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>> Last night Donald Trump had a town hall with Fox News and he let something pretty

big slip, watch.

>> This would be a focus of a second term?

>> Absolutely.

But when the trade deals kick in, now again, we were disturbed by what's going on with

the virus, but that's going to be fine.

And everybody, it's going to be fine.

But that was a disturbance, but I will say this.

When these trade deals kick in, and the economy is the best economy we've ever had.

It's nothing compared to what it's gonna be when the trade deals kick in.

>> But if you don't cut something in entitlements, you'll never really deal that.

>> We'll be cutting, but we're also gonna have growth like you've never had before.

>> There he's talking about the national debt, which has grown by $3 trillion since he became


And it's prompted by Martha MacCallum.

Well, if you don't start cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, how are you gonna

deal with it?

And he's like, no, we're gonna be cutting.

Now they're back, back, back, back-tracking today.

But there, he appeared to admit that that is what's on offer for a second term, cuts

to the most popular programs America has ever come up with.

>> Also just lightly skating over the virus that is, what are we calling it?

>> COVID-19.

>> COVID-19, it's got a whole new name now, you guys.

>> It stands for coronavirus infection, I knew it-

>> There are many strains of it, this particular one-

>> Infectious disease?

>> Exactly.

>> To be specific, yes.

>> That's the reason for.

>> It's a classification of different, yes.

>> Cool, no, no listen.

I'm glad it's moving on up, it deserves our respect.

>> COVID-19.

>> Top 20 now.

>> Taking the world by storm.

But he just sorta glosses over it like, everyone's gonna get better.

And honestly, when there's a third of the population wiped out, we'll have less people

to cover in Social Security.

So really, two birds, one stone.

That's where he's going with it.

>> The moment where he says, it's gonna be fine, it's gonna be fine, that does not project

strength from the President for me.

And also by the way, really fast, as a fact check there, he's asked the question about

why the national debt has continued to go up, when he said while he was campaigning

to be President, that it would be wiped out during his first or second term.

I forget exactly which.

And he said, well, we've had this virus.

No, no, no.

We here in America have been affected by it for a month, two months, maybe three, lightly.

>> No, not economically, yeah.

>> That is not why $3 trillion was added to the national debt.

That was pre COVID-19.

>> Of course, so he does a couple of things there.

I think as Francesca rightly points out, he quickly skips over the COVID-19.

As though it was something that, we had a wager as to who would first call it what I

just did.

That's the reason I paused.

>> That's a street name.

>> COVID-19, he skipped over it.

Because clearly, A, he doesn't know anything about it.

I mean, he really is someone who's short on details.

He wants to message, everything's gonna be fine, everything's gonna be fine.

From an economic standpoint, I get why.

You need to build consumer confidence.

You need to build investor confidence and all of those things.

But the second thing he points to, and it's just amazing to watch him do it, is tomorrow

is gonna be better.

Next, you wait till the second term.

Wow, we are really gonna take off.

He is still selling that bull-shine that he was selling to get to office in the first


I mean, the fact is the ongoing con that is this president, and people applaud it.

I mean, of course, I understand that's sort of a paid-for crowd, in that Fox News Town


But nonetheless, they're all too anxious to believe it, when the reality is that the numbers

just don't bear it out.

>> Yeah.

>> He's the ShamWow of presidents, that's what I've called him.

He is just like the Home Shopping Network of politics.

You gotta see it to believe it.

Wait for it, wait for it.

He is the snake oil salesman, and he always has been.

And I think this absolutely speaks to what he is selling the American people and what

he's selling the GOP.

Which is, I will be your Trojan horse for actually cutting entitlements, things you

wanted to do this entire time but you couldn't get away with it.

You needed a racist celebrity to sell it for you, and that's what he's delivering.

>> Yeah, and I think he's worried that he revealed that.

He tweeted this morning, I will protect your Social Security and Medicare, just as I have

for the past three years.

We're gonna fact check that.

But, Sleepy Joe Biden will destroy both in very short order, and he won't even know he's

doing it!

In the second hour, we're going to have a bit of a discussion about Joe Biden's position

on Social Security and the unfortunate fact that Donald Trump, if Biden is the nominee,

is going to be able to use this against him.

But I do want you to bear in mind that that slip of the tongue is not the only reason

people should be worried about what he plans to do with these programs if he gets a second


In his last budget, proposed over the next ten years spending 1.5 trillion less on Medicaid,

allocating $300 billion less to a block-grant program to states, cutting 25 billion from

Social Security, almost a trillion from Medicare.

At one point, and this is separate, there were headlines about his budget proposal for

Social Security shrinking disability insurance and extending wait times.

That's 84 billion less right there.

And also bear in mind that during the rush to repeal and replace the ACA, every bill

proposed massive cuts to Medicaid in order to pay for tax cuts elsewhere.

Trump supported every iteration of their repeal and replace bills.

He even held a party for House Republicans in the White House Rose Garden when the lower

chamber of Congress narrowly passed a proposal that slashed more than $800 billion from Medicaid

over ten years.

So as the House under Republicans were trying to slash these programs, he was cheering them

on all the way.

Now, thankfully, they were stopped.

But the plan was to do that, and he was an enthusiastic participant.

>> And I think that if you're Bloomberg and if you're Steyer, these are the ads that you

have to be running.

I mean, truly, listen.

Whether it was Russia or Ukraine, obviously those were important, I mean, impeachment,


But actually get him on the issues.

Not cutting entitlements, not cutting Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, is what Trump ran


People, I don't know how they were watching the same guy we all were.

But when Trump said, you're gonna have something better than Obamacare, people believed him.

So if you've got money, if you actually wanna help the Democratic Party and cause, you're

gonna run those ads that expose him on this particular issue.

>> I think that's a great point Francesca's making.

You can really hold his feet to the fire on this issue, which is so important to so many


And I would also hit, I've made this point before cuz I think it's just so lying out

there to be exploited, corruption.

You have to hit the corruption of this administration.

But just because we're talking about this, yeah, this is a politically exploitable point

for the Democrats or for whomever, as you say, for those who are ginning up ads against

this guy.

>> Yeah, I mean, I did a healthcare special for MSNBC.

Have I mentioned it?

>> No, and speaking with some, what I knew to be Trump voters, right, we didn't talk

about national politics much.

But they said if it weren't for Medicare, I would be dead.

The best thing for my healthcare was getting to 65, that if I hadn't had a birthday, I


This woman had leukemia and she couldn't afford her medicine.

And she couldn't afford to go to the doctor, and those are the gettable votes.

And for me, those are the gettable votes, that I know you're gonna talk more about this,

but that Bernie Sanders will, if he's given the chance in the general, will bring over

to his side.

And a lot of Democrats don't like that, but guess what?

It works, right?

And when you see and when you expose this president lying to the people for saying that

he wouldn't cut these programs, guess what?

He is, and that will bring Republicans who did vote for him over to the other side.

>> I don't know.

Now, having just agreed with you on something- >> You disagree?

>> I don't know that those people are so easily brought over to the other side.

And this is part of a broader conversation we can have maybe over a few episodes.

Obviously, there's gonna be a ramp up to the general.

But I think there is such strong identity politics.

Things have become so tribal in this country, that even those people that Francesca's talking

about, even though those people that are being brutalized by this administration in terms

of their benefits being eliminated, even they, cuz I've read a bunch of accounts too from

people that go, yeah, it's been tough.

We've lost this, we've lost that, but Trump's our guy.

I met someone like that when I was canvassing with Cenk up in the high desert.

So I mean, she's losing- >> You mean people vote against their interest?

>> She's losing her house.

She was literally talking about losing her house the next month, but she said, this is

a Trump household.

>> Yeah.

>> So there's some other part of identity that's wrapped up in this president.

>> Whiteness.

>> Yeah, that is certainly true.

>> Let's talk about it.

>> But we might be talking about a small percentage who can be brought over.

It may not be huge.

>> And that might be enough.

>> Hypothetically.

>> I'm not saying literally no one.

But I don't know that, people don't vote on facts always, I guess is what I'm saying.

>> Yeah, and how about after multiple presidential elections where we tried to bring over 3%

of Republicans by capitulating on all of our values?

How about we switch to trying to get those people by actually standing by our values?

>> Right.

>> I think that would be a novel approach that just might work.

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