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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jangan Terlewat, Berikut Deretan Film Indonesia yang Tayang Februari 2020

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Hello Kamibijak Friends

I want to share entertainment information, about the latest Indonesian movies at this February.

Now February, there is a new Indonesian movie, yeay

What kind of new movies? Please come and see.

This man already has a girlfriend named Neyna. His parents told Arya to get married

but he wasnt ready and wanted to focus on working as a photographer. Then he met another girl named Lia.

This movie is a continuation of Milea and Dilan's love story.

Dilan joins a motorcycle gang, Milea is worried about her boyfriend.

You are curious. Watch later!

The film is a bit spooky,

which tells about smooth wedding preparations,

but on the night of Kajeng Kliwon they are interrupted.

This guy left college because he wanted to focus on a shop

that sold the goods of ex. Then his ex in college came to his shop.

this horor movie about a guy named Alex, died unclearly.

Alex disturbs 4 of his ex-girls through a letter that accusing them of killing Alex.

This is a continuation of the first movie, about Alfie being harassed while in his father's heritage home.

This movie tells the story of Ayu and Ditto's love, from friends and getting married.

But Ayu got pregnant too early even though they were young and eventually got into trouble, huh? Just watch.

Curious? Go to cinema now!

Hopefully it will be useful and see you later on Kamibijak.

The Description of Jangan Terlewat, Berikut Deretan Film Indonesia yang Tayang Februari 2020