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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Si tu écrases le noyau d avocat et l'utilise de cette façon tu seras surpris

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what can the avocado pit be used for

avocado is a delicious fruit and nourishing excellent for health and

its nucleus is also consumable and most of the time we throw it away

because it has more properties medicinal than the rest of the fruit

we can also apply it topically to

treat skin problems as well as muscle and joint pain

we will tell you how you can use the avocado pit so

to make the most of it as many natural treatment

diseases and among other things for losing weight

why the nucleus the avocado is a very complete excellent food and we

recommend that you consume it from usual way

we also present to you all benefits brought by its nucleus because 70%

amino acids in this fruit is precisely in the nucleus there

also contains more soluble fiber than any other food

benefits of avocado kernel here's a list of benefits that the

consumption of avocado kernel this is a antioxidant it prevents the

cell aging it prevents diseases

cardiovascular thanks to its content

amino acids he

is ideal for lowering the rate cholesterol and triglycerides and

to prevent heart disease it helps strengthen the defenses

immune and disease fighting caused by fungal microbes

or parasites they help to lose weight and to burn fat

the logic of nature provided the burning avocado core of elements

the fats contained in the pulp of the fruit

moreover it contains soluble fibers which improves intestinal transit and

gives us a feeling of satiation it is an ideal astringent to treat

diarrhea inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract

it has aphrodisiac properties for boost libido

it is a good conditioner during fatigue and exhaustion

it relieves joint pain and muscle when applied by

topically it inhibits development tumors thanks to its content

flavonoids it prevents the symptoms of epilepsy

it quickly eliminates pimples and boils that may have

appear when we applied it on the skin because it makes them ripen and dry

then it regulates the disorders of the thyroid

it has a rejuvenating effect on the skin that we apply directly to this one

or that we consume it because it promotes collagen formation this is a

good food supplement to treat asthma naturally

how should we consume the kernel of the avocado tastes bitter and astringent in

because of its medicinal properties in order to consume it remove the thin skin

brown covering it remember optionally grill it at

small fire so it will take a tone reddish with this nucleus thus prepared

you can prepare an infusion by boil 10 minutes then leave

rest 5 minutes and consume there all throughout the day

use it as an accompaniment to soup salads stews dishes

rice or pasta and will be done if you heat enough you can

then grind it in a coffee grinder and keep it ground careful the

excessive consumption of nuclei of avocados can cause

constipation due to its content tannins how to apply it by way

topical to use the kernel for the skin proceed as follows

grind the core and mix it with alcohol leaving me squeezed the

preparation lasting at least a week use this alcohol to make

massages and friction for example if you suffer from pain

joint or muscle if you suffer from migraine headache

you gently the tents and cervical

with the powder obtained from the nucleus you can prepare plasters that

you will apply on the buttons and on boils so it will dry out

quickly mix the powder a little hot water in order to obtain a paste that

you will place between two pieces of gas apply them on the skin for 5 to 10

minutes until this dough dry repeat the operation every day

until you observe a improvement to make your shine

hair and to remove dandruff

grate the kernel but you will use it raw so his grilled washhouse mix it

castor oil and let macerate for a day then rubbed

the scalp with this preparation cover your head with a towel or

a transparent film leave it on for an hour then had it well

your hair this treatment is not recommended if you have hair

very bold you can also use the kernel powder directly for

exfoliate to tone the skin like anecdote know that the avocado cores

ground and mixed with cheese and flour is not used as poison for


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