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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Insane Pee Smelling Experiment

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you're in luck we're smelling urine

let's talk about that good mythical

morning people eat stuff and when people

eat stuff it makes their pee smell


those are the only two facts that we

need to know because we have a show like

the kind of show that we have to know

that we're going to now play a game

based on the fact that that is true

mm-hmm I don't know what we've become

but you keep watching so we keep doing

this kind of thing

it's done - what's that stinkle and your

tinkle okay so what has happened is

members of the mythical crew have been

eating foods eating each eating a

specific food for a long time and then

they have peed a specimen into a jar

which we are going to parade in front of

us unseal smell and based on facts that

we have at our disposal and our all

factory senses and our just our I would

say our better judgment we're

demonstrating we have none of that I've

thrown that out we will each weigh in

and simultaneous on what we think we're

smelling in the pee and at the very end

the winner will be crowned and will win

a fantastic t-shirt cold the loser well

we're both already losing right we're

smelling our employees pee that's the

default we are losers now there is some

science behind this because each food

that the crew members have been eating

is something that there's a chemical

reaction essentially there's a process

and we're good like asparagus what

you're all familiar with at least for

some people genetically they if they eat

asparagus they're but he smells like

asparagus but all of these foods are

known to actually change the smell of

your piece so there should be

differences not just based on who ate

what but here is who ate what and the

types of things we're gonna be guessing

from Eddie ate a lot of asparagus thanks


chase ate a lot of puffed wheat that's a

good job yeah

Micah ate garlic ooh Ellie one of our

new crew members ate or drank you may

have eaten it aint coffee a coffee Kevin

ate a lot of salmon or salmon if you say

it wrong Salman you like salmon I hope

Lizzie ate a lot of

curry so those are what the six things

that we are choosing from are your

nostrils ready I think so

I mean I'm putting on gloves round one I

feel like I should get my drink out of

the way

well it's like place it somewhere put

mine over here okay let's bring in the

first sample you want to do the honors

yeah number one get to it let's not

think about this I mean whenever I like

a public urinal I try not to smell but

it at least I know these people more I

think you might maybe that makes it

worse I think you may bomb it oh gosh no

no off it let's just just get ready to

put the lid back on you're gonna wiggle

you're gonna wave it right to your mouth

if you don't watch out that's not doing

it I'm not getting anything I'm afraid

to get my nose down in there I'm trying

to keep my mouth shut you got to really

get down in it bury it I think you got

it my eyes instantly started oh that

it's man it's acidic like if I'm looking

at my cheat sheet I'm just trying to

make this as scientific as poss it's

urine it's it's just it's very high

smelling like it's acidic

I'm Kappa I'm Kevin is crab this pee I

don't know I think I have my guess I

have a guess it just means is barley

urine garlic contains methyl mercaptan

sulfur compounds in the kidneys create

bitter and unpleasant smell well we got

that the same gas released from animal

decay in swamp areas that's what garlic

does for you I got a tail that's my

guess I got a tinge of something in the

very beginning I don't disagree with

anything use it but I get a tangent

that's the guess that I'm going with

okay three two one Carl Huff tweet

now - all right pop it off let's call

each other doctor I think that'll help

dr. rat because this is what doctors do

everybody in the thing Nathan's about

right yeah yeah that's why I didn't go

to medical school

dr. rat I don't want to smell the pee

dr. Neil why don't you do it I'll go for

number two it's a lighter it's a lighter

one looks like pond water I know Eddie

drinks a lot of pond water no I don't

know that let's just duel smell hmm it's

got a floral note the problem when I

when I get this melt my body is just

send it back out don't smell urine and

evidently it's down here when your body

tries to get rid of it

you know we're not we're not Wallace

don't swallow it we didn't know we're

not meant to do this my body is telling

me that you're not meant to smell other

people's urine ah did you get something

floral floral this one smells like a

bathroom to me this this Mel's like a

Buies Creek Elementary like something

that one of the toilets broke so who's

the most immature of us Coffee is a

diuretic I mean it makes you pee a lot

which means that the urine would be not

as yellow I know I may be helping you

out here but you're not gonna listen to

me anyway are you

no because I got a tinge of something in

that one as well is it a tinge of le no

I don't mean to make this weird but I

don't know why I keep smelling puffed

wheat I don't know if it's a coping

mechanism okay it's like if like that's

the way my body deals with it please

making puffed wheat everything will be

okay but I smell puffed wheat again so

that's what I'm gonna guess sweet okay

doctor open the specimen what are we

touching this one for arm fur for flu no

just for food what we test it to see

what they I don't have you had to get

close to this one this is a strong

oh man but I'm at I'm afraid you're

gonna hit it I'm afraid you're gonna hit

yeah that would be bad you're getting

closer I wasn't even come on man

think about it dr. Neil you're right

nurse right yeah well there's a lot of

smell at the beginning and then it goes

away that's what I'm learning I know

exactly what it is and it has nothing to

do with the personality of the person I

got a I just know I feel like I'm just

like this one's obvious I feel like this

one's like super I recently ate this I

recently ate this with you the thing

that is contributing to this hmm

be very strong very specific something

that he thinks it's curry something that

did not change as it went through the

through the through the speech dream

well does curry say that um Kirkenes

cumin and coriander very pungent spices

odor chemicals pass unchanged through

the kidneys which causes very spicy

urine I'm a hundred percent sure that

this is this is urine smells discard is

pungent and flavorful I was thinking it

might be my Carly huffed weed though you

know no more I think about it I'm an

agreement just passed unchanged through

the kidneys we were both saying curry

right yes incurring round four oh gosh

I'm getting a headache oh look at like

here doctor let's be ready when the pee

smell comes because the pee smell comes

strong right at the beginning okay okay

doctor ooh I'm already smelling it no

you're not that must be me yeah it's

nothing urine okay open it don't look

down into it oh gosh I don't need any

more hints

what on earth that's the thick smokey I

don't want to be a doctor it's the

sister it's just a solid brick it's like

beans I don't think we should be giving

each other so much hints man I don't

think we need to be giving each other so

many hints you know what I smelled in

this one

is now salmon is rich in b-vitamins oh

gosh look it's leaked it leaked it

leaked oh it leaked on it it leaked on

the desk what do i do what do i do what

just grab that don't touch me

touch that but it wasn't a Massa and

then why ooh yes both side Oh white it's

a little yellow or then it's a little

yellow ER and it has it had a distinct

fishy smell to it ah using that as a


samer results in urine that is bright

yellow and smells fishy or medicinal

okay I'm thinking it's either salmon

puffed wheat has got to be mild I think

we've already experienced garlic

yah-yah-yah well fine or I got you

you may now that's a light urine that is

a nice light urine that's definitely

puffed wheat I don't have to smell it

yeah we shouldn't smell it we should

just get ready isn't it it's not bad

compared to what we just went through

that's not bad at all you think that's

puffed wheat yeah yeah drink it

um dip you tongue today the most

pleasant smelling pee I've ever smelled

Amy and I'm including all the peat

that's come out of me but there's a

blowback effect well you know sometimes

when you know you know you know

sometimes when you fart and you're like

that smells bad

but it's a little bit good at the same

time yeah yeah yeah like that like my

body needs it back in yeah I think

sometimes that happens with pee you're

like man I've been working hard and you

can smell it in your urine that's what I

just smelled out there who works hard

for the record never all right I got my

deadline to Ariel that is both we I

should guess that for the first two

liquid sea

well six ooh this one's darker hmm are

you ready now I haven't voted asparagus

you would think that would be obvious

gosh I feel sick I wonder why oh gosh oh

gosh I spilled it again what's a hair is

it got leaks I don't know what's

happening it doesn't have leaks is it

it's a bona fide specimen container lift

it up

Kylie I'm gonna have a girl urine stains

on my side forever golly that's so

asparagus ewwww oh okay she's trying to

trick me into not guessing asparagus it

is yellow Eddie you nasty monster all

right I'm ready asparagus see ya I mean

I didn't bite I didn't bite I didn't

drink all right I didn't nibble all

right let's just say yes puffs we for

three of us hey I have a feeling I lost

tell us tell us how many each each

person got right with it saying who's

who yeah someone got X right someone got

Y right right okay why why doctor why

okay so we tie no tie to ruski right we

got a we got a both fit in this shirt

what does it say I smelled everyone's

pee and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

will rotate white t-shirts to really

come you air and then you bring you wash

it and bring it back and I'll wear it

don't get any pee on it I think I think

we should have pee stains all over well

these are the very bottom

congratulations to both of us or no one

however you want to see it whether

you're a pessimist a pianist or an

optimist thank you for liking commenting

and subscribing don't hold this against

this you know what's happiness

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