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Hello! PPC. Thank you for watching.

Everyone! I let you wait.

Earlier, sanhui doll arrived. Open it and review it today.

In addition, three heads this time. Ordered

Two popular heads. One head of the latest product.

Start reviewing without saying any details.

We regularly deliver videos. Thank you for subscribing!

This time we will open!

Today we open sanhui doll. It's just a good opportunity, so she came!

Have a nice day! This is MAYU. How is everyone?

It looks like my sisters have arrived today.

I can help you with opening videos. Thank you!

I had MAYU come today. Sanhui doll of 2020 and sanhui doll of 2019. What has changed? I want to make a comparison.

I hope you'll associate to the end!

Let's move on to opening. here you go!

PPC brought the box. It is a pretty big box.

I'm 156cm, but it's about the same size.

If its this big, its going to cause back painGood luck to the delivery staff!

Oh ... I finally beat the box. That's really exhausting.

When creating videos, opening videos is the most tiring.

I'm tired, but I'll open it from here.



I found the instruction manual.

It was a full English manual. I don't know. XD

Kindly, the indirect range of motion is written.

Large amount of packing materials!

Messy and bulky packaging materials are a common purchase from any manufacturer.

Of course there is a manufacturer who packs it neatly?

There were three heads. Open it later.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 wigs!

There were 5 wigs in all.

It is underwear.

The biggest, this is the "body".

Boobs are big!

My favorite softness and comfortable massage

Take it all out and look at the accessories.

Sorry I made you wait.

First, the instruction manual. And underwear. Open.

5 types of wigs.

If you buy from OLDOLL (store), 4 kinds of wigs are included.

This time, I think that one that was provided by the manufacturer was added to make five types.

Let's look at the head.

# 22 head. It is a beautiful model made of silicon. The feel is soft.

Of course, there is no "tear" in the mouth. Is beautiful. What makes it beautiful is that it is good at sanhui dolls.

Silicon teeth. And the tongue is also reproduced. Inside is hollow. There are irregularities in the back, and oral play is also possible.

# 22 head is cute! MAYU is # 23. Both are cute. I think its wonderful.

Then attach it to the body. In today's video, the other heads will not open. Please enjoy the next time.

I noticed earlier. What is different from MAYU (2019).

Nothing changes! Everything was the same. Leg joints are hard!

I was tired until I reached this state, but I attached the head. I tried wearing a wig and clothes!

Are you worried? Let me show you!

When assembled, it's big ... Wow! Look at me!

How? I stood side by side.

# 22 # 23, I noticed a very different head!

There is a difference in the head, but a bigger difference.

Awesome! Bigger than me!

I'm 170cm but I feel bigger. It looks like 172cm because I wear shoes.

Do not rub!

Let's look at the details.

Height is 168cm. Tall but weighs 33kg. It's very light!

I will answer after handling it, but I am not tired at all. It's really light. MZR DOLL (44kg) opened in the previous video is much more tired.

Last time, my whole body was worried about muscle pain for about 2 days.

Anyway, this sister is light! never tired! Very lucky for those who like tall love dolls.

But there is a bad place. "Jointly hard joints" I want the manufacturer to improve only this part.

Size explanation

Shoulder width 36cm. Foot length 21cm. (While the shoes are 23cm, they are just right.)

Anus and vagina = 18.5cm

Here is a picture of the body of this doll!

how is it? I'm sorry for the hidden image, but it has beautiful proportions!

sanhui doll has beautiful body and head. I think its beautiful. No regrets about buying any head. "Sanhui great !?"

If you buy a love doll made of silicon, I strongly recommend two companies: sanhui doll or sino doll. No loss! Let's compare the differences between the heads.

This has a large MAYU (# 23) eye and a clear expression. It's cute!

However, it has changed slightly from its original form. My room has an oil fan heater. The heat changed the way my right eye opened a little, resulting in asymmetric eyes!

Love Dolls are not good at stove heat. The shape can easily change.

When the room gets cold after it is heated, it solidifies and changes shape. Silicon is difficult to handle.

However, human faces are asymmetric, so there is no problem.

# 22. The eyebrows are down and have a calm look.

Do you see your eyes narrow? Dazzling eyes. something like that.

Mayu (# 23) has round eyes?

Right? # 23 has narrow eyes, right?

And the eyebrows are horizontal here. MAYU is slightly diagonal

And as I said earlier, the sanuhui doll has hard joints! Even if you try to bend like this, you won't bend unless you put your strength!

Look? Isn't it hard?

Another! The joints of the fingers.

sanhui has a thick finger bone wire. It can be bent, but because it is a thick wire, it can be a bit tired to get it back straight.

Love dolls often have weak joints and are fragile, while sanhui has stiff joints throughout the body. I think it is a very durable manufacturer.

Anyway, 168cm is big ...

Really tall and long legs.

The face is even more cute. Is it really beautiful?

Of course, MAYU has not lost! # 22. # 23 Both are the best girlfriends XD

Lips look very soft. Ah! I have noticed now.

The makeup of the two lips is different!

MAYU has glossy lips. On the other hand, here is a color without gloss? I have a completely different makeup! I noticed.

The eyebrows look like humans, but they are painted. Just because it is written, the hair is not growing.

Looking close, my legs are long! Cool!

I love sanhui doll! One of the reasons for saying. The legs are long and thin. Because its beautiful.

Are you a weekly magazine actress?

22.23 Both are cute! I took a beautiful photo today because it's a good opportunity! If you are interested, please come to Twitter and Facebook!

The URL is written in the video description column. We'll be expecting you!

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That's it for today's video. We will review different heads next time, so stay tuned!

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