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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: American English Lessons on Dressing Eating Living Travelling

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lesson 1 making breakfast

Mary asks her daughter Lily what she

wants for breakfast and then makes it

for her Lily what kind of cereal would

you like what do we have we have

Cheerios and cornflakes

I'll have cornflakes how would you like

your egg scrambled as usual no I think

I'll have a soft-boiled one for a change

here you are I hope it's not too hard

it's just right pass me the salt shaker

please here you are have some more toast

no thanks I've already had two slices

would you like a cup of coffee

no thanks I'm full

lesson two breakfast

Mary is talking to her husband John over

breakfast good morning dear good morning

darling did you sleep well

yes thanks I slept like a log you're

just in time for breakfast

good what are we having the usual I hope

you have a good appetite honey I always

have an appetite like a bear in the

morning great here's your coffee

be careful it's piping hot Thanks may I

have some sugar it's right in front of

you dear no of course I'll silly of me

have some toast the milk is in the

refrigerator help yourself

lesson three fast food

John is at the drive-thru of a fast-food

restaurant ordering takeout

welcome to Burger town what can I get

for you today a burger please what would

you like on it what do you mean well

would you like ketchup onions or mustard

oh I see I'd like everything please

something to drink a coke please

large or small large please that comes

to 425 please pull up to the window


lesson four to go

John is at the counter of a fast food

restaurant getting his order to go next

please let me have a hotdog please

anything on it no thanks what would you

like to drink a milkshake please what

flavor strawberry anything else no

that's all here to go to go

please a moment later here you go


lesson five taking a break

after a

shopping Mary and her friend Rose are

taking a break at a coffee shop

oh I can't go any further

shall we take a break good idea would

you care for a cup of coffee I would

prefer a cup of tea okay there's a

little coffee shop down this road let's

go is it far no it's quite near just

around this corner okay let's go I'm

very thirsty in the shop an Irish Coffee

for you not at this time of the day just

an ordinary one with sugar and cream yes

thank you

lesson six waiting for a table

John and his wife Mary have to wait for

a table at a busy restaurant because

they didn't make a reservation can I

help you sir yes I'd like a table for

two do you have a reservation no I don't

would you like a table close to the

stage no it's too noisy could I have

that small table by the window no I'm

sorry sir it's been reserved that's too


I'm afraid you left to wait a few

minutes we'll have a table available

soon that'll be fine

several minutes later ah here we are

this way please

lesson seven ordering


John orders his mill after he takes a

minute to decide what he wants good

evening sir here's your menu okay give

me a minute to look it over please take

your time I'll be with you in a moment

a moment later may I take your order now

sir yes please I'd like to start with

the chicken soup what would you like for

your main course

filet mignon please how would you like

that done medium rare

anything for dessert no all order

dessert later

lesson eight specialty

John can't decide what he wants for

dinner so we asked the waiter for his

recommendation are you ready to order

now sir I can't decide what would you


do you enjoy seafood we have the best

oysters no thanks I'd rather not have

seafood then may I suggest that you try

roast beef it's the specialty of the

restaurant I'll take your word for it

thank you

what else would you like I'll have a

toss salad please

what dressing do you want with that

French please anything else no I think

that's all I'll get that for you in just

a minute

lesson nine waiting to be served

jon's order has been lost so he

complains to the waiter

waiter yes sir what is it what happened

to my order I've been waiting for nearly

a half an hour what did you order sir

roast beef and a tossed salad

okay I'll take care of it right away

thank you

a moment later here you are sir this is

not what I asked for it is then may I

ask again what you ordered sir

I ordered well-done this is rare I'm

awfully sorry sir your mill will be

ready in just a second

lesson 10 check please

after John finishes his meal he asked

the waiter to bring him the check and

where the bathroom is waiter check

please right away sir how much does it

come to altogether 25 38 here's 30 keep

the change thank you sir

please come again I will by the way

could you tell me where the restroom is

of course go down the hall and the

restroom is on the right-hand side at

the end down the hall on the right

right that's right sir thank you

lesson 11 pub

John and his friend Bob are chatting

over drinks at a bar what can I get you

to drink

I'll have a whiskey with soda water

whiskey is too strong for me I'll have a

light beer you're not a big drinker are

you no I can only take weak drinks there

whiskey isn't bad why don't you have a

glass okay I'll have a little let me

pour you a glass say when Thanks that's

enough are you sure you don't want a

little more I'm sure


lesson 12 recipe

while bill is having dinner at John and

Mary's house he complements Mary's

cooking and asked her for the recipe hmm

this is delicious oh do you really like

it yes

it's superb well it's kind of you to say

so in fact could I ask you for the

recipe sure it's really very easy first

mix together an egg 2 teaspoons of salt

and 2 pounds of ground beef then add 2

ounces of milk are you with me

yes I've got it okay

next put the mixture into a baking pan

and bake it 45 minutes at 360 degrees

wait a minute I didn't catch you there

could you repeat that

sure bake it 45 minutes at 360 now I've

got it thank you

lesson 13 Supermarket

John is shopping at the supermarket but

he can't find anything so he asked the

clerk for help can I help you sir

yes I'm at a complete loss I'm looking

for the sugar sugar it's in the food

section I'll be I'm sorry did you say

aisle D I said B oh I see

thanks very much my pleasure one more

thing could you tell me where the

household supplies are you bet go down

this aisle and turn left

thanks you've been very helpful

lesson 14 paying

while John is at the super

could checkout counter having his

purchase rung up the cashier makes a

mistake and John corrects her good

afternoon sir

good afternoon how much do I owe you

that comes to four dollars and 64 cents

or 64 are you sure that's right that

seems a little too high to me well let's

see the milk was 189 the potatoes $0.99

wait a minute

I don't think you're right there the

potatoes should be 80 cents oh you're

right I'm sorry

nevermind now it comes to a total of

four dollars and forty-five cents here's

a 20 all right your change is fifteen

dollars and 55 cents here you are thank

you have a nice day

lesson 15 my treat

Bob asks his colleague John out for

lunch to repay him for his help

good afternoon Bob how was your morning

as usual how about yours

just routine nothing very special did

you have lunch yet not yet would you

care to join me

sure let me treat you lunch oh that's

nice of you but why do I deserve that I

want to thank you for help me paint my

house the other day I owe you that isn't

necessary at all let's go - no I really

want oh well if you put it that way okay

good let's go

lesson 16 diet

Mary asks her daughter Lily why she is

eating so little and Lily tells her that

she is on a diet Lily you're eating like

a bird I just can't eat anymore

is anything wrong with you no mom I'm

all right I'm on a diet on a diet don't

be silly

you're slim enough I'm putting on weight

would you like a piece of meat pie

it's your favorite no thanks come on now

you've hardly eaten anything well maybe

I can manage a very small piece please


lesson 17 buying a sweater

while Mary and her friend Rose are

shopping Mary sees two sweaters but she

can't decide which to buy which one do

you think is better

well the quality of the wool one is very

good but it's too expensive yes

the acrylic one is cheaper but I think

wool feels better that's true the wool

one feels warm and soft it's made of the

best wool from New Zealand oh but I like

the colour of the other one it's much

brighter that's true it's more

fashionable isn't it oh dear I'm getting

more and more confused so which one will

you take it's a hard choice huh I'll

just have to leave it for the moment

lesson 18 the price

while John is shopping for a sweater for

his wife a clerk is giving him


can you show me some sweaters please

certainly sir we have a large variety

over here I'm sorry I want ladies

sweaters not men's I see the woman's are

this way would you like a v-neck or a

turtleneck a turtleneck do you like any

of these that one there is very nice how

much is it

it's 169 that's more than I want to

spend do you have anything less

expensive certainly sir what price range

do you have in mind I'd like to stay

under $100 in that case I started

recommend this one it's just five

dollars over your limit and it's worth

every penny of it okay I'll take it

lesson 19 trying on clothes

while Mary is shopping for a dress a

saleswoman is helping her pick one out

good morning ma'am is there anything I

can do for you yes I'd like to see one

of those dresses you mean this one yes

what is this dress made of it's silk

pretty isn't it may I try this one on

certainly what size do you wear

six here you are the dressing rooms are

over there a few minutes later Mary

comes back from the dressing room how

does it fit perfectly I'll take it

lesson 20 stuck zipper

John is helping his wife Mary to zip up

her dress oh can you do me a favor honey

what seems to be the trouble Oh my

zippers stuck let me take a look it

looks as if your blouse is caught in a

zipper oh can you get it out without

tearing the blouse I think so dear

well be careful we'll just have to be

patient and work it out little by little

this is a new blouse don't worry if I go

slowly it should come loose without

causing any damage I hope you can get it

there I've got it out ah you did it oh

thank you so much honey

lesson 21 accessories

Lilly is helping her younger sister Rory

pick out jewelry

look at this dress mom got for me for

the dance tonight Wow looks like mom

really splurged on you but I need a pair

of earrings to go with it don't worry

about it I'll lend you mine and I've got

some bracelets that'll match your new

dress too oh but I was going to wear my

charm bracelet yeah if you want to look

like a geek Oh what about moms pearl

necklace or a pendant

I don't know pearls might be cool

put them on and let's see Oh Lily

everyone thinks the ankle chain you gave

me for my birthday is hot thanks again

what are sisters for

Rory is dressed and ready to go oh my

little angel isn't so little anymore

you'll be breaking some hearts tonight

lesson 22 delivery service

mary buys a skirt that needs to be

altered and decides to ever deliver to

her office I really think this skirt is

a little long

we could have alterations shorten it for

you ma'am oh that would be nice

please shorten in about an inch for me

let me take your measurements the sales

person takes Mary's measurements how

long will I need to wait hmm about half

an hour maybe you could do some other

shopping while we are making the

alterations no I have to run back home

huh can I have this delivered to my

office of course ma'am may I have the

address and phone number please it's 36

North End Street the phone is 555 28 74

extension 512 and your name please

Mary Smith when can I expect the

delivery it'll go out with the first

delivery tomorrow morning you'll receive

it before noon

lesson 23 tailored suit

John is that the tailors ordering a suit

I'd like to have a suit made very good

sir what material do you have in mind I

would prefer something soft and light

how's this yes I'll take that

this matru is of superior quality I

guarantee I have no doubt what's the

price for making a suit and an extra

pair of pants

$2,600 good and please be sure to take

my measurements carefully I will sir

win with a suit be ready in two weeks

I'll have it ready on Friday for your

first fitting

lesson 24 suit fitting

John is at the tailor's for a fitting

good morning I've come for my suit

fitting is it ready yes here it is let

me help you it's a little too tight

under the right arm I'll let it out a

bit don't worry don't you think the

jacket is a little loose around the


it seems so I'll take that in a little

when will the suit be ready in two weeks

why does it take so long normally it

takes three to four weeks

don't you have express service I'm

leaving town next week

we do offer express service but the

charge for the workmanship is double

that's okay I have to get this suit by

early next week

lesson 25 laundry

while Bob is doing the laundry he is

talking to his friend John oh my word my

clothes are all pink it must be that new

detergent ha ha

good job Einstein this isn't funny John

my best white shirt is ruined bleach the

shirt it'll be ok next time separate

everything in the dark light and white

batches yeah nut that brand new Red

Bulls sweat suit bled on to the other

clothes I can't afford spending more

time and money washing my stuff you'd

rather buy new clothes every day

oh yeah well thanks again for those

dryer sheets the static electricity

disappeared like magic huh yeah my

clothes used to stick together like

velcro don't wash that silk suit and tie

in the washer yeah why not

lesson 26 what to wear

as John is getting dressed for an

important interview his wife Mary is

helping him pick out his clothes I don't

know what to wear today dear hmm why are

you being so fussy about your clothes

today I'm going to have an important

interview well I'm sure you'll do well

dear Thanks

do you like this suit yes you look very

smart in that blue one how about the

time do you think this will match no not


why don't you wear your new one which

one the one the kids gave you for your


oh that one I'll get it John puts on the

time how's that it goes perfectly with

your suit

lesson 27 real-estate agency

John is talking to Jim a real-estate


about an apartment we're looking for a

three-bedroom apartment hmm I think I

have just what you're looking for oh


where is it on Forest Avenue Forest

Avenue is that downtown yes it is what

kind of neighborhood is it I think you

like the neighborhood it's very safe

that sounds good how much is the rent

it's very reasonable it's 1,500 a month

does that include utilities everything

except the gas

lesson 28 renting an apartment

Jim a real-estate agent is showing Mary

and her husband John an apartment can we

see the kitchen sure this way please

Oh the kitchen is so spacious yes I knew

you'd love it

is this refrigerator new yes it's brand

new hmm another question are dogs

allowed in this building dogs I think

dogs are allowed when can we move in any

time if it's all right with you we want

to move in tomorrow no problem I need

two months rent in advance plus an $800

security deposit that you'll get back

when you move out

lesson 29 interior design

John and his wife Mary are talking about

remodeling their new apartment John I

already have the perfect color scheme

and design in mind

sounds wonderful dear I have a few ideas

myself I want white marble in the

entranceway with a tall glass chandelier

I want to punch out that pantry wall and

put up cabinets to display your China

but that'll make the kitchen area so

huge right we can put an island in the

middle of the floor with a grill

barbecue in the works great idea we've

just got to figure out what's going to

come first the entranceway is going to

be everyone's first impression of our

home so drop your ideas and we'll go

over them with the contractor

lesson 30 buying furniture John is

talking to a furniture store clerk about

buying a new living room set can I help

you sir yes I want to buy a living room

set come over here please with a very

wide selection

what's this table made of this one no

the one over there

it's maple oh I like this sofa it's as

comfortable as a bed well it is the bed

I mean it can be converted into one how


I'll take it do you have an installment

plan yes you can pay in twelve easy

monthly installments

lesson 31 arranging furniture

Mary and her husband John are arranging

their new living room furniture John can

you do me a favor of course what can I

do for you help me move the table it's

too heavy for me why the table is a bit

in the way where do you want it then

next to the window in that case you'll

have to move the sofa to make room for

the table you're right but where should

we put this sofa we can put it in a

small bedroom but the cabinet will block

the entrance we'd have to move it too

can we move it by ourselves

ah I doubt it

lesson 32 colleagues visit

while John is showing his colleague Tony

around his new place

Tony complements the decor you have a

lovely home John I hope you'll show me

around inside some time there is no time

like the present please come right in

I'll be happy to show you around that's

very kind of you I hope I'm not putting

you to a lot of trouble no trouble at

all now here's the living room it's

quite spacious isn't it and very sunny -

yes the room faces south so we have

sunshine all day long it's beautifully

furnished I'm glad you like it

who's your designer and wouldn't you

ever get this furniture we hired shields

and Ross to do the design but most of

the furnishings had to be made to order

no wonder is so nice

lesson 33 house repairs

John calls a plumber to repair a leak in

the kitchen sink

Bob's plumbing and heating hello could

you tell me if you fix kitchen sinks yes

we do what's the problem water is

leaking all over my kitchen floor well

we can send over one of our plumbers at

four o'clock this afternoon

will someone be at home then at four

o'clock this afternoon I'll be here okay

what's the name John Smith and the

address number 22 36 hemlock Street all

right mr. Smith we'll have a plumber

there at 4 o'clock this afternoon thanks

very much

lesson 34 hotel reservations

John is making reservations for a hotel

room over the phone


Hilton Hotel may I help you yes I'd like

to make a reservation for tomorrow what

kind of room would you like a double


and how long do you plan to stay sir

three days

what's the price of the room that'll be

a hundred and nineteen dollars a night

are any meals included yes we have a

complimentary breakfast buffet on the

mezzanine that's fine

may I have your name please yes John

Smith thank you mr. Smith we'll be

expecting you

lesson 35 check-in


John is checking into a hotel good

evening sir

may I help you yes I'd like to check in

do you have a reservation sir yes I have

a reservation for three nights

your name please John Smith just a

moment please

oh yes a double room is that right

yes I'm with my wife would you please

fill out this registration slip no


John finishes filling out the form

here's your room key thank you did we

have someone help us with our bags

please certainly I'll ring for someone

to help you have a pleasant stay

lesson 36 wake-up call

Jonah's calling room service for a wake

up call room service how many this is

room 123 I'm John Smith yes sir I wonder

if you could do me a favor I'll be happy

to if I can mr. Smith can you please

give me a wake-up call at 6:00 tomorrow

morning I certainly can thank you do you

provide breakfast Ederle yes sir

you can have your breakfast either in

your room or at the breakfast buffet

good another thing I need an extra

blanket for the night that's no problem

mr. Smith I'll send one up right away

lesson 37 room service

John is calling room service to get his

shirts laundered and suit pressed

room service what can I do for you I

asked some shirts that need to be

laundered and I'd like my suit pressed

your room number please I'm John Smith

in room 123 all right mr. Smith there is

a laundry form and a bag in your room

please fill out the form and then place

it and the bag with your clothes in the

closet the maid will come and pick it

all up hold on I can't see the laundry

form where is it it's in the drawer of

the table beside your bed oh yes I've

got it how long will it take to get my

things back the laundry will be returned

to your room tomorrow before noon all

right I've got it all ready here we'll

pick it up right away sir

lesson 38 asking for help

john has locked himself

out of his room and goes to the front

desk for help

excuse me can you help me please yes sir

I left my key in my room I've locked

myself out I see what should I do you

need to go down to the front desk and

ask for a duplicate key don't worry at

the front desk I've locked myself out

could I have a duplicate key of course

sir what's your room number 123 here you

are sir

by the way is there any mail for me yes

there is a letter here from New York

lesson 39 check out

John is checking out of a hotel desk

clerk good morning good morning this is

John Smith in room 123 I'm getting ready

to leave would you send a bellhop for my

bags please yes sir right away at the

front desk can I help you sir yes I'm

checking out can I have your key and

room number please room 123 here's my

key here's your bill sir could you

please check it it looks all right

do you accept traveler's checks most

certainly sir

here you are

lesson 40 confirming airline


John is calling to confirm his

reservation for his flight to Paris


eastward Airlines how can I help you

hello I wish to confirm our reservation

okay may I have your name please John

Smith I beg your pardon sir John Smith

ah which flight are you booked on we

have reservations for flight number 109

leaving tomorrow morning at 9:15 for

Paris how many are there in your party

please to my wife and I hold on a second

please the operator checks the


right sir you are booked and confirmed

on flight 109 to Paris tomorrow

lesson 41 flight check-in

John is at the airport check-in counter

checking in is this where I check in for

fight number 109 yes this is it

would you like to check in now yes of


here are our tickets and passports do

you have a seating preference near a

window please would you like the smoking

or non-smoking section we don't smoke do

you have any luggage that you'd like to

check at this time just two please right

here any carry-on luggage yes this bag

alright here are your boarding passes

have a pleasant flight

lesson 42 boarding

John and his wife Mary are boarding

their flight good morning welcome aboard

this way please thank you miss will you

direct us to our steep please certainly

may I see your boarding passes please

sure here they are thank you your seats

are in the middle of the cabin

follow me please the fine attendant

leads John and Mary to their seats here

you are thank you miss how long is the

flight it's about five hours can you

tell me what time will arrive sure let

me see hmm 7:25 p.m. is that Paris time


7:25 in the evening

lesson 43 customs

John is going through customs may I see

your passport please yes here it is

do you have anything to declare no I

don't you have any cigarettes or liquor

yes I have one carton of cigarettes and

a bottle of whisky don't you have any

gifts or valuable articles I have two

cameras uh-huh what's their value one is

worth about $400 and the other about


are they gifts well this one is a gift

and the other one is for my own use I

see thank you good day

lesson 44 taxi John hell's a taxi to go

to the train station hey taxi where -

sir can you give me to the railway

station quick hop in could you put my

luggage in the trunk please

sure in the taxi driver can you drive

faster I'm afraid I might miss my train

I'm sorry there's just too much traffic

I think I'm going to miss the train

when is your train leave in about half

an hour don't worry we can take a road

where there's no traffic great

lesson 45 traffic jam

well John is on his way to the train

station his taxi gets stuck in a traffic

jam oh we're stuck in a traffic jam the

traffic is always heavy at this time of

day this is just great

is there any way we can get out of here

I'm afraid there's nothing we can do but

wait oh it's hopeless I'm sure I'll miss

my train

wait a minute we can turn at the next


I know another road we can take terrific

is the traffic lighter there yeah it's

the quiet road but we'll go through a

toll booth that'll cost you a little

extra so it's a shortcut

yeah it really doesn't matter as long as

I can catch the train at the railway

station here you are sir

you still got seven minutes to spare

17:50 please John is paying the taxi

driver thank you keep the change

lesson 46 train

John is at the train station ticket

counter buying a ticket to New York when

is the next train to New York the next

train leaves

at 7:55 that's about two hours from now

there isn't anything before then there's

a local train that leaves at 7:03 but

that gets into New York later than a 755

what time is the 755 do in New York that

train gets there at 9 o'clock on the

button well I guess I'll have to wait

let me have a ticket for the 755 please

one-way or roundtrip one-way first-class


here you are which platform will my

train be at platform for just follow the

blue arrows

lesson 47 bus

John is asking a passerby how to get to

the Metropolitan Museum of Art by bus

does this bus go to the Metropolitan

Museum of Art the man no it doesn't

which bus will take me there you need to

take the number 10 where can I catch it

right here at this stop do you happen to

know how often a number 10 comes by

about every 10 or 15 minutes most of the

buses I've seen have been pretty crowded

how about the number 10 yes I'm afraid

it will be too it's rush hour now thank

you anyway

lesson 48 asking for a directions

John is lost in a strange city and asked

a police officer for directions back to

his hotel

excuse me officer I'm a stranger here

and I'm lost where do you want to go I

want to get back to my hotel the Hilton

Hotel well your trouble is that you're

walking in the opposite direction of the

hotel oh no wonder could you please

point me in the right direction with

pleasure walk down this road take the

first left then walk four blocks and

you'll find the hotel about how long

will it take me to walk there about half

an hour is there a bus I can take to get

there actually you can take the subway

and get off at 60th Street where can I

get the subway just across the street

see yes I see it thank you

lesson 49 car rental

John is talking to

agent at a car rental agency about

renting a car I'd like to rent a car

please what kind of car would you like a

compact or a sedan

I'd like a compact here's our inventory

of cars I like this one the Toyota

sprinter all right how long will you

need it about a week

what's the rate $26.90 a day with

unlimited mileage does that include

insurance yes it does may I see your

driver's license please sure I have an

international driver's license and this

is my credit card good now please fill

out this form and you'll be on your way

lesson 50 gas station

John is getting his car filled up at a

gas station what kind of gas do you want

I don't really know this is a rental car

and it's the first time I've gotten gas

for it we have regular super and premium

this is a new car so I'd recommend the

premium thanks please fill it up alright

sir do you want your windshield cleaned

yes thanks why read it can you check the

water oil and tires too no problem do

you have a toilet yes sir right over

there John comes back from the restroom

your cars ready

it needed some water but the tires oil

we're all right good how much does it

come to nine gallons of premium that's

fifteen thirty two please

lesson 51 parking

John is talking to a police officer

about where he can park his car excuse

me sir I'm afraid you can't leave your

car here I just want to pick up a

package upstairs it won't take long

I'm sorry sir parking is not allowed

here can I park here for just a second

you can but your car will be towed

immediately sir then can you tell me

where I can park I can't see any parking

lots around here drive ahead just a

couple of blocks you can park at that

corner a lot are you sure I can park

there I'm sure sir thank you very much

thanks for your cooperation sir

lesson 52 taking a cruise

Mary and her husband John are on a

cruise this cruise is so exciting and

relaxing all at the same time I feel

like we're honeymooners cruising out

here on the Caribbean yes oh the cayman

island yesterday were heaven right to

walk on the sea beaches as Christopher

Columbus Wow honey why don't we try that

French restaurant on the Upper Deck

tonight why not I'm going to try my luck

at the casino right now and I'm off to

get my tropical rain shower I want to

see the stage show live legends after

dinner oh I can't wait Elvis Presley

Michael Jackson Barbra Streisand Diana

Ross and we'll be docking at the New

Orleans port at 9:00 tomorrow morning

this is one adventure after the other

see you dear

take care

lesson 53 paying a bill John is talking

to a shoe store salesperson about buying

a pair of shoes may I see those shoes

please they're really a good buy here

you are

they aren't the latest style are they no

sir but that's why they're a bargain I

see these are top quality shoes alright

I'll take them can I give you a check

I'm sorry sir we do not accept personal

checks a credit card yes ok then charge

it to my card please all right sir

lesson fifty-four warranty Mary is at a

store returning her purchase because it

is defective hello ma'am

what can I do for you could I have a

refund on this is anything wrong with it

yes this part is defective I didn't

notice it when I bought it

oh I'm sorry about that may I see your

sales slip please yes here it is

the salesperson looks at the sales slip

I'm sorry ma'am your refund period

expired ten days ago

ah what difference does 10 days make

well even though you can't get a refund

on it I can let you exchange it for

another one or anything else

ah do you have exactly the same kind the

same color style and size let me see hmm

this one is the same style in size but

just the color is different oh it looks

like I have no choice can you order one

in this same color I can sure try hold

on just a minute

lesson 55 wrong number

Mary is calling David her friend but she

has the wrong number hello hello I'd

like to speak to David I'm sorry but

there's no one here by that name

isn't this the Smiths yes this is a

Smith what number are you calling

I was calling five five five two eight

nine three maybe my finger slipped and I

touched the wrong number no you called

the right number this is five five five

two eight nine three really but there's

no one named David here oh sorry to have

bothered you

I'll check the number again that's all

right bye-bye

lesson 56 talking on the phone

Mary is calling her friend Rose to chat

may I speak to Rose speaking oh hello


who's this this is Mary Oh Mary how are

you fine thank you

how have you been terrible what's wrong

I've got a bad cold I need to stay

indoors I'm so sorry to hear that Rose

have a good rest and I hope you feel

better soon

lesson 57 leaving a message

Nancy is calling her friend Lily but she

is out of town so Lily's mom Mary offers

to take a message hello may I speak to

Lily Smith please Lily is out of town

till Friday oh that's too bad

may I ask who's calling please this is

Nancy Wilson is there another number

where I can reach her I'm sorry Nancy

she's on a trip and there's no way to

contact her I really have to talk to her

mrs. Smith can I take a message

she might call here this evening yes

please tell her to call me right away

it's urgent

your number please

she knows my number all right Nancy I'll

let her know

lesson 58 collect call

Mary is placing a collect call to her

niece Sally

operator may I help you hello I'd like

to make a collect call to New York

station to station or person-to-person

person-to-person okay who are you


Sally black her number is seven one

eight five five five four eight thirty

seven what's your name please Mary Smith

I'm her niece all right hold the line

please the operator makes the call I

have a collect call for Sally black from

Mary Smith will you accept the charges

yes this is Sally black I'll accept the

charges go ahead please

lesson 59 seeing the doctor

Mary is at the doctor's office because

she has a stomachache what seems to be

the problem

I have a terrible stomach ache how long

have you been like this

since Saturday night any other symptoms

yes I also feel dizzy can you think of

anything you ate for dinner Saturday

that might have caused it ah

all I can think of is the fish we had it

didn't taste quite right that might be

it get this prescription filled at the


take one tablet right away and you

should be feeling better soon thank you

doctor I also suggest that you follow a

special diet what's that you should

stick to eating lighter foods

lesson 60 drugstore

John is at the drugstore having a

prescription filled can I help you yes

I'd like to have this prescription

filled it'll take just a few minutes sir

is there anything else yes I'd like some

toothpaste what brand

Colgate please the toothpaste is in that

aisle there thanks so much

a few minutes later here's your

prescription thank you be sure to follow

the directions take one tablet three

times a day

I understand one tablet three times a

day that's right bye now

lesson 61 opening an account

John is at the bank opening an account

can help us with something yes I would

like to open an account with your bank

do you want to check into our savings

account actually I want both please fill

out these forms first John fills out the


here you are may I see your ID please

here you are please sign on both

signature cards do I have to make a

minimum deposit in order to open an

account yes for a checking account the

minimum is $500 for a savings account it

depends on the type of account you wish

to open

lesson 62 making a withdrawal

Mary is at the bank making a withdrawal

I'd like to make a withdrawal how much

would you like could you first check the

balance left in my checking account

please I'll write it down for you

the clerk hands the slip to Mary ooh

okay hmm in that case I'll just take out

$800 please fill out this withdrawal

slip Mary fills out the slip here you


may I see your ID please oh sure how

would you like your money could I have

500 250 s and the rest in twenties

please certainly here you are

lesson 63 post office

Mary is at the post office mailing a

letter to New York I'd like to send this

letter to New York

airmail or surface mail do you happen to

know the airmail rate to New York I can

easily look it up

it's 32 cents for the first ounce and 26

cents for each additional ounce huh how

long does it take for a letter to get

there by airmail normally it takes three

or four days okay

airmail please and I'd like to register

it too please would you like to insure

it too no there's only a cheque in the

photograph what's the postage on it then

that'll be a dollar and 83 cents

okay here you are and here's a receipt

lesson 64 barbershop

John is at the barbers getting a haircut

good afternoon sir good afternoon I'd

like a haircut please have a seat here

how would you like it cut cut it short

on the back with just a trim on top and

a part to the left would you like a

shampoo will it take long around 30

minutes that'll be all right

go ahead after 30 minutes how does it

look sir fine but could you trim a

little more off the sides

sure no problem I'd like my hair to be

just right

sure I understand

lesson 65 beauty salon

Mary is at the beauty salon getting a

perm good afternoon ma'am good afternoon

I made an appointment for a permit at

four o'clock

oh yes please sit down thank you

what kind of permanent would you like to


what kinds do you have oh we have quite

a variety regular cold perm straight

perm and foam well today I'll try a foam

perm all right please come and have a

seat here

could you please set the wave a little

looser than usual not a problem ma'am

The Description of American English Lessons on Dressing Eating Living Travelling