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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GUESS THE YOUTUBER CHALLENGE!!!

Difficulty: 0

What's up guys and welcome to the guess the YouTuber challenge

I am joined today with Josh and Callux

To the window to the wall

Hello I'm Callux

Hi I'm Josh

Anyways how this works is I have eleven picture of YouTubers that i have zoomed in

Stop staring at me, and they are going to have

Why are you staring at me?

You're like.. You're talking so it's polite to look at you. Stop this


So there's eleven pictures of YouTubers but they're zoomed in on specific things and you guys

Are gonna have to race to guess who it is but obviously, you guys are need to have your noise

To indicate who got it first

So, what do you want your noise to be?

I'm gonna go with... Errr

Okay that's Cal's noise

Whats your noise?








(weird noises)

Pick, eh eh eh no cheating, sit forward i'm gonna put it down

Right you ready? You gotta make your noise once you think you know who it is

Okay. You're not allowed to like.. what happens if I do yea and then

Start thinking about it? it's gonna get passed over pretty quick

Okay okay

Right 3, 2, 1... Bang


Nah i fucked up

Ohhhh it's passed over

3, Manny 2, Manny

It's not Manny

Who is that?

You guessed Manny and that's it

Who the fuck is this person? Well he guessed Manny and that's it

What do you mean he guessed JJ

He was out of time

Wait it is Manny

You're retarded. The answer was JJ

But as I said you were out of time

As I said three times

But I said it before the time went

You went oh I fucked up and I went alright passed over

Alright picture two you ready?

I'm ready

Alright. Gonna do better this time, think

You know the rules now

3, 2, 1 Bang



OMG. It is wrong! OMG

Uhh Uhh. Oh, here we go. Keemstar

It is Keemstar. Oh shit the background


I forgot he didn't have hair


It's one-nil to Callux right now. It's here its moving up

What your dick?

What you talking at? I was moving the score. Okay i'm not doing that

Down here and down there, I ain't moving.


Josh you just look retarded now

3, 2, 1 Bang


Too late

What the fuck?

You gotta have an answer. What the fuck?

3, 2, 1 wrong, free for all. GO!

Sarah Close?

Wrong, Wrong

Is it a boy? It's gotta be a boy. Harry?


Troye Sivan?

Noo, You're gonna have to give up in a second. Tobi?

Is that who it is? Yeah its right its right

Of course it's not right! Who the fuck is that?

Do you both give up? You've both given up!

The answer isssss...


Holy Fuck!

Oi he fucked us! He fucked us hard

In the game! He fucked us hard. It's not called being gay.

Okay, so the score is still one-nil and the next one isssss...





Yea, Freezy

Wrong free for all go!

Joe Weller


But he's got a weezy top on

Hahahaha, the exact reason why I put this picture in

Cos i knew.. Yea Joe Sugg? Chip? Wrong. Chip? Wrong. AnEsonGib? Wrong

Just throw any name out there

Tobi? Simon?

Yes, Josh gets it right. It is meee.

Oh shit

You baited us, you baited me hard

Literally chose the one where i was wearing a weezy top just so you'd say that

Ohhhh fucking hell

Look what you look like there. I know my mums not a proud mum! You look like a Wii character

You look like one of those Xbox characters

Its a Wii character

Oh is that what you said? Oh nice thinking bro!

I have to win something in my life

Well you need to get this one then

Apart from Sarah

Awh, Awhhhhhh

3, 2, 1 Bang!

Yea. Tyler Oakley

He knows his Tyler Oakley

Yeahhhh, It's not called being gay

Oh it is

I couldn't even remember what my sound was

3, 2, 1

Ohhh errrrrrr?


Me? (Callux)

I was gonna say Callux

Yes I knew it was me. It's Correct. It is Callux. Oh no...

Yess. You weirdo

As I said we're going along the obscure lines

So, 3, 2, 1 Bang!

Who is that?

What? Yea Joe Weller?

Wrong. Shit! I'll accept 2 answers for this

What how you? What?

Ill accept two answers for this. What are they two people?

They're a joined person they're conjoined

Does that person have like that color neck? Yea Nala?

No No No. Wheres my guess?

Wheres my guess?

You wernt guessing Nala. No you wernt guessing nala. you wernt gussing it

No I actually was


Because he said two people.

I actually can't be arsed

He cheated no im not.. not down with that

I'm angry

I'm angry. You know what Nala backwards is?


No it's Alan. Alan

I was like what the fuck you on about?

And GO!

Yea Uhh Shivers? Yea. No. Looks like Shivers. Yea Me(Josh)?

Are you serious?

I look really happy

5-3 oh no 4-2, 4-2 and GO!



WRONG that is wrong

You have three seconds. Oh shit I know the answer

Sky Williams? No

I feel like he's about to get it



Oh shit.. Jide?

It is Jide

We seem racist now. I can't win now can I?

Errrrr, I might throw in a curveball and make the last one worth more

Just for Josh

Oh no

I wanna win

3, 2, 1 GO!

Uhh iJustine? Wrong. Jesse?


See this is why you're losing it's not because anyone is cheating you out of it it's just because you're bad

You're shit at life

I woudn't go with life... just this game. Just this game

What's the score right now?

6-2. 6-2 this ones worth four points

Oh fuck off!

3, 2, 1 GO!

Uhh. Yea.

Manny? Yea.. shit he changed

Ohhhhhhhhh, It's Manny, you could tell because of the dead hairline

Ohhhhhhhh, Mad

Woah chill man

Ey you just drew be happy

Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Celebrate his hairline

Are we doing one more? Yes one more for the win!

I like you!

We're not doing one more

So the final question to decide the winner is..

I've been duped out of this one

Are you ready? You haven't been duped out of anything its fairs, its a fair match, and I came back and i'm about to win

Yeah sure. Very fair it's been very fair

Can we hear your noise one more time just so we don't get confused? Yea, wait YEA deeper.

(extremely effeminate noise)

Okay so everyone knows, everyone knows there noises

The final one is...

Getting focused here! 3, 2, 1 Bang

Uhh. He's gone for it. Syndicate?

What's your guess?

YEA, Gudjon Daniel?


It was Syndicate! Shit on your mum! It was Syndicate


YESS. Which means.

I win! I win?

Hmmm? Which means. I win. Cal

Has finally won something

He's very pitiful. Dont take this away from him. Okay okay Congratulations Cal

Great win

So that is all for the guess the YouTuber challenge

Thank you, Make sure you check out both of their channels in the description

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Thank you guys for watching, thank you guys for being here and See Ya. Bye