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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【首爾】HOUSE OF BTS 期間限定店!JIMIN的小桶子居然被...?|Tungzzang

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Hello everyone! I'm Tung!

Today we are at

House of BTS

You dropped it.

Little Kookie


It's lucky to be the pop-up store

Visit before its end

There is mainly sell for BTS MD

There are also some MV scenes for ARMY taking photos

It's like a club here

I feel the same way

It's like the entrance to the club

Seems HOTTTT inside

This is the legend...

229,000 won


229,000? ?

So expensive!

SUGA wore this

and this one JK

It looks nice

of course, because he is JK

if I wear

It's just an simple hoodie

The craziest coat

How can I wear this...

(whole pink fur!)

Please look at this

Fluorescent Pink (i can't handle)

The most beautiful moment in life figure


JK is drawing

and the bus stop

What is this? Oil painting?

Yes, it should be oil painting

It's similar to our birthday gift

There's something amazing that I want to tell you

Look here.

Very flat

Look at their difference~~

There's an AR game to play

Selected Jungkook


How to play?

What happened?

He's dancing

(I cannot hear the music)


WOW! You got the "Fever"!


How could it be 3 stars!!!?

(If you fill in email, it will send you the game video)

Contact lenses are sold here

This is Casetify

But sold out.

Why do you have this?

Because I have to go upstairs to pick up the goods

Like a coffee shop

The staff asked you to pick up the goods in front


Is this the end?

This is the first floor

Ah, there's more on it

oh, nice

This is Portuguese tart.

Its drink has a name



Yes... DNA

There are a lot of dolls (the refrigerator door)

This is great.

I like this one

I filmed this in England

Actually, there aren't many people here

Few people

DNA MV scene

There's something in Jimin's bucket

Someone put chocolate inside

Type IV contact

I've been to this real station before

cannot take pictures at all

Because it's on a highway

I don't know if the video is still there

Let me find...

I'm getting ready for the video

Yeah! It's here!



It's so dark.

I can't see it.

This is Nanjoon and Tae tae

Location of concept photos taken of love yourself

Come on!


It seems that Namjoon didn't run

It's Tae, he is running in the teaser


Namjoon is getting off the bus

and look

Tae is running with girls

That's right. You come and run with me

How... How to run?

No way ~

We don't have camera men

We just can act a "FAKE" Love yourself


BTS are the one inside

The conner one?


Did the JK bring the speaker?

Maybe he forgot to bring it back (FF)

It's a good place

One room

seems warm inside

So comfortable

I feel comfortable inside

You can see

Just now

It's raining again

We just finished

In fact, if you wait

We'll were here at 10:00

12: 30 to start the line

We're in a row about

it takes 1hr to wait.

Do you think it's worth watching?


I'm fine, no time limit

Yes!They won't drive us away

Yes, it's fine~

But I think the lighting is bad


All the spotlights focus on your face

I don't know what I'm shooting

And it's very narrow inside

You will take many people in the photos

Well, I have nothing to say

Let's order the cake first

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We just found out

Jimin's bucket

More and more stuff

they drink it and put it in the bucket


Why they put it here?

It's like a trash can

From this point of view, it's very clear that it's drunk


Why they do this?

Don't treat JIMIN like this >_<

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