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Disney 3-6-5

Hey everyone, with all the info of all things Disney

365 days a year, I'm Regina.

in the middle of Iowa where everyone in Mrs. Schnedler's

6th grade class and the rest of the school.

is about to find out that they just won

Disney's Planet Challenge!

Mrs. Schnedler, students, you guys are the Grand

Prize Winners of the 2010 Disney Planet Challenge!

(Crowd Cheers) Disney's Planet Challenge is a nationwide competiton.

Where 4th, 5th and 6th graders get to team up and help create

projects about helping the environment!

These 6th grader's winning project was called Operation Save the Quails!

Why is operation Save the Quail so important?

Because the quail in our area are suffering and they don't have any habitat.

so we tried to rebuild the habitat and make it strong and healthy.

Most of Iowa used to be prairie where the quail live and now

basically none of it is prairie.

And you're probably wondering what they won. How about

a grand prize three day trip to

Disneyland Resort in California!

Where they get to meet Jason Dolly from Good Luck Charlie

and Chelsey Staub from Jonas L.A.

Hey you guys!

Mrs. Julie Schnedler and her grand prize winning 6th grade class.

(Crowd Cheers) Congratulations!

Okay, so how do you guys think this Disney's Planet Challenge classroom

can inspire everyone participating in Disney's friends for change?

I think this is really amazing that these kids really took the inititave

and got this project together.

How can one class make a difference?

I think this is the perfect example of the one class that can make a difference.

These are just kids that had the passion and the drive

to make a change for their environment and I think

this sends a great message across America.

So, for all you guys out there who want to make a difference and find

ways to help the planet, everyday, you can join us at

and to find out more about how to get your class involved go to

I'm Regina, I'm Chelsea and I'm Jason and this is

Disney 3-6-5 See Ya! (Crowd Cheers)

Disney 3-6-5!

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