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[awesome music] Regulus black is an unsung hero in the Harry Potter series

He was only briefly mentioned in the films, but there's a lot more to his story. in this video

I'm going to explain the life of Regulus Black

[Regulus Black Origins]

Regulus black was born into the pureblood Black family. his mother Walburga and his father Orion had two sons,

Regulus and his older brother Sirius.

Regulus was described to have many of the same traits as his brother Sirius, such as dark hair a haughty look, though is smaller... and

Less handsome than his brother

He was described by serious as a much better son than he was. their parents thought that Voldemort had the right idea when he was

Rising to power, they were all for the purification of the Wizarding race getting rid of muggle-borns and having pure Bloods in charge.

Unlike Sirius who tried to distance himself from his family, Regulus fully embraced his ancestry and that showed in how his room was decorated

He had the Black family crest above his bed

And the Slytherin colors were draping the bed, walls and windows

Regulus had a good relationship with the family house-elf Kreacher and was always very kind to him, in return Kreacher was very loyal to Regulus.

as a young boy

Regulus was a big fan of Voldemort, and would make

Collages of cutout newspaper articles that had to deal with the Dark Lord. when Regulus went to Hogwarts he was sorted into Slytherin and eventually

Played for his house Quidditch team a seeker.

He was part of Horace Slughorn's elite slug Club: a club that only the top students and top people in society get invited to.

Regulus's older brother Sirius ran away from home and was disowned from their family.

He rarely if ever saw his brother after that, they marked off Sirius's name on the family tree. this sent a very clear message


Regulus, that anyone who

Disagreed with the family's beliefs and pure blood mania would be disowned.these events might have caused Regulus to go down certain paths in his

Future. when he was 16 he joined Voldemort's cause and became a Death Eater, Sirius said that their parents thought

Regulus was a right little hero for joining up. at first Regulus was faithful to the Dark Lord for a while

but eventually

He got cold feet and didn't want to do Voldemort's bidding any longer. the story that most people knew was that he was a coward

Who tried to turn his back on Voldemort and went into hiding. Remus Lupin said

Regulus only managed a few days, talking about how long he lasted after he tried to walk away from his life as a Death Eater.

Even Regulus his own brother thought that he was a coward who ran away.

He was murdered by Voldemort or on Voldemort's orders more likely. I doubt Regulus was ever important enough to be killed by voldemort

in person he got in so far. then panicked about what he was being asked to do, and tried to back out

You don't just hand in your resignation to Voldemort

It's a lifetime of service or death. this however was not true,

Regulus was not a coward, he did not run away or go into hiding. he heroically and brilliantly was the first to discover

Voldemort's ultimate secret, the secret that he had split his soul to make a Horcrux!

Regulus of course did not know how many he had actually made, presumed

It was only the one. one day Voldemort needed a house elf, and Regulus volunteered Kreacher for the job.

Voldemort took creature to a cave next to the sea, and forced creature to test the obstacles he had made to protect

Slytherin's locket which he had turned into a Horcrux.

They enter the cave and he made creature cut his hand because you had to supply blood to get through the first obstacle. so that

It would weaken you from the start. after that first obstacle, they entered deeper into the cave

and they saw a huge black lake with an island in the middle of it. Voldemort then pulled a boat out of the water, and

the two floated to the islands on the island was a basin filled with poison, and

Voldemort forced creature to drink it all.

Kreacher was in a huge amount of pain and saw terrible things he begged for

Regulus to save him. and Voldemort looked down at the pathetic elf and laughed "HAHAHA

When creature had gotten to the end of the poison, the locket was sitting in the basin, Voldemort


Refilled it with a new draft of poison and left Kreacher alone in the cave as he took the boat back across the water. Kreacher

Who was desperate to get the pain of the poison to go away drank from the black lake and as he reached down

Hands flew out of the water infrai came out and pulled creature under. when it seemed like he had no hope

Regulus called Kreacher back to him and Kreacher escaped when he

disapperated out of the cave

This was something a normal witch a wizard cannot do but because elf magic was different, Kreacher was able to disapperate while inside the cave.

Voldemort had overlooked this fact because he saw house elfs so far beneath him.

And it would never occur to him that something as low as a house elf could have magic that he didn't when creature returned to

The house Regulus ordered Kreacher to stay hidden and stay inside. he then went out

He got an exact replica of slytherins locket that was in the cave

Regulus then put a letter

Inside of it the read to the Dark Lord I know I will be dead long before you read this,

But I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret

I have stolen the

Real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can I face death in the hope that when you meet your match you

Will be mortal once again. R.A.B

a little after that he went back to the house, and creature said he was strange not as he usually was.

disturbed in his mind

He asked Kreacher to take him to the cave and Kreacher obeyed. Kreacher of course knew how to get through each

obstacle and told Regulus what to do he first cut his hand then summoned the boat and the two reached the islands.

before regulars drank the poison

He pulled out the fake locket and gave Kreacher specific directions.

Which was after he finished the poison to switch the fake locket with the real one, and when he had done so

leave without him and never tell his mother what he had done, and

Finally he told Kreacher to destroy the locket. Regulus drank the poison and was in agony as he saw terrible things Kreacher watched crying

as his master was dragged beneath the water.

Kreacher disapperated and returned home. Just as he was ordered. Regulus

His mother was hysterical that Regulus had gone missing,

But Kreacher was forbidden to tell her what had happened because of Regulus's order to the house-elf.

Kreacher tried to destroy the locket, but he could not figure it out.

He would spend the rest of his life punishing himself because he wasn't able to complete his master's last orders. many years later

Harry and Dumbledore went to the same cave and retrieved the fake locket. harry eventually

Realized that Rab was Sirius's brother and Kreacher told him

Ron and Hermoine the real story the story that made his master look like a brave hero instead of a scared coward.

Regulus had kept all of this a secret because he was trying to protect his family a very noble act.

Kreacher and Regulus his family were all safer if they kept the old pure bloodline.

Regulus was trying to protect them all, after Kreacher had told him the story Harry said we want to finish the work

Master Regulus started we want to ensure that he didn't die in vain.

how he gave Kreacher the fake locket that he had retrieved in the cave. kreacher

I'd like you to have this this belonged to Regulus

And I'm sure he'd want you to have it as a token of gratitude. Kreacher wore that locket around his neck from then on.

Harry Ron and Hermione eventually found the Horcrux and destroyed it. fulfilling the mission that Regulus had died for

Once the locket was destroyed something changed in Kreacher. it might have been because the locket had been put to an end

Freeing Kreacher from his master's final order. during the Battle of Hogwarts Kreacher who worked in the Hogwarts kitchens

Led the house elves into battle proudly wearing Regulus's locket on his chest fight! fight! fight!

For my master, defender of the house elves fight the Dark Lord in the name of brave Regulus. fight!

Although regular started his life on a dark path he died doing his selfless act to protect his family and the entire Wizarding World.

He knew he would die looking like a coward when in fact he died an unsung and unknown hero.


The Description of The Story of Regulus Black Explained (+Kreacher's Tale)