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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A DAY IN A LIFE OF A TEACHER/VERDUN , FRANCE

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hi guys welcome to my channel everyone

so this is me Lucy great friends live

again everyone so yes everyone so

actually it's actually yes actually it's

actually yes guys it's 10:00 a.m. here I

just finished my two classes I have two

plus it's in the morning yes so today is

actually Friday so on Fridays they have

to no not Friday not Friday today it's

one day everyone yeah 21 things I only

have two pluses in the morning so yeah I

just finished work so I'm gonna go back

home in a bit so right now I am still

here in my classroom so as you can see

this is not the usual classroom I have

if I moved to another classroom because

this is another set of students hello

herbies born family hi didn't John

laureate in JAMA already - John nice to

see you here do not yesterday John I

just finished all Rick hi Becky bar

hello good morning Becky Barton how are

you I think it's um I think it's very

early morning there or really midnight

in the US right but if I didn't what

time is it if they goes right now I

think he woke up so early

I guess you're preparing for your son or

what yes or this porn family is

everywhere when I just actually finished

work so as you can see I am still here

in my classroom right now I'm gonna go

out later hello

Adelina Oh more welcome to my livestream

so yes guys so this is my life as a

teacher I only have two classes on

Wednesdays everyone so two plus it's in

the morning say well that means to say

the whole afternoon I actually have time

you know with my family

with my kids so yeah I just finished

work so right now and right now I'm

actually gonna keep my thank you I have

my teeth these are my keys so these are

the bolts I have I have a workbook and

attack so I use this one with my cup am

kappa DM is French that means 4th grade

middle school students yeah so this is

the book that we use it so right now

everyone I'm just using my phone so I

hope you guys are okay there okay if I

can't see all your messages how are you

everyone Becky Barton how are you

Vicky Barton you haven't you haven't got

a new video it's time to make one

Becky Barton it's time you made a new

video okay yes you did well with your

first and second video I hope you can

help another video viewers to share

yeah because time I guess since the last

time you uploaded your second video

there was a nice one about day but you

know you have a lot of things in the box

just got stickers for the very first

time just got stitches just got stitches

for the very first time Dikshit uh-huh

so are you saying that gonna be your new

upload of Becky Barton what are you

trying to say stitches or you've done

something what do you mean Becky Barnett

so yes guys and I out there were being

yes okay

so this is everyone so I'm actually

gonna compare nice so I hope you guys

aren't working there so first let's

check if I have okay I have drink off my

computer here this is the computer in

this classroom so I just turn it off I

was actually setting up to record and

give video on Monday but I had to get

stitches instead Oh what happened what


Becky Barton what happened what really

happened why did you get stitches



so you can see I always do this yes

always the same thing but you're not

tired see this this is the life of a


no after work yeah I held my scarf again

my favorite scarf favorite color

I knew us a different scarf yesterday so

now I am using this again let's check

here it was a freak accident with a

really curiously placed blade oh my god

it's too bad Becky by 10 she'd have been

careful is it a big one I hope it's not

a big one it should be oh my god having

speeches well I had when I ain't worse

you know you know you're a woman you

know when I gave birth I had that but

besides that no


so let's go

or maybe we can walk around a little bit

before I Google I'm gonna walk you

around so let's try to find another

place to actually wonder around we will

be wondering because we don't have any

destination to be exact

yes but and luckily I can't enjoy my

moment like that because I don't have

them would Olivia


I'm 35 and this is my first time ever

needing stiches

yeah Oh bacon right Tiffany doesn't same

age I mean we are at the same age 35 I'm

also certified I I became my turn I mean



I'm gonna turn the camera on the other

side oh my god it's raining everyone

look at that it's raining it's raining

guys so this is the brown of my school

full of you you know of the school and

here yeah that's the school this is

where I look walk walk

I'm gonna walk through the faculty route

I think I'm gonna drop by there just to

check my bus if there's any thing for me

there's anything you for me okay so yeah

let's check it out everyone okay oh it's

freezing it's cold outside it's cold


oh my goodness here this is nobody as

you can see nobody in the faculty right

now so there is a vending machine there

yes let's check the box check my box so

every teacher has their box of this is

mine only means English okay there's

nothing so we gonna go home oh my god

who is that I mean stand up for a second

it's very hard guys without my model but

I'm actually using my tripod right now

so yeah

hello everyone

oh my god was that rupees for Mary Helen

area like a man hello all Thank You

Martin thank you so much oh my god

Beckett Barton it's the kind of you

thank you so much Chris and Anna's

journey how are you welcome Kristin an


BLM here oh hello hello everyone

shiny manure unary bump like how are you

CS this I'm gonna go now so yeah I

really appreciate it Beca bar - thank

you so much so yes guys we go let's go


so this is the faculty room everyone you

see yeah

we can sit there and in there and then

there are there's there are also tables

over there and lockers teachers lockers

yes Becky Barton is Sunday I hope to see

your new video Becky Barton very soon

Giants tartare hello nobody has no

respect for Giants yeah of course

everybody respects science because

science are very big yet we have no

choice so yeah I think you have seen

this in one of my videos on the wall

there are some arts you know works fine

so might be here really

where's fans though fans is at work it's

impossible for him to be here at my

streaming during the daytime we smash

laughing oh yeah of course you do

uh-huh hi teacher hello Oh Genevieve

only Revlon excel cup to my livestream

so yes guys I'm walking right now

on my way to go home boys your washer

neva be 9sk hello yes guys so you see

the road is wet it has been raining or

yeah it has been raining look

still raining no learning to adjust to

those new stitches how are you oh yeah

where where it where specifically um

Becky Barton are your stitches are these

actually on your hand or where arm and

there's also FERC is there in a lot of

bikes you see a lot of bikes these bikes

are some of the teachers bike and also

students and there is a painful

ping-pong area there so kids can play

ping-pong so I'm going to put you down a

little bit guys


so I'm gonna go home now Oh guys look

it's raining okay I'm gonna put



hello said bust area by a minute valuing

ah my my left forearm oh my God my

favorite my Clippers aren't working

quite like theirs - oh yo I can

understand of course distinction must be

the reason why people don't really but

Wednesday's good bird don't know just my

pinky so yes let's go let's go now it's

raining you know okay I'm gonna turn now

the camera right here okay let's go oh

my god



sorry guys I had to ask someone to open

the gate because the gate was closed

look at God the weather is not so good

you see guys if you want to make friends

please do it the right everyone yeah so

this is the life of English teacher in

France with the umbrella my umbrellas

here okay yeah okay so where are we

gonna go let's go to everywhere let's go

let's go everyone

it's the walkie

raining in the UK - oh is it yeah here

look at that everyone the road is very


take care always a Naga well you see

well up in I escape be nigh in s Amy I'm

actually walking right now on the road

yeah I'm a walking teacher now I just

finished work everyone so uh I don't

have class anymore

so right now walking to go home I am


see ya guys that's breezy so uh I guess

we should pass another way over there

you have seen this a place many times

guys because you know I always felt here

every time I go home so yeah the trees

here guys look the trees are gone I mean

no more leaves all beautiful birds fly

another day can you see them

hi Christine Tampa's I think he's the

one riding the bicycle Leslie is riding

a bicycle actually yeah guys mystery

over there but they were so green before

but look now the color is so dry you


let's walk guys

yeah there's no traffic there's no

traffic because uh this is not really a

big I mean it's not really a big city

yes uh Redang is actually a two hours

from Paris two hours from Paris so

there's no traffic problem here yeah and

it's very peaceful

fresh air yeah very nice to live here to

be honest yeah look it looks different

now look at the color the color is

absolutely different


yeah because every no there are people

walking Christine there are people oh

they're making the Christmas tree now

I'm gonna show you the Christmas tree

okay over there look they have started

making the Christmas tree okay let's

drop by there before we go there and

here's the bus everyone so some people

who don't drive the car they just

actually look at the color guys it's not

so beautiful anymore you see not so

beautiful anymore because you know oh

how can I say it's so hard guy using my

tripod I'm not used to this I usually

use the monopod you know for going live

well outside but yeah my monopod has not

arrived yet

I don't know when it's gonna be

the bird is flying as the bird Nephi

yes guys so all the drivers here they

always give away to people

of course we are cold outside you know

so they have to give way to us oh my god

a sweet day guys why my umbrella is

blown by the wind

oh my god I don't like that I'm gonna

fly with your brother I hope you can see

me guys but it's so hard you know I

can't really show you myself you know

with the without how can I start with a

full view because I think only my head

can be taken by this using the tripod

I know me CT true what is missing Jane

hello Jane

welcome so yes guys look they are making

the Christmas tree now and I think this

is a real tree not the plastic one yes

so here we go look all I got is image

module do popper on the video link yeah

over there it's a real yeah it's a real


its Realtree yet



Sassie ba plastic

oh yeah it's real guys you see

everything yes flying umbrella Mary

Poppins flying in the air with a friend

yes guys that's how they decorate the

tree guys very big you see very big so

yeah they're making now look is my

waifus because they're making their

decorating the tree they use this one to

go up yeah guys oh it's not so clear I'm

gonna move the other side oh my gosh oh

my gosh hi kids we're umbrella I get to

where I mean I can't hold the umbrella

anymore it actually takes me to gonna

take me to the sky what am I talking

about sexy guys


we hope they have a small tree Sheffield

where I am from all relieved now this is

a very big Christmas tree guys very big

and they usually start decorating that

and during the DeCosta

why should you Noel or Christmas market

it's very beautiful all the lights and

stuff like that so the whole place

around readon

it's very beautiful specially at night

because of the Christmas blinds in all


it's real everyone real



that is it

but they haven't finished yeah that's it

guys I'm gonna put you

it's all here but I keep my umbrella in

here okay

Nikki plan brother Wayne is gonna take

you to the top of the tree don't worry

guys we'll take you back to them

mommy'll impose a tree become a Goomba

yeah I who shall Otello move on TV so

yes guys I hope you are enjoying your

time with me everyone so this is my life

at the feature everyone afterward I

tried to go sightseeing a little bit so

we're gonna go now I'm gonna just keep

my umbrella for a while because the rain

has stopped yeah and

no the wind keeps blowing my umbrella so

I'm afraid of barela's gonna take me

high okay so let's go walking now

okay yeah the fit

don't worry leader I'm gonna show you

this when they finish okay they haven't

finished everyone they just started

putting some Christmas lights see yeah

yeah that's it very beautiful

let's go look at the man over there

there on top you see on top I want to be

there on top you know I want to

experience that I've never experienced

that well I have experienced the what is

that how can I say I forgot the anyway I

forgot what it is I I did something kind

of activity when I was in Philippines

I forgot how it is called turned into

mess on the other bank yes we enjoyed

the view man okay thank you

yes are gonna be messy yes shiny man

that sir didymus all very good memory

shiny man very good memory I already

showed you this place so later we gonna

go the other side okay but maybe some

people want to see again some people who

haven't seen this yeah this is the view

here yeah the machine is called a dolly


Dalli Dalli Dalli Dalli Dalli yeah but I

did something like activity when I was

in Philippines I forgot what activity it

was hello elgyn well pretty host one man

yes so this is for you guys teacher is

going to go sightseeing a little bit

let's see

no just actually walking around you know

we walk around we don't ice


and Thank You Kara duelin hello t-shirt

on top of the tree yeah teacher on top

of the tree and there I think the

quality of this room is very clear isn't

it yeah because it's very clear I'm

showing you again this one you can see

this on the internet when you type

freedom when you search for dung you

will always see this uh this landmark a

lot of birds play I look at them

and Lamech nah well to be honest guys

it's not so good today Wow it's very

nice not so cool you know and like it

it's a 11 degree social story now yeah

Leben degrees Celsius right now and they

have decorated here the bridge they have

put some Christmas lights as well over

there sorry guys

they have put Christmas lights you see

it's not very cool guys I like it

we are so we will take a walk guys all

teachers teacher is gonna walk a long

way guys it's still walking around

Braden so maybe we don't know what going

to look there it should be that place

yes it's very nice to eat something one

today very cold so cold here is negative

three oh my god that's too cold is that

is that in your talk yeah this is where

I live just like TV that's more emotion

to start oh my god

I'm gonna know what it is

oh really my voice is beautiful thank

you so much everyone thank you so much

so yes yes I'm gonna show you something

I think I have shown you this before but

it wasn't so clear so yeah guys I'm

gonna show you this this is the kind of

you know landmark here or something for

it's a memoir beaver I don't know what

it means

memoir shine a man who does it mean

memoy live memo it should be memory

leave I don't know what it is yeah movie

Oh Phil bar LP Breslau CIPA I don't know

how to read that okay it's a sculpture

by John no I don't know yeah so this is

Matt tell guys I don't know what it is

really it's made of metal you see all

the metals are put together and it has

been formed into a shape you know

look there is a specific shape I'm gonna

move the other side to make it clear you

see everything is metal guys metal there

and here is cement but the whole thing

is actually not tell you see I'm gonna

show you that look all the metals put

together you see it's very interesting

guys you see maybe shiny man can explain

to you guys what it means there that the

things written over there what they mean

you see that's the shape

I need to check some information about

this but I'm not so sure what it is

really yeah but a lot of people come

here visit this place yeah that's it

so and you have there that's uh these

people fight people are actually

I guess there are people in the past day

they did something good for France you

see you see how beautiful guys

yeah thank you so much for giving me a

thumbs up everyone so yes guys that's it

I'll show you the other side to see the

river okay there you are that's it you

see this place where dong is actually

very beautiful guys and very clean you

know I like it here but it's just that

you know when you don't have friends you

feel you feel bad and then you feel like

something is missing well it takes time

yeah that's it everyone the shape is

like V or V should be very dawn right

yes V's freedom so yeah look at those

things they're different metals I don't

know how they did that it's very


oh you'll see it's very interesting nice

in that if you see that whole view there

they usually put that and the Internet

this view and that V over there you

always see this when you check about

freedom so yeah guys that's it oh it has


oh my god okay let's go now let's look

let's look we passed by the river guys

there's no other way here that's by the

river okay

I'm gonna cover my head because it's

raining again

sorry guys I need to check your messages

mom Peggy gamete the Infante adorned a

bird yes it actually looks like that you

know not my fave type of art is it

creative yes it is thank you so much b9

s K Lee Jung heart yes it you know

everything is actually junk those metals

are junk but they made it like art you

know and letter V V maybe science for

Verdun you know and not my favorite must

be a friend of the mayor who made it

plastic oh really

hello sending my love Enzo watch your

hands if a boy B Sam is ienzo English

teacher in France hello and zoo Basel II

Basel Oman and palutena calicos no long

Willam : of course it also rains here

hello cookie Nina mo TVI cooking in a mu

hello yes guys so we're gonna walk right

now guys you have seen this river before

with a different view it was very

colorful before but you know right now

no more color you see so we're gonna

walk here passing here guys and I think

we're gonna turn around the road like

that going home so I'm taking the long

way for you guys you know yes sorry guys

excuse me

look at all those trees which were very

beautiful early you know fall but now

look so dry no more leaves yeah oh my

god I think I need to get my umbrella

again it's raining again I don't like it

how are you guys damn cane cane guys is

actually my friend my very good friend

ah we used to work at the same school

yeah and now she is in Middle East

everyone she's yeah she's she was she's

also an English teacher hello Jay

how are you look at the doc guys

swimming alone I need to open my

umbrella again guys yes I will go

walking guys this great exercise

umbrella again umbrella umbrella all

right here we go

let's walk but a moment guys it's

shaking now sorry but I have to do this


Jay and Kate how are you my god it's

been a long time how are you my dear

yeah look at the trees guys already no

more leaves these three more leaves

everyone Oh two more ducks over there

walking walking no they're actually

swimming they're walking in the water so

let's say they're walking in the water

pump ah - Lou - oh yes let's catch the

Ducks guys and cook catch the duck and

hook sorry guys a moment nice is to make

a walk to take breath to take a breath

yes of course you know walking is a good

exercise everyone I like walking

especially when it's not Winnick when

it's not very cold you know bones you

yes bonjou sunday my love a very nice

place thank you so much Jane castelia

sarmento hello hello sir okay hello for

the ten people here yes sir there are a

lot of ducks here I think I have shown

you this line in one of my videos guys

and look at these three guys the leaves

are all yellow but there's something

blocked I don't know what there's

something black I don't know what it is

you know you see

yes oh no the umbrella can't carry them

all you see a lot of ducks here all the

ducks are swimming in the river and all

the lives as well look at the leaves

guys so yeah guys let's go

I know you you're tired of seeing this

probably you have seen this many times

really yeah but anyway let's walk look

at the look at the shape of the trees

guys this is no good alone look look at

the shape of the trees and when they

have leaves

they are so beautiful everyone but now

you see and once read they're the color

of the leaves oh my god yeah there you


it's the walking now let's go walk walk

let's go walk walk or lock block let's

go what what what what been opened up no

masseur up yes delicious delicious hello


yes guys so this is my life after work


afterward I just actually walk around if

I have nothing really in an urgent or

very important to do at home I just go

walking before going home and I'm taking

you with me

for a walk today today not - not today


walk walk behind the big tree is careful


hello simples Jean Canada yes is good

for a photo shoot Christine walk walk

see Sega bien at a fly

yes walk walk walk walk look at them

they are walk walk they're walking no

guys just kidding okay fried up a new

boondocks our opinion Wow oh my god I

don't want to I don't want to kill them

you know they're so beautiful look at


they're so beautiful simple gene Canada

how are you a lot of them are swimming

over there in group you see a lot that's

the view look at the Christmas tree I

showed you the Christmas tree over there

because you'll see it from here it's

very big and I'm gonna show you that

again when it's already completely

decorated you know yeah so let's walk

again guys a lot of trees here you see

the trees oh my god I'm walking really

far and that there is a park it's a park

there where kids can play get the trees

that's our family oriented swimming

together yes and you know they're

usually together like pair you see this

uh I don't know which one is a male or

female the brown one or the one with a

green on on top of his head her head I

don't know hello the right sweetie

welcome to my livestream how are you the

rights way yes it's very nice to walk

with me nice place and view thank you so

much that's Mike TV just make TV your us

brick right now I think you're having

your lunch break right yeah

so yes everyone let's continue walking

walking under the rain and under the

trees under the trees look guys only two

only two dogs I'm gonna zoom it in over


look at them they're together mother and

father I guess or boyfriend and

girlfriend how sweet swimming together


yeah that's it guys okay let's go

continue walking because we're gonna

have a long walk everyone oh my gosh

you see I'm taking the very long way and

it's raining I have my umbrella with me


oh she's alone Luke she or he what is

that shiny man the one with the green

green color on top of his head or her

head is that a female or male I have no

idea at all for this boring family I

love you our you will be sworn family


I'm taking a walk this bridge is where

is it going it's going to look Larry

this bridge yeah that bridge over there

it's gonna be going to McClure oh I hope

it's not gonna get cold you know I like

the weather just like this not so cold

it's cold but it's not so cold like

freezing you know

don't forget to give a thumbs up

everyone if you think teacher deserves

one okay thank you so much what teacher

editing is live oh good for you I have

no time for editing so I've been going

live these days for this porn family I

haven't got the the motivation to edit

yeah but so anyway I just do this you

know yeah you see all the lives it looks

rainy and cold yeah it's really here but

not so cold it's cold but not so cold

look at them I dunno they're ducks over

there more ducks more ducks more ducks

yeah guys please let me know if you guys

can see the the view clearly or not to

see all the trees there no more leaves

but they're still yellow they're Everton

their leaves yellow leaves now but very

soon everything's gonna be bald for the

head we say bald head yes

trees are bald now guys they're full

mama to last only the I'm yes thank you

so much I'm Mary mine and yeah sweat so

don't worry

we're gonna walk oh the dog is very cute

there with a couple you see I'm gonna

zoom it in there you are oh look at the

dog with a couple so cute alright thank

you so much everyone

so this will be a long walk guys I hope

your you won't get tired walking with me

and you know what shiny men they have

made a another shop here beside look

like they made forget the name howdy

I'm not sure if you know what LD is all

there's another kind of shop shiny means

like look here supermarket or something

grocery shop or something like that

yeah and it's finished it's open already

and yeah it's just beside look there so

I'm wondering if they are you know it's

name of the same owner or what it's me

there I'll be next it's look there is

the rivers very long guys you see but

I'm gonna pass

leaves are moving around the ground

thank you so much everyone for dropping

by and for walking with me this is a

walk to remember

haha have you seen the movie I want to

remember is it a movie yes it is a movie

I guess a walk to remember I remember

the day when you're near with me near

here oh my god teacher what the lyrics

are you using

I remember the thing is when you're here

with me thank you so much Dean that fill

you I'm happy to hear that you're

enjoying yeah


there's also a poll so that's a first

and there is learning how to drive first

work is driving school something like

that so yeah guys this the the other

side of the river look at that yeah you

guys see I'm on the opposite side of the

river now oh they are fishing over there

they're actually fishing you know be

sure Mandy Moore oh yeah many more

they're fishing guys they're fishing

over there it's go walking all the rain

is getting heavy guys I need to

seriously do my walking you know oh my

god getting heavier

the rain rain right in the right nor


so I'll be walking for one hour guys can

you imagine looking for an impossible

feature it is possible

oh you are at the opposite of your

weight home Vienna shiny man you see my

home is just there very near but I walk

over there and here and gonna turn over

there yeah and we turn around a long way


why how are you good morning good

morning when so yeah that's look clear

guys shiny men always goes there yeah he

always goes there to buy cheese you know

and there's a new shop I don't know if

sign a man likes it I'll be I'll be just

next to look there so I'm not even sure

if we should drop by there shall we drop

by there and check what's in it huh but

I'm not so sure if yeah I think oh no go

there with my husband because I'm gonna

take the car because you know carrying

some soft it's not easy yeah look Larry

guys it's like uh it's like a mall how

can I say well yeah there and they have

new they have made a new one I'll be

this right next to look clear you see

yeah but I think I'll do a smaller it's

just really like supermarket I guess I

haven't I haven't been to all these but

I think I'm gonna go there today because

I have more time you know in the

afternoon I have of work no work in the

afternoon guys so yeah here we go

walking oh my god I lost my waiver am I

now where should I go oh my god

okay I think I should go straight right

okay de nada true para de canaima glocca

laughing out loud

yo guys because if I buy things I need

to carry that on my own and yeah I have

my bag with me with all the books inside

so I don't think it's a good idea to

actually carry sauce and I'll have

problem with my back again very really

to heavy stuffs you know yeah really

again oh thank you so much Oh what is


nice shopping every sporting family oh

yeah oh yes guys let's drop by there

guys there is no well a to breed

yes Christmas at your price is it

correct shiny men yeah a party the bunt

euro yes 20 euros guys you can buy this

one it's real tree they are selling this

this place is hell oh no teacher you

need are right now to get you home now

I'm walking sir yes guys you see Noel at

to free fries fries a 2 is for you

Christmas Noel it's Christmas what is

the means of transportation if you don't

go walking no actually there's bus here

and hard yeah I have my husband's car

but yeah I just actually finished work

so well the house is very near my

workplace very near my school but I just

right now I just wanted to go walking so

I I moved to the other way so it looks

far you know but I enjoy walking and

yeah guys then disappeared vent vent is

for sale the supreme shopping is this

tree you know the pain is a in English

is fer fi are yeah so they are selling


yeah you see they detect the shine even

how are you kind of joke with birds why

dogs I mean Noel is Christmas a toy is

for you free is price you see door

doorman a party Devon through 20 euros

guys I think they are saying that

they're selling that luxury here for yes

guys you see they have decorated as well

big balls over there yeah yes guys I'm

gonna show you even away here yeah guys

you see it is real I'm wondering how

they they cut this from the rescue see

they cut this from the forest for free I

want to get this one but it's very big

actually my husband and I am in Milan my

kids we picked one at the forest but

small one maybe like that small one yeah

but I haven't decorated it they say they

are selling it guys sell let me see yeah

there you are and they also decorate

this a place where they're selling and

wandering on VLC cumulative ante rule is

true 20 years I think it's one - oh

there's information here yeah so ah

tariffs Allah there's a price okay so 1

meter - disciple 10 euro is the smallest

and 40 year is the biggest I think so

you see if we see a fill of blood

traditionally do some this a bang didn't

well something dunno well guys it means

Christmas tree

thank you so much that's my TV

Sabo oh dalsu boom it beats a bomb odor

it means the smell is good is it correct

I mean yes guys and here they have

another prize

yeah the cheapest is 35 years and the

most expensive 18 years okay so the this

Zeus is a poutine the Zulu pizza from

Casa de man

panco Ida ah si vous coupie okay

ah si papacito see it comes as a cumbia

2000 so yes guys she is selling although

these things here is say still mmm Ilia

cooler as a rosette front the size is 30

years guys and the blue is come beyond

Kaname Kuran

I see 40 years the blue ones guys so

yeah that surprised me

ah wah wah I've become mu Marie we are

doing what we people might not just pour

just yes Missy visa and they have this

year I don't know what's that ah they

use this one to actually pack the trees

you see there is something like that

this hop that's what they use for

packing you see they pack the trees like

that so they use this to pack the trees

they put the trees inside and pack for

this one they have this material for

packing you see it's very nice see you

put the tree inside inside outside

inside outside yes so yeah ah

so two different kinds of things I need



these are very good because the Li the

leaves don't fall so these these ones

actually the leaves fall Wow

thank you so much shinier meant more

explaining to me in for an English yeah

bottom is model a carrier yes teacher

hello Justin's on Blondes how are you so

yes guys I hope you guys so there are

two kinds of trees guys that they are


according to shiny men according to his

explanation for this kind of trees that

price the cheapest is 35 years the most

expensive is 80 years the trees don't

fall wow it's very nice and here I think

the tree are the leaves I mean the not

the trees the leaves don't fall but

these 10 years the cheapest one they

don't have yet they're still cutting

like the woman explained the most

expensive is 40 years and yeah I think

the tree I'm not the trees the leaves

fall for this right shiny man did I

explain it right so yeah they have more

here guys a lot you see Wow a lot here

you see a lot of a lot of trees guys

they have made then the sub banks a bank

dunno Elsa fengdu no L means Christmas

tree vent is for sale okay yeah that's

it everyone

so this real it is what they have here

yeah they have decorated as well


yeah she's the one there's been and they

put a little light over there let's see

we are - bonne journee messy yes guys

sober leaving now and we gonna walk home

everyone continue walking the wind blows

my umbrella everyone see us guys that's

it so I hope you guys now have the ideas

and how much those real Christmas trees

cost you know how much they cost

yeah so the most expensive

he imagined 80 euros anyway the biggest

one and very good because the trees

don't fall right shiny men I think I'm

gonna pass the other way it's better I'm

a bit hungry guys because you know

when preparing I was actually at just

Mike TV's live streaming I even left him

at home just my TV I left him at home

while he was live yeah guys so I was

actually eating a little bit of just


but right now I'm hungry you know I

think it's almost lunchtime trying to

fit now I think it's already 11 a.m. now

am I correct because I finished work at

10:00 a.m. I had two classes today

two classes in the morning yeah okay

sorry guys a moment it's okay

you'll be but only the cheapest still

had nice smell yes everything was nice

Mel I think I can hear the wind teacher

yes there's another shop there but

anyway I want to walk now home I've been

outside for a long time and it's cold

but it's not very cold guys actually 19

you see actually guys this place is very

clean but just because of the leaves

guys you see all the leaves are on the

road everyone on the sidewalk

and there's another thing there it's

hardly I don't know

so these are party Jordan ah means

like garden stuff things you need for

gardening they also sell their yeah

so nothing really special for now guys

I'm just walking yeah

so I might drop Bible on jury blundering

in English is bakeshop so I'm just gonna

probably drop by there and buy some

bread which I can't eat yeah when I eat

while walking how can I hold yeah I'm

gonna remove the umbrella later I think

the rain has stopped you know the rain

is like playing with me the rain stopped

and it uh came again and now it has

stopped oh my gosh sorry guys I'm so


my husband called me loading yet another

shop guys this this is where I bought my

I had my glasses made here in this shop

that is the name of the shop I had my

glasses made there so every shop guys

they already have Christmas decoration

and look at that in the middle of the

road they also have that Christmas

decoration for you you're my students


so yeah guys my husband called me guys

oh my god

see I was talking guys it was muted

there's another decoration there yeah

decoration do you is fed through his bed

the means what is that Chinaman

and there's also Japanese wrestler

Japanese restaurant Japanese it means

Japanese Japanese Japanese

and we get a drop by the lingerie here

let's check if they have good bread here

check guys

is it closed or open

is it open or closed I think it's open

oh oh it's closed

yeah oh it's closed everyone so we go to

another boulangerie there's another one


but these BS but the Serie blonds

original fellas check you they have

something good

let's go get something okay so that's it

you have their moment guys I need to put

in here


by somebody






just be careful I'm gonna but before

that I'm doing



okay guys I'm gonna show you some bread

here yeah that's what they have me wrong

is like I see and they have small things

here what some with something sweet

don't oh that's interesting

the question sadly just Boston a big

shot you I naturally we are cool I love

you it's a part and they have this with

the price everyone you can see the price

over there yeah in there and their hot

dog say hot dog

I drew Prancer dupois bus stop Wednesday

booklet sure

Savva sure we owe image with a show poop

Sabah are we messy I'm gonna take this

hot okay I'm gonna take it she's gonna

make it warm

haha Wow sir after you kappa shiny -

pioneer thank you go tomorrow yes guys

so this one is two years and 1 p.m. so

I'm gonna I'm taking this one and they

also have this board if 215 some

desserts to see the price um mr. price

everyone the part part a leftist heart I

think on top is mango and

see among debit month say a bit Monza a

Citroen and of course a promise like

lemon thing here because I need to pay

sorry guys it's very annoying because

you know I'm using my tripod I'm gonna


we wouldn't be met be on the road guys

I'm gonna eat

okay let's so let's go let's go everyone

oh my god my face is very near okay here

we go

okay let's go walking again while eating

walking while eating Wow teacher

trysting yes guys let's eat guys I'm

wondering how it tastes like of course

this hotdog there is hotdog in it but

I'm not sure with a taste if it's a good

thing you know

this is kid guys the heat

mmm but it's oily guys is oily there's

another thing there guys see I don't

know what it is but I think I need to

buy slice but I think there's less bird

at home why they are asking me bread


mmm-hmm oh really

Wow walls I've met very good this is

another tree guys very big

oh no ways raining again it's raining

again guys

I'm happy

or you guys have to get my umbrella it's

raining again look I look at them

they're and using their umbrella oh it's

very happy for you it's very heavy guys

and there's another place there I need

to hide the bread oh where should I put

the bread oh my god bread umbrella if so

no Kayla

okay there you are there's another thing

there it's a historical place as well

and a way let's eat everyone

oh my gosh guys I don't know how to hold


so yes guys I think I'm gonna end the

stream right now I hope you guys enjoyed

you see I think you are familiar with

this road this is a my way home now it's

near la casa it's very hard guys I'm EJ

I'm holding umbrella I'm holding the

bread am holding my bag I'm holding

everything yes guys so yeah I'm gonna

end the stream you've got in to level

six shiny man doing nothing oh really

okay guys so thank you so much everyone

for walking with me guys so I hope you

had a wonderful walk with me and yes

enjoy your day everyone and I hope to

see you again at my next live-streaming

later maybe seven or eight hours from

now see you later everyone bye bottom


my my my eyesight