Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Nirnayam Telugu Short Film 2019 || ANK 7 PRODUCTIONS || PRASANTH ANKIREDDY

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7 years in relation , 4 years of love

Everyday started with I Love u in these 4 years

I didn't realise those words until she left me

According to me love is like an addiction

Except love we can get rid of any addiction

A day without ur call made a second an hour & an hour a day

Blocked my calls & messages

1300 kms kept us apart

Endless questions are striking my heart,but a painful question is why she left me ??

Generally girls ditches for 3 reasons

1.parents pressure 2.mistake from ourside 3.she must be in relation with other guy

I can't think she might be with other guy !!

Am i dreaming she might have moved on with someone

I started spying for somedays

They both come online & offline at once

Later my friend confirmed she is in relation

My worse nightmare became true

To me forgetting her will take a life time

Surrounded by friends, started feeling alone without her

She moved on & left me with her painful memories

I lost my soul in her thoughts

Soup boys always endsup drinking C2H5OH

To forget her memories i started being busy

Finally i endup thinking about her

I'm responsible for my Actions

After she left me, i ended up with drinking

I lost myself in drinking, leaving my life behind

Physical pain can be cured but Emotional pain doesn't have cure

I started feeling numb & got admitted to hospital

Hospital looks like temple for me

I'm starting to realise the value of life while everyone is struggling to survive

Hope rises like phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams

I felt like i have died & been reborn again

I'm responsible for my bad choices about love, they're the only way to find out reality

Nobody is going to love u, If u don't love yourself

The Description of Nirnayam Telugu Short Film 2019 || ANK 7 PRODUCTIONS || PRASANTH ANKIREDDY