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eggplant tofu kids a chance to Dora cuz

tofu you know hi guys welcome back to my

channel I'm Maggie today we're going to

talk about how to order at Panda Express

I don't know about you but Panda Express

is what got me through my grad school

I've always liked Panda Express but I do

remember throughout the two years that I

was in school I didn't really know how

to order it or didn't really know how to

order it like an American so that's what

we're doing today and if you're

interested keep watching first let's

talk about the type of food available at

Panda we have entrees which are your

main dishes so this word it looks like

ountry but it's entree even in fancier

restaurant the waiter will ask you what

would you like for your entree what

would you like for your entree we have

sight dishes which are the child names

fried rice white rice or just greens in

Panda Express size kind of mean your

carb or if you want to opt into a

healthier option you can choose greens

full we'll go into that later

next you have appetizers appetizers like

a gross and then you have desserts for

Panda is definitely fortune cookies

I love Panda Express fortune cookies I

think it's different than other Chinese

restaurants because for some reason it

always makes sense that is just really

creepy but I love their fortune cookies

fortune cookies now let's talk about how

to order a Panda Express first way you

can have a bowl I'll have a bowl please

a bubble means you're only getting one

entree and one side I've never gotten

that because I always want it to entrees

so you can get a bowl that means one

entree and yes one side next is the most

popular option is a play a play that

means two entrees and one side but with

this one side you can have two different

size so basically to entrees one side

and then you can have a bigger

play a bigger plate means three entrees

so depends on what you like you can say

I like a bowl please can I have a bowl

please I like a bowl please

can I have a plate please can I have a

bigger plate please can I have a plate

please at this time the waiter will

probably ask you what would you like for

your size

what would you like for your size you

can answer I'll have half chow mein half

right rice please this is the most

popular option is the half-and-half

or a combo have chow mein half fried

rice or half chow mein half veggies or

you can go with a healthier choice you

can say I'll just have vegetables

I'll just have veggies I'll just have

some vegetables or I'll just have some

greens and now move on to your entree

what would you like for your entrees

today well we're gonna go through all

their entrees pronunciation - it's gonna

be blood now it's making my mouth

watering because now I really want Panda

Express I love their orange chicken

orange chicken orange chicken and

remember a plate came with two entrees

so you can do double or chicken it I'll

just have double or in chicken because

sometimes that's pretty much all I want

because it's like the best dish from pan

Express double or a chicken and they

just came out with the C Tron hot

chicken search one hot chicken you can

say which one hot chicken but I think

sometimes in the English context it's

better to do it that way I don't know

let me know what you think see CH one

hot chicken next one string beans

chicken breast I really like this one as

well this is another one of my favorite

string bean chicken breasts yeah just

your thoughts you know next one sweet

fire chicken breast I've never had this

one I don't know how it tastes let me

know when they come and down below if

you like this one sweet fire chicken

breast next one a comb pouch again

nothing special about that kung pao

chicken call pao chicken mushroom

chicken mushroom chicken and then black

pepper chicken black pepper chicken next

one is another one of their most famous

dish and it's their grill teriyaki

chicken grilled teriyaki chicken chow

sheltie if you order this one make sure

you ask for extra teriyaki sauce can I

get extra teriyaki sauce on the side or

just say can I get extra teriyaki sauce

extra teriyaki sauce next one a broccoli

beef you can also call it beef and

broccoli beef and broccoli or broccoli

beef next one shanghai angus steak

shanghai angus steak i don't know about

this one I've never tried this one again

if you try let me know in the comment

down below Shanghai Angus beef next one

they D be Beijing fees when next one is

really good one of my favorite - honey

walnut shrimp honey walnut shrimp this

one's really really good you guys should

totally go try it out if you have it

honey walnut shrimp and last but not

least a vegetarian option eggplant tofu

egg plant tofu eggplant tofu kids of

truth are chips

tuturro coz tofu you know kids though

ate plant tofu so there you go that's

older is it's not that hard is it but I

remember when I first came here I really

didn't know what entrees and size means

because in my mind I think rise it

should be the entree I had the hardest

time so I decided to make this video for

you guys but anyways I hope this video

is helpful and I love you guys thank you

for watching I will see you in my next

video bye






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