Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Chrissy Teigen & John Legend on Who’s Dealing with Quarantine Better

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I am so happy to be back on the air.

I'm going to be talking to my very first guest of the very

first show, Chrissy Teigen, with her handsome husband.

Is he still Sexiest Man Alive, John Legend?

He has always been.

I mean, it didn't take a magazine for me to notice that.


What's going on?

How are you two holding up?

I mean, this is honestly unreal.


Is that-- [LAUGHS]

Who is that in the background?

That's Andy.

Is that Average Andy in the background?

Andy's outside.



That makes sense.


He's more worried.

[LAUGHS] This is so crazy.

I mean, obviously, this is just like the most unreal situation


But, of course, we're holding up fine.

And it's just been an unreal surreal experience

for our family and everybody out there.


It's pretty crazy.

Who's dealing with it the best, and who's

dealing with it the worst?

Chrissy, you told me early on this was a dream for you.

This is the life you were meant to live, to just stay inside.

John, it feels like, to me, you would want to be out busy.


John would love to be busier.

He's still scheduling himself for so many different things.

Everything's on Zoom, but I'm still staying kind of busy.


But it's weird how much more energy I have now.

I feel like a real housewife, now.

Because I spent three hours on my makeup.

And then I did nothing to my hair.

But now, I'm pretending that it's just casual--


--which is insane.

But I worked so hard for you today, by the way.

I haven't done my own makeup for such a long time.

And it was so gratifying to me.

But I think all you can kind of do in this kind of situation

right now, with everything that's happening,

is try to make other people happy, try to enjoy yourself.

I mean, I have, for some reason, more energy than ever

for my kids and our family.

We have to.

Because you have no choice.

They're home.

You're stuck.




Everyone's learning how to just deal with being together.

And it's going to get a little crazy in about a month.

I think we're all going to really try

to figure out what we can do to entertain ourselves.

But thank you all both for being here with me.

So, Chrissy--

Of course.

--I just want to know.

It seems like you have a lot of robes.

And it seems like--

I have so many.

--that's all we see.

I've always had a lot of robes, though.

And they come from like all over.

Sometimes I'm sent them randomly.

Sometimes I just find some in like vintage shops,

or Goodwill, or, I mean, anything.

They are truly from all over the place.

And I've just always lived in robes.

So now, to pretend that this is just like me casual

is amazing to put on this much makeup.

But at this point, John is just so thrilled.

We are, obviously, making the best of it.



All right.

It sounds like you're going to have more children

by the end of this quarantine.

I know.

They say there's going to be corona babies.


Oh, I'm sure.

I'm sure.

John, now, are you getting dressed every day?

Do you kind of just stay in pajamas?

Did you dress up for this?

This is me dressed up.

I have jeans on and no shoes.

We're relaxing over here.

We're relaxed.

But wait a minute.

I thought you were cooking more.

You've got lettuce.

Didn't you get lettuce?

I did get lettuce from Chris.

I reached out for romaine, which my kids won't eat

a salad unless it's romaine.

They won't do the mixed greens, mixed anything.

They won't do anything else.

And it was really hard to find.

So I just reached out.

And then this guy, Chris, who ended up being--


I had no idea.

He is a YouTuber and so hysterical.

And him and his boyfriend met us at this church on Coldwater

and were just so hysterical.

And now, I follow them both.

And they're just so funny.

And so I'm just happy to make other people happy.

And it was such a fun thing.

And our kids were so happy after.

Because, truly, I couldn't find it anywhere.


I love being able to entertain the masses

or at least take their mind off of everything that's happening.


I think Andy and I were talking yesterday.

And we officially decided that it was definitely

getting to us a little bit.

We became like more emotional about a little boy.

It became very real.

Andy, what are you saying?


Can you hear me?

Is my microphone working?


Andy, suddenly, he's in the yard.

What do you want, Andy?

He's smart.


I just-- the microphone's working.

It wasn't before.


OK, good.

But when I'm in the middle of a conversation with Chrissy

and John.


Say hi.


It's going well.


It was kind of weird.

It happened really fast.

Kalen, we were talking about it, too.

It's fun to be able to be light-hearted, and make

jokes, and try to make people happy, and laugh about it.

But then it really hits you.

And you go through these ups and downs.

What we're going through right now is unprecedented,

and it's unreal.


You have your children.

Go ahead, John.

I was going to say, everybody's trying to figure out

how to get through this.

A lot of folks are out of work right now.

A lot of folks are struggling and trying

to figure out just how to take care of their family.

And then we all have older relatives

that we're all worried about.

Because it hits them a little harder.

And so we all have to stay in touch with them.

So I think the key for all of us is to love each other,

and take care of each other, and stay in touch with each other.

So that even though we can't see each other in person,

we can all virtually see each other, talk to each other,

and make each other feel like we have somebody we can--


--hold onto.

And, I mean, you say it best.

It's, be kind to one another.

So if we can emerge through all of this just having

this new-found love and respect for our fellow human,

that would be such a beautiful, wonderful thing.

Because I know that when we're able to be

in contact with people again, I'm going to be so emotional.

And it's going to be such a beautiful thing

to be able to touch people's hands

when I laugh at what they're saying, or touch their faces,

or give my dad a hug.

It's going to be a beautiful experience.

So if we can at least come out of this and change a bit,

I think that would be a really wonderful thing.


Well, we've got to find a silver lining in this.

We've got to find the good.

And I'm sure we will.


You're bathing the dog less often.

Because that was entirely too much.

All right.

So we are back with Chrissie and John.

What is happening with the puppy dog?

Let me go get Petey.

Ellen, I love you so much.

This dog has been a wild ride.


You're welcome.


Thank you so much.

Obviously, poodles are supposed to be

the smartest, most intelligent.

They're incredibly beautiful.

I think we got maybe the one [LAUGHS] that's a little off.

John's going to bring [INAUDIBLE]..

Maybe it's the owners.

Maybe you can't blame it on the dog.

It could be.

I know.

You keep telling me I'm over-bathing it.

I had no idea you could over-bathe a dog.

It's going to stop producing its own oils.

You can't bathe a dog once a week.

That's a groomer taking advantage of you.

That's just wrong.

The only [INAUDIBLE] we have is the thing from the--

Watch the chicken.

Oh, my, oh, he's going to eat the chicken.

Hold on.



Look at this beast.


He's so big now.

Oh, come on.


This one is [INAUDIBLE].

Ellen, what did you do?

It's the cutest thing in the world.

What's wrong with that dog?

Tell me what's wrong with that.

Honestly, he's so beautiful and so sweet.

But he's not the brightest.

He's bright, but he's ruthless.

He eats everything [INAUDIBLE].

He's the only dog that doesn't like water.

And we have a three-legged dog that

can swim better than Petey.


Well, what do you mean?

Are you trying to put it in the pool?

Yeah, and in the ocean.

And we're right here.

But, yeah, he gets super scared.

So we don't want to force it on him.

And honestly, he's like a beautiful, sweet dog,

especially to Miles.

And Miles can be really rough.

He's a little baby.

But he's so patient and so sweet with him.

Yeah, thanks a lot.


You're welcome.

Listen, we'll talk about that again off the air.

So I'm glad that he's not getting bathed as often.

Testing, testing, 1, 2.

But also, everything's closed now,

so that saved him, definitely.


It's so funny when he first comes out of the tub.

His hair is so straight.

And then when he goes in the pool, and he comes out,

he's just a skeleton.

He's just all bones and hair.

He's just all bones and hair.


Can you hear me?



He has so much energy.

He's really a light.

He's so sweet.

Testing, 1, 2.



Oh, my God.

He's just walking around eating pizza--



Does he not know we're filming at all?

And I can't get his attention.

I don't know what he's doing.

Now, I think he's urinating, all right, by a tree.

I want some of that wine.


It's my LVE rosé.

Oh, shut up about it.

I'm advertising my rosé for free on Ellen.

Oh, Jesus.


This is why he tried to get [INAUDIBLE]..

All right.

Send some of that stuff.

Oh, the cheese dried up.

I'll drink it.

All right.

So we just saw a clip.

I didn't see it.

But we just showed a clip from your show "Chrissy's Court."

Oh, my gosh.

Congratulations on that.

Thank you.

I can't imagine anybody being better.

You're a judge?

I am a judge.

My mom-- actually, mom's here.

Come say hi, [INAUDIBLE].

She's the bailiff.

And she has one line.


And she got it right.


That's great.

My mom is always in an apron.

She's always cooking.

I still can't say it.



Try to say it now.

All rise.

All rise.

For the--

For the honorable Judge Chrissy!

For the honorable Judge Chrissy.



But, no, it was so much fun.

And I just hope that--

it's so weird how it was able to transition

into such a short episode because of how amazing

the whole thing was.

But they really did it so well, where

it's just very entertaining for, what, eight, nine minutes.


I'm excited.

I can't wait.

Now, where are people going to be able to see this?

On Quibi.


I took pictures in front of the billboards the other day.

It was the saddest thing on the planet, because nobody--


They spent all of this money getting three billboards--

I saw that.

--on the corner.

Very prominently placed in high-traffic areas,

where no one's driving.

Where nobody is.

Oh, well.


We saw it.


There are so many good shows on Quibi.

But I will say I think we are one of the highlights.

It's so fun.

And I really rarely have such a good time on set,

and it translates, I think.

Usually, it can be work.

But this was just my calling.

So I was happy.

It is your calling.

And, John, you make a cameo on the show.

Oh, yeah.


I'm a music expert witness to judge the merits of someone's

recording career.

Oh, my gosh, it's so good.

And to taste their soul food.

The episode he's on is kind of like a weird episode of "Bar

Rescue" slash--

like the guy on it is just so earnest and so sweet.

He raps and cooks soul food.

It's very confusing.

I mean, yeah, there's a lot going on all of the time.

But it was so fun to do.

I'm excited.

And people have no excuse.

There's nothing else to do except to watch Quibi.

And it's free--

Thank you, guys.

--for the first few months, too.

Quibi's free for the first two months.

It's free.

Hopefully, they love it.

Who doesn't like free?

I like free wine, if you want to send me some free wine.

I will.

You've sent us so many dog beds and Ellen boxes.


We are going to send you wine.

All right.

Well, listen, I got to go find Andy.

He's wandering around somewhere testing his mic.

I love you guys.

"Chrissy's Court" is available--

Love you, too.

--on Quibi right now for free.

And the wine is called-- what is it called, John?

Oh, my gosh.

Ellen, no!



Shut up.

He always--


--ruins my stuff.

All right.



I love you guys.


Are you interviewing--


--someone else today?

What's going on?

Yeah, yeah.

We're interviewing many people.

I don't like it when you talk to other people.

It makes me jealous.

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