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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BEST COLORED LEGO FORT WINS!

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(blocks banging)

- This is getting complicated.

I'm panicking!

My heart's beating so fast, I don't think I'm gonna make it!

- Wait what?

How did that happen?

- In today's video,

we see who can make the best colored fort.

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- [All] Hi friends!

- [Taylor] Welcome back to

- [Payton] Just

- [Jordan] 4

- [Taylor] Girls

- [Payton] And we are the

- [All] Soty Sisters

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- Today's video, we're gonna see who can make

the best colored fort.

- Me me me me me

- Me me me me me - Me me me me

- And of course we're gonna be using giant Legos blocks!

- I choose red.

- I choose blue!

- And I choose green.

- We can only build in our colored square.

- And we have 15 minutes to build a masterpiece.

- The Sony Sister with the best fort wins!

- And you guys get to be the judges.

- Before we start building, we need a plan. (claps)


- My fort's gonna be a secret. Only important people.

Wait no no no! It's the Princeter's fort!

I'm gonna start with the foundation.


Oh you get the gist.

- I'm gonna red hot lava fort.

Where there's lava everywhere.

In my fort you need to play The Floor is Lava 24/7.

- Remind me to never visit.

- But I need really good renovation.

Or it's gonna get hot.

So I'm gonna need the window...



and here.


- So I'm gonna be building a secret doggy house

in the wilderness.

So Duncan can join me!

- Why do their plans look like a professional?

This is all I have!



To this...

and then that!

- Hey! I'm still working on it.

- I definitely need a bed in my fort.

Is a Lego bed comfy?

(cheerful music)

- I need random Legos everywhere

so that I don't step in the lava.

- So this is my house, and my doggy's house.

(silly Laughing)

- I added a kitchen

- I did a big version and a mini version.

All right guys, the planning session is amilliately over!

- What does amilliate mean?

- Immediately!

- [Payton] All right, we have 15 minutes!

- Start the clock.

- [Taylor] On your mark, get set, go!

(clock ticking)



- [Jordan] This one right here in the corner.

- So I'm interlocking the blocks so it's strong.

Like this. (shuffling blocks)

(shuffling blocks)

- I messed up!

(shuffling blocks)

- While Taylor's starting over, I'm cruising!

Even though I messed up, I'm not starting over.

- I'm hungry.

It's so hard to get off. (sighs)

Got four off.

(cheerful music)

- I'm trying to make something big enough for me to fit in.

(blocks shuffling)

- I'm worried I'm not gonna have enough blocks for my house.

I wanna build a mansion!


- This is exhausting.

(shuffling blocks)

- I'm taking a break. I feel kinda stressed.

I'm just gonna take a little nap right here.

No one will mind.

- [Taylor] (sighs) There we go.

I'm on these blocks.

- This is a workout!

- I'm almost done with my house Payton.

- [Payton] What? That's a small house.

- I bet I could have a backyard with stuff in it.

- (sighs) Nap time's over.

- All right guys, so this what I'm building right now

is my dog house.

He needs a little roof.



- How are you guys going so fast? I'm still at this part!

- 'Cause you took a nap, and we didn't.

- Have you guys ever heard the story of

"The Tortoise and the Hare"?

- [Together] Uh, yep

- You guys are the hares, and I'm the tortoise.

- Working on my doorway!

That's so heavy. Okay, so... okay.

I'm adding to my house.

(banging blocks)

- This is getting complicated.

(blocks dropping)

(banging blocks)

- I'm making my bed.

- Come off. (shuffling blocks)

- So am I done?


- This dog house is super complicated.

Hopefully Duncan appreciates it.

(upbeat music)

- This looks way easier when mom and dad did it.

(upbeat music)

- I'm cruising! I need more.

(upbeat music)

- We have 10 minutes girls! I'm not even on my house yet!

(sighs) Dang it.

- 10 minutes? Really? I only did this.

- Remember, you're the tortoise Jordan.

- (sighs) All right, the dog house is complete!

- Now it's time for my house!

Or should I say fort? Shhh.

- Coming along!

- My walls are caving in! Ah!

I need some emergency construction.

I actually design forts for a living.

- My fort is gonna be as interesting as my dog house.

So yeah.

(upbeat music)

- There's a lot going on here. It's not easy.

- I'm building a window.

I wanted a window over there

so I can look out at Taylor fort,

but that's not happening.

- Yeah mine's more a pyramid.

- I'm catching up!

- [Taylor] And I'm almost done.

- I'm catching up too!

- I'm running out of blocks!

- My fingers are sort of melting!

(cheerful music)

- Guys! Check out my fort!

- Things are getting tricky.

I need a crane.

- Guys, we only have six minutes left!

Come on, we have to go!

Hurry fast.


Dang it! I'm not going--

I don't have enough time for this!

- I survived!

- Look what I did.

(cheerful music) (shuffling blocks)


- Four minutes guys!

- [Payton] What?

I'm panicking! (panting)

- [Payton] Uhhh...


(shuffling blocks)

- I'm rushing!

(shuffling blocks) (cheerful music)

- My heart's beating so fast.

I don't think I'm gonna make it!

(blocks banging)

- I'm trapping myself.

(panting) (shuffling blocks)

- I'm building two towers. Or is there three? (mumbles)

- Two minutes!

- But I ran out of blocks!

(cheerful music)

- But I have this many blocks!

Do you think I'm gonna use them in time?

(Taylor yells)

- It almost fell in the hole. (mumbles)

I gotta go fix it.

- [Mom] Ten... (clock ticking)

- No no no no no!

- [Mom] Nine... (clock ticking)

- No! No!

- [Mom] Eight... (clock ticking)

- Mom no! - [Jordan] Not yet please--

- [Mom] Seven... (clock ticking)

- Isn't long enough.

- [Mom] Six... (clock ticking)

- [Girls] No!

- [Mom] Five... - No!

- [Mom] Four... (clock ticking)

- [Mom] Three... - Darn it! No no no no.

- [Mom] Two... (clock ticking)

- [Taylor] No! - [Mom] One!

- Time's up!


- Hmm.

- I told you I was the tortoise.

- [All] Here are our masterpieces!

- All right guys, vote for my fort. Check it out!

Come on inside.

This is my desk

It's like a meeting place for the tree-house.

This is my backyard.

This is...


dog house.

(cheerful music)

Good boy Duncan.

You want out?

Okay. Watch this. Watch this. Come on!

(Payton laughs) - We did it!

- You are cute.

Then in here...

is my room.


but a room!

Look, it's a good bed.

(grunting) Tight. There you go.

And I put my drink right there.

Vote for me!

- All right, with my fort, what you see is what you get.

Come on!

This is it guys, but isn't it cool to have so much space?

And the lighting is pretty cool.

Vote for me.

- Guys, it's time for my fort.

And this is it.

It has a door.

A window.

And a spy window.

Hello there.

Vote for me!

(bright upbeat music)

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- Guys, what about my fort?

Vote for me!


- Wait what?

- How did that happen?

(upbeat music)