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(lively music)

Gonna smoke me a batch of brisket

I got my BBQ shoes on

- [Narrator] Welcome to

Today we're cooking up some pit pasta on the grill

and it's real easy to do.

All right, we got some sausage here.

I got a natural casing sausage and we're going to

need two pounds of it, all right?

You're also going to need a pound of bacon

because you got to have bacon with this pit pasta.

Here we've got some ground chuck and you're going to

need a couple pounds of ground chuck.

That's meat for the pasta.

Now we want to do here is

we're going to smoke up this bacon.

You know how to do that if you watched our

vids before, right?

You just put that bacon opposite the hot coals

and we're going to slow cook it.

Maybe about 250, 275 degrees for maybe about two hours.

Man, it is good.

Now, we're also going to smoke up the sausage

or cook up the sausage a similar way.

Now, this here is natural casing and you want to

use your natural casing, all right?

For best flavor and also it gives a nice crunch

and bite when it's done.

Now this is the way we're going to do it.

We're going to take a couple of skewers and skewer

this baby up.

You've seen this done before, right?

It just helps you handle this little bit easier, man,

during this slow cook here.

Just take those skewers and just through it

right through it just like that.

Perfect to handle and flip when you're low and slowing.

Now, again, we're going to put this sausage opposite

the hot coals just like that.

You can trim those skewers if you want, but eh.

It's up to you.

Here we're going to add a couple of chunks of applewood.

We're going to add a little bit of smoke.

Put the cover on and like I said it's going to

take about two hours at 250 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now what I'm doing is heating up some water.

I got about six or seven quarts of water and we're

going to get it good and hot and roll and boiling

right there before we use it.

You're also going to need some veggies.

Now, you can turn your eyes away if the veggies

got you nervous, but we're going to chop up these


Here we got an onion.

I'm going to dice up an onion like this.

You know all about that, right?

We've got some garlic there too and we've got

some jalapenos although that's optional and I'll

show you what we're going to do with those and

we've got a green bell pepper.

Mmm, man.

Now, here this is not your Aunt's Bea's casserole

we're doing here.

You know that casserole or pasta casserole that shows

up in every picnic.

Same ol', same ol', right?


Yeah, this is different.

Definitely want to make this up for the next family picnic.

All right, through the miracle of time we've

chopped up these veggies.

Phew, man, easy enough, right?

(guitar music)

Now let's check on these sausages here and the bacon.

You can see they're coming along right good.

This is about maybe an hour into this.

Hour and 15 minutes.

I'm going to rotate them a little bit.

I'm going to spread the bacon a little bit more

here so it gets some good, even cooking, all right?

Simple enough, right?


In the meantime,

just kicking back

and hit the pit.

(police sirens)

All right.

Sounds like the food police are in town.

All right, they usually come out and we're bringing

out the meat, yeah.

Now, here I've got some SPG and I'm going to

flavor up this ground beef.

Use what flavor you want.

We're going to make some burgers out of this.

This is not for snacking.

This is going to be for the pit pasta as

you'll see in a couple minutes.

Just mix it up good.


Damn, food police.

All right.

Just roll them up into balls.

You know how to make burgers, right?

Of course, the food police are going to have

to find me first.



We made two pounds of them so about six burgers here.

Just shape them up a little bit.

Geez, you know all about that.

(police sirens)

Yeah, you just find us.

They can smell us, but they can't find us.


All right, let's put these burgers on the grill.

Directly over the hot coals here and we're going to

be cooking them to just about medium.

Oh yeah.

There you go.

(intense guitar music)

Sausage is coming along.

Bacon is done.

We're going to pull it off the grill now.

Oh yeah.

Getting hungry or what?

While we're waiting for those burgers and the

sausage to finish cooking here, we're going to chop up

this bacon because you can bet this is going

into this pit pasta.

He-he, yeah.

Never enough bacon.

Just chop it up like that.

Put it aside.

I think these sausage is done here so

we're going to continue to cook these burgers.

We're going to move them opposite the hot coals.

Before this sausage is pulled off the grill

we're going to sear it just for a minute or

two each side.

This is where those skewer handles come in handy.

Yeah, take a look at that.

Just put that on a sandwich right now you'll be good.

We'll just flip it.

Do you smell that?

It smells good.

Just a little bit more to go.

I say this sausage is done.

I'ma pull it off the grill.

Burgers are going to take a couple more minutes.

What we're going to do here is we're going to

chop up this sausage here for this pit pasta.


You can chop them as large chunks or real small chunks.

It will be up to you.

Good enough.

No cheating.

Now let's cook up the pasta because we're almost

done with the preparation here and I've got

some real rolling and hot water there.

It's boiling, right, and I'm going to throw in some salt.

Maybe a tablespoon of salt into this water.

Want to flavor up that water, all right?

Here I have a pasta.

This is a large pasta.

This is what they call rigatoni.

They come in various sizes, but you want a pasta

like this because it really hangs onto the meat.


You know about that.

You don't want any puny pasta in this dish here.

Get yourself some rigatoni or even ziti would work.

Look at that.


It won't take long.

We're going to be cooking it al dente.


You know all about that though, right?

Cooking your pasta.

(guitar music)

All right.

These burgers are done.

We're going to pull them off the grill.

We got all the meat prep now.

Like I said, this is not your Aunty Beatty's casserole dish.


Yeah, this is really a meat pasta dish.

Let's check on this pasta.

You still want it somewhat firm.

You don't want to overcook it because we're

going to be throwing it in a black iron pot

here for a while to continue to cook.

The pasta is done.

Shut off the heat.

Here I've got a black iron pan.

Going to throw a little bit of cooking

oil in there

because those veggies we just chopped up,

we want to saute them just a little bit.

Got the green bell pepper going in there.

The onion and the jalapenos.

We'll wait on the garlic because we don't

want to burn the garlic.

Now like I said you don't need to use three

or four jalapenos because this is going to definitely

be a spicy dish so you can leave it out

if you want to, but definitely add some jalapenos

in this pit pasta.

Now what I'm doing is I'm draining the pasta, right?

I don't want it to cook anymore.

(lively music)

Nothing like hanging at the pit.

Cooking up some pit pasta.

All right, we drained it.

Throw it back in.

You know all about making pasta, but I'm

showing this for the newbies out there.

Just around the pit for the first time.

Now into the pot I'm going to throw

a little bit of veggie oil just to keep

the pasta from sticking.

We just want it to sit there.


Al dente.

Now the veggies are sauteing.

Yeah, now I'm going to add that garlic.

Just like I said, three or four cloves of garlic in there.

Get it to where the onions are a bit translucent, all right?

Won't take long.

Now we're going to add some spice to this and

this is Italian seasoning and it's just a

blend of spices including thyme, rosemary,

sage, oregano, some basil.

It's called Italian seasoning.

Here I'm throwing in about a tablespoon of red

pepper flakes.

I told you, the theme of this pit pasta is the heat.

You want to just cook it up just for another minute or so.

Now we're going to add some sauce.

We got two large jars of sauce.

It'll be about 32 ounce jars of sauce so

we're using about 64 ounces of sauce give or take.

Use what sauce you like.

Now to this we're adding the burger and the only

way to do it is to crush it up with your hands.

Now this is where the food police come in.


Yeah, simple enough.

Break up real easy, man.

Give it a little mix.

Looks good enough to eat already.


But nope.

Now we're adding the pound of smoked bacon, oh yeah.

Just get it right in there.

Here, we're putting in a couple pounds of that sausage.

Give it a good mix again.

Now, let's add the pasta.

It'll be about a pound and a half of pasta

in all that'd be going in this pan.

Now, if your pan is larger of course you use

all two pounds of it.

Of course this dish is going to weigh about

30 or 40 pounds when we're done, huh?


Oh yeah.

(guitar music)


So you serve it up or hold it.

It's time to put on three different kinds

of cheeses, all right, and you use what

cheese you like.

Here I have a habanero cheese.

Again, we're staying with the heat.

You can just use a regular cheddar or whatever.

Now here I've got some Parmesan cheese.

A grated Parmesan.

Like that, all right.

There's a couple of cups going in.

Last, but not least, here we got some Mozzarella.

We're going to spread it on thick.

Now this is what we call pit pasta.

We're going to put opposite the hot coals

and we're going to let it bake now.

It'll take maybe 30 minutes to get that cheese melted.

350 degrees Fahrenheit.


Take a look at that.

I say it's time to eat.

Got the garlic bread.

Serve what size you want.

Scoop some of this out.

Now you bring this casserole dish like I said

to your next family picnic.


Yeah, they're going to remember you.

Take a look at that, huh?

That's about one serving.

You know what?

As always, I do apologize for eating in front

of you like this, but this here is pit master privilege.



(police sirens)

The next time you're looking for a pasta recipe

for your BBQ you check out

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