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Make haste

Find Nozdormu

Stop the dragons

I know what it is you saw, and I know where you need to go

What about the others? - We do not have time to gather others, we go alone

What is your name? I never managed to catch that

My name is irrelevant, the important thing is what I do, and I'm helping you

I guess that's true, but what people call you? - People call me a warlock

Well yeah.. ok. Do you know what we are supposed to do? - We will find the Caverns of Time and consult with Nozdormu

Nozdormu? - The Timeless One, controls the realm of time and space...

Unfortunately his descendants who are pursuing us have the same skills

That's impossible to stop - Nearly, but everything is possible Robin.

In this world you have not yet seen the possibilities what a man can possess

Have you met those possibilities? - Some, that's why I became this

What if Nozdormu doesn't want to meet us? - Then we deal with the dragons the hard way

Robin, do not utter any word while we are in

Those who wish to proceed forward must disarm themselves from any harm

Timeless One, be ensured I carry no harm to the Bronze Dragonflight

And... this boy? - He is hardly any danger to your superiority

Very well

What brings you to our domain? - We are carrying an important task, we ask for your blessing to complete it in safety

If the danger comes from our race, then there must be a great reason to do so. Explain me the task

The Scepter of the Shifting Sands has been uncovered - And you wish us to keep it safe?

No we're going to open the gates - Robin!

Such puny creature wishes to unleash unstoppable rage on this world? - This is not what he meant

It matters not what you have to say, we know what is going to happen if we do not act

We ask your allegiance to defeat the evil beyond the gates and rid this world from chaos

Even your request sounds suggestive, and perhaps it is the right thing to do, but such a risk must not be taken

We are not the only ones who want to end the war, we have Staghelm

Staghelm is foolish and self ambitious, breaking our alliance was his mistake

But the bond can be rebuilt!

Tell me your name, little one - My name is Robin Shields, from Stormwind

Robin Shields, the bronze dragonflight will be honored to fight along the wielder of the Scepter once more

As it may be our last service for the mankind and all dragons, the responsibility lies within all of us

Nozdormu, great one. It is an honor to meet you

The honor is all mine, though I do not know either of you, you have a great part to play in the coming events..

My brethren will ensure you both a safe and successful journey

There is one other request we need to ask you - The pursuer..

Anachronos is after the Scepter and he has gathered 3 other descendants of the flights with him.

They will attack us at dawn

Do not be worried, the message will be sent.

The guardians of the Scepter are not to be harmed, and must be defended with our lives.

I cannot express any more gratitude

If your journey becomes a success... it is more than enough, my friends. More than enough

We need to hurry! - Zaladormu, take Robin and go, I'll follow you

Hold on little one

What is the meaning of this?!

Stand down Anachronos! The keepers of the Scepter shall not be harmed! - What?

Nozdormu has blessed these warriors, they have been given permission to finish their task

But the Scepter will destroy the world, we cannot let that happen!

And we will not. We will fight at their side once more - Brother..

Anachronos, the word of Nozdormu is the law. Honor his will as a good and loyal son

- Ofcourse, release the time. I will tell the others

The fight is over! Do not lay waste!

And I was hoping I could try my new hotshot.. - How about ice cold blizzard?

You two never stop

The Scepter keeper has been blessed by the Timeless One, obey the command, join them

to achieve whatever they decide - A pleasure to serve you Robin

What's up? - Caelestrasz.. don't


Thank you all for helping me

It is my time to return to the Cavern, fellow flights. I am glad we have reached this decision

Tell my father the best, that his son will follow his will till time's end - I shall. Now fare thee well

Well Robin, let us meet your friends, shall we?

Shields right? - Yes Robin Shields

That's a stupid name - Yours is impossible to spell, Caelestrasz

I so hate Gadgetzan

Come one, come all! See the magnificent propeller powered flight control machine! Fits for beginners to pros! Don't listen to that fool! See the empowered

fuel injected turbocharged air fighter Death...jet! That hunk of junk wouldn't even fly before

it breaks apart My airplane would liftoff so fast your little

Timmy's propeller would only bite my dust! Mine is nature conserving while yours releases

so much pollution, it would destroy all plant life in the galaxy!

What kind of plants grow in the sky? The plants in the ground, because of GRAVITY

AFFECTS GASES TOO you idiot! You just can't shut up, can you?


You don't even remember what name you gave to your junk?

It doesn't NEED a name because it's so fast Mine needs a name because people will remember

it forever as the greatest and safest flying machine EVER!

Mine will be remembered as the fastest and the greatest creation in the goblin aviation

history! Only because every previous creation EXPLODED

before they got into the air!! Your rusty scrap metal wouldn't get over a

hill because it's so sucky!

That piece of garbage would probably dig in the sand!

- Yours wouldn't even start because the lack of POWER!

Yours would crash to the ground from a mere breeze!

- At least mine would go faster than the breeze Atleast mine is so stable controlled that

it won't break even if you tried! At least mine would..

See?! I don't need your petty silencers, goblin creation for the win!

At least... *cough* we invented bulletproof vests..

What the f..?! I'm on your side!

- Non-contested territory!

Hey Brass - Robin.. hi..

By Elune.. - The priestess of Darnassus itself

Pleasure - We have came to honor the alliance of dragons

and mortals

These are grand news, great lords. You are about to join us in Silithus is this correct?

We will fly there to meet the Cenarion Circle, we will wait for you there

Wouldn't it be a good idea to escort us? - I knew these mortals are too weak to even

think of getting to Silithus Do not fear, Robin Shields. The wing of Ysera

will protect you on your way Then it is decided, the rest of us will reinforce

the forces of Cenarion Circle, Merithra will escort you through Un'goro

This is what I prefer, no more hinders in our way

- Not all battles are solved with violence Caelestrasz,

Cunning, and wisdom... something you will never have

- Yeah though we do keep Neltharion under control, don't we?

You truly want to compare eachother? You wouldn't last long without magic

We breathe the fires of life, creation and destruction at the same time. We are everything

You two are nothing if you choose to be apart, life is not about individuals, magic is not

made by one and time affects us all. Learn from your elders and perhaps you would

see the world differently as the Creators have

Erhh.. smart words from a dragon What a pleasant surprise

Brass.. Brass!

Robin.. I'm in a middle of someth...

We depart now, you should gather your forces and leave as soon as possible. Do not let

the Qiraji enforce themselves any further Till we meet again

- For later, and thank you once again

Heeee... heeere - We should be going

Finish this awful quest Can we walk a bit slower than normal?

- What do you mean? And let her lead the way!

- Eww Brass you're impossible Ey keep it down lad ok?

I will find Fandral - I'll come with you

I'll guard the luggage! ... if we had some Fandral Staghelm? Would be an honor to meet

him - On a second thought I'll join ya too!

What do you mean? Ysera has multiple times mentioned about the

druids of the wild, in their deep sleep they enter the Dream to help against the shadow

that engulfs half of what used to be green.. now it is death that haunts there

It is horrid to receive this Simply terrible! I wish I could go there myself

and drive the shadow away but... - Or you're trying to impress her

Bhah nonsense, I don''t need to impress anyone.. that is not worthy of it of course

Der it be mon - You don't stand a chance

Mon, be sure you have already lost what you have left

- I came this fa to not lose!

See mon?! You lose! - You cheated

You may be da best druid in Azeroth, but yoo are the worst in dices! Hahaha!

Fine take it - Waiii... tank yoo

We are leaving - We be ready when yoo are

What you guys... guys! Gambling without Brass?! - Ehh maybe it was for the best

Merithra the Dreamer - Fandral Staghelm, it is an honor

How goes the Dream? - We are still fighting, but holding fortunately,

thank the druids and Malfurion And how is.. Malfurion?

He is well, and he will return soon to this world. He talks much about you Tyrande

Robin! When we are in Stormwind you owe me a gambling night, ok?

Ok ok.. don't get too excited, we don't even know will we return

Of course we will return, the sooner, the better so let's go!

Great tings be happening dwarf Brazz! Great tings

- You really believe so? No, da spirits be flying around yoo now, means

the mark of death! Yoo so easy to fool mon

- Let's leave him here, ok?

Shiromar.. - What?

No! - The Scepter!!

You fool should get a hold of yourself and not wandering aimlessly like a damn ghoul!

Do not judge Robin for what happened, he is not to blame

And what if we would've lost the Scepter to the enemy now? They would attack and spread

all around Azeroth before we could stop them! I won't trust the Scepter with him

It is not yours to decide who bears the Scepter - It should be me!

It was I who destroyed it AND reforged it! It truly belongs to me.

You reforged the Scepter? - How could you do this Fandral?

I needed to enter the fortress to avenge my lost son... and I had the opportunity till

one of YOU found the Scepter! Have you lost your mind?!

- What else I could've done?! The Scepter is the only way into Ahn Qiraj! Rajaxx is

there, my son is there Your son did not make it Fandral... don't

you remember? - Da sorrow has clouded his mind, the pain

be unbearable. We cannot imagine dis Silence Zul'ajik! You are as guilty as anyone


What are you sayin'? - Robin... give me the Scepter

Don't do it Robin.. - Robin, give it to me!

Don't listen to what he says lad! - You insolent dwarf!

Enough, Fandral! The blind hatred of yours has made you reckless, you don't care about

your son, you only care about your revenge! What else is there than revenge?! Rajaxx deserves

to die.. and my son will be free Your son will be kept in your mental prison

as long as you keep him there! Release this thought to set him free, otherwise you only

consume him to empower your lust for vengeance!

Merithra, do something! - I am here to keep you safe from the enemy...

not from one another

You are a madman, Fandral. Me trolls will not fight side by side with a madman...

I can do this alone without your petty help, you have hindered my war once, best not to

do it again or YOU will be the one to die

May your god keep you safe, because no one else would

- Chief! It be over Robin, stay with Fandral, we go

back - We cannot fight this war without you

That be true, but I will not let my warriors die in vain because of Fandral

- We can leave Fandral No mon.. no druid, no Cenarion will fight

on your side if he not be der.. no, you need him

Fandral! I can smell you and your ransack from miles away!

Zerran... I came to collect what is for Rajaxx!

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