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Watch me transform Rosetta

to a comic book villain!

Poison Ivy!

[Music: Rosie's Tea Party theme song]

Disney Fairy Rosetta makeover Poison Ivy

This is Rosetta. I bought this doll at the thrift shop

She's in pretty good condition. Except for her hair!

All the Disney Fairies were made with poor quality hair

Once it gets frizzy, there's no way to repair it

I learned that with Silvermist

Her hair was so frizzy, I had to cut it!

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For Rosetta, I decided to style her hair rather than cut it

and transform her into Poison Ivy!

She went from friendly fairy to evil villain!

To style her hair I used hairspray and hair wax

I'll demonstrate on this piece of hair

Apply a little wax to the frizzy ends and rub it in good

This will smooth out the frizz

Comb it straight

Roll the hair into a straw and hold it in place with a bobbi pin

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

Cut off the excess straw if it gets in your way

I'm going to redo the other curls while I'm at it

There's already wax from the first time I curled it

Spray all the curls with hairspray

It'll take 30 minutes or so to dry

Time to take out the bobbi pins and straws

I don't like how the curls stick out

So I'm going to pull them in with this balloon

You can use string or ribbon

This balloon was just laying around that's why I'm using it

Apply more hairspray

Use a hair clip to hold the hair together in the back

This is dry now so let's have a look

Whoa! She looks awesome!

To show you how I made the Poison Ivy costume

I bought another Rosetta doll from the thrift shop

This Rosetta has really nice hair! And it's longer!

I think the first Rosetta's hair had been cut by the previous owner!

I'm going to freshen up her curls!

There's hardly any frizz so I won't need hair wax

It's done the same way as the first Rosetta

I'm curling the hair under this time instead of over

Either way works

There's a a total of 10 curls

And spray

While it's drying, I'll make the costume

You'll need a 12 inch balloon

ribbon roses



floral wire and scissors

bee body balloons

These are hard to find so you can use animal balloons

size 260s

If you can find the bigger size, 360s

that would be better

Take a 12 inch balloon and cut off the top

I marked this balloon to show you where to cut

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

Next, the bee body balloons

Cut the tip off

You'll need 2 of them

Cut the other end off

Stretch the balloon and pull it up to the knee

Pull the top of the balloon up and over the leg crease

Do the same for the other side

It'll look like this

Next, cut the end off the 12 inch balloon

Stretch it and pull it right up to the armpits

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

Smooth it out

If you find that there's too much balloon bunched up at the waist

and the top here,

you'll need to take it off and recut it lower

For the vines you will need 5 pieces of floral wire

2 for the legs at 15 inches each

1 for the arm at 11 inches

1 for the hair at 6 inches

and 1 for the belt at 15 inches

I'll show you how I did the vines with this piece

Take a ribbon rose and push one end of the floral wire throught the bottom

Pull it through until the rose is in the middle

and twist the wire

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

Twist enough wire so it can wrap around the doll's waist

Here's the point where the twisting should end

Separate the wire like this

Now to make the tiny leaves

Take a toothpick and wrap the wire around it and twist it like this

It will look like a loop

Now pinch it to close it up

Stick the toothpick into the centre and this should make a leaf shape

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

For the ends, wind the wire around the toothpick several times

Pull the toothpick out and you will have a corkscrew curl

Shape it like this

Do the same for the other side

This belt has 2 leaves

The leg vines have 9 leaves and the corkscrew ends are flattened

The arm vine has 7 leaves

The hair vine has 2 leaves and a corkscrew end

And it needs a ribbon rose

It's done the same as the belt

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

Twist and leave the end sticking out

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

For the top, I'll make a paper pattern so you can see better the shape I'll be cutting

This is 9 inches long and 4 and a half inches wide

Fold it in half

And fold it in half again

Take the doll and measure from the centre of her neck to her shoulder

Right here

Mark that spot

and mark the bottom corner

Make a diagonal fold from top mark to bottom mark

I'll draw it so you can see it better

And cut

This is the shape

The centre of one side needs to be cut

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

This is the pattern

Cut the same shape out of tulle

And here it is

Now to put it on the doll

The 2 halves will overlap in the front

Take the belt and twist the wire ends together to hold the tulle in place

For the leg, wrap the vine starting at the knees

and down to the ankels

Anchor the corkscrew end around a leaf

Lucky for me, this Rosetta came with green shoes

Do the same for the other leg

And it'll look like this

For the arm, make a loop at the end of the wire

Anchor it on her pinky finger

and wrap the wire up her arm

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

Time to take out her curlers!

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

Wo-hoo! Look at these big curls!

Well I don't want them that curly

so I'm going to pull them out a little

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

Twist the hair in the front

Take it to the back and hold it together with a hair clip

Push in the hair vine

And here she is!

Poison Ivy!

She looks gorgeous!

Here's a look at both of them

They look like sisters

One in dark green and one in light green

It's double trouble for Batman!

Now that you've seen Poison Ivy in 2 shades of green

Which is your favourite?

Dark green?

Or light green

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That's 2 more dolls rescued from the thrift shop

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