victoriously] -...mind-controlled by the heart.

-No, Lion-O. By evil magic. -[Silky groaning]

Evil magic?

What's the deal, Silky?

[laughs wickedly] Fools,

Silky was but a shadow of the great wizard,

Mumm-Ra! [laughs wickedly] Huh.

Wait, but... why?

I did all this to get the Sword of Omens! Duh!

You dated Tygra for three months

and planned a giant expensive wedding with him

just to get the Sword of Omens?

[chuckles] Mumm-Ra,

did you do all this because you're sad

that you and Tygra aren't friends anymore?

What? No. No!

Uh, obviously this was a great plan.

Like, uh, like I said. It-it almost worked!

I have to go!

Ma-Mutt, it's over!

Wow. Lion-O,

thank you so much for saving my life.

But more importantly, for saying those kind words about our friendship.

Sorry your wedding got ruined, buddy.

-We're here for you. -[laughs] No, it's fine.

I didn't actually want to get married.

Like I said, I was being mind-controlled!

-[all laugh] -Sure, sure.

You were "mind-controlled."

[laughing] Of course.

[all laughing]

[laughing] That's rich.

I've officiated a lot of weddings,

and I know love when I see it, pal.

-[all laughing] -"Mind-controlled." [laughs]

Anyways, I got all the paperwork in the mail,

so you should expect to see your certificates in a couple of weeks!

See yas!

[chomps, coughs]

[closing theme music playing]

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