Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Praktijkleren: Gespecialiseerd pedagogisch medewerker

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specialized pedagogical carer


workplace trainer

offers care, guidance and support to children up to 18 years old

I'm training to become a specialized pedagogical carer.

It involves providing care, help and support...

in their personal development. We also offer stimulating activities.

Grabbed hold of my hair? Oh no.

KomKids is a child care organisation here in Schiedam.

They have more than 30 locations.

We offer preschool and after school child care.

As well as lunchtime care. Nursery and playroom services.

And we'll put it right here. And up it goes into the sky.

Yes, that's the sky. Very good.

We have arts and crafts based on a theme.

If it's autumn, we'll make autumn leaves...

or we will look for them outside.

Will you come to play too, Nora? Come on. Come and join us.

How did it go? -It went just fine.

We did some chalking in the playground. He made beautiful drawings.

I'm very happy with Jaimy as my workplace trainer.

She helps me when I have questions about school or about assignments.

It's fun working with Julia. She focused on the kids right away.

She is a very spontaneous girl. -Thank you.

I like working with her. I see her as a colleague.

We're doing creative work. Beautiful, isn't it, Laura?

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