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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ??? ????? ➡ ??? ???? [?????]

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I got these tricks somebody, not know flush a toilet after the fucker shit me

well it was fucking money yes this last time

women are not objects it's a fucking mannequin

Hey oh the first second I thought it said

good bra slow down slow down

you got this Travis make them wait for it hey sure you come in handy come here

you are a genius my boy

secondly good because our side is the better

secondly good because something could be cool

second second I should have left you on that street corner where you were

standing but she didn't

how's it going - hi realist I stay right up the street and I heard my homegirl

can't stay here and if it is I'm just trying to come and kick it and let us

know I'm her neighbor Oh welcome to the hood

I mean you might happen by ear

so muted Wow officer hey didn't we talk about this

before let's make a good one yeah it's just

good morning bitch say it back now I'm not even gonna lie

they really violated this is crazy haircut man $10 we fix $10 haircut

yes that's some crazy dude dead yo that shit can't be real what the fuck is

going up yo

can be conducting ducting dr. ding dong dong ding dong ding ding ding dong ding

t 5 years of my life people our journey begins with this mic


I was looking at joined you was looking at me it was thinking go to the market

oh you got you mother dip on your chip

hey I made a website for orphans it doesn't have a homepage what's worse

than finding a worm in your apple the holocaust one man poor potty

all right now just you can only take one if you want to take one piece out of

there come on let's see it only one go ahead okay you probably

think I'm Michael Jackson I'm not come on

no hi I love you

where am I am I in a hospital Oh

memories coming back I got hit by a bus you say hello hey Boston Linda calling

the box why calling the police hello first place this bastard one bastard

are you mad a mental bastard

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