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YouTube put an age-restriction on my video showing a kiss between two men.

Hey YouTube!

Last week you censored one of my videos where two men were kissing.

According to your Community Guidelines videos are age-restricted if they contain:

Sex or nudity, hate speech, schocking and disgusting images or

dangerous illegal acts.

I'd like to know in which of those categories does a gay kiss fit?

In a country where father and son have their ear cut just because they looked like

homossexuals, it's irresponsible to do so on a video like mine.

It's even worse to find that on YouTube there are so many straight kisses which

are way more 'calientes' than mine.

Why did I say 'calientes'?

Way more naughty than the one I posted last week.

They're not age-restricted, as you can see by clicking on any of those links.

My video showing the kiss between two men is not suitable for underaged.

When I was 15 I gave my first kiss, but only at 19 I gave my first gay kiss.

Maybe because of such attitudes I've taken so long to kiss who I really wanted to.

Media without prejudice helps us build a society without prejudice.

Scenes of violence on TV make us aware of homophobia.

But we also need to be aware of love, and to do so we need to watch

kissing instead of bashing.

GAY KISS is no taboo. It's reality.

If you want to repost the video "Gay kiss on Soap Operas",

you can download it from the link on the description.

Let's show YouTube that gay kissing is not obscene and shouldn't be censored.

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