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(ONEUS LIVED Highlight Medley)

Two! Three!


Hello, we're ONEUS!

Do you guys all remember

the highlight medley we did for our 'RAISE US' album?


The response was so great that

we'd like sing a verse of each track in our 4th mini album, 'LIVED'

and take this time to introduce the songs to you


We have so many awesome songs in this album

That's right, we do

Then shall we go over each song?

Sounds good

I'll introduce the first song

The first tracks in our albums has always been an intro

so likewise, the first track is an intro called, 'Intro : LIVED'

It's like a grand opening of 'LIVED' album

which is 'Intro : LIVED'


The dreamy guitar sound

is as if we're being taken deep into a dream

and the risk of standing on the borderline of life and death

is expressed gently and strongly

It's a song that expresses two sides of emotion

We'll sing it for you

You're alive within me

Madly tormenting me

I am slowly dying

Dying because of you

- I'll stop here - Wow!

- Yay! - It's a really risky song

Wow, our lead singer!

Your singing wasn't risky though


The next song is 'Dead Or Alive'

This song has linked message to our title song, 'TO BE OR NOT TO BE'

You'll see us agonizing as we stand on conflicting paths

Shall we sing?

- Sounds good - Sounds good


When your memory fades away


No longer feel alive

Oh my

Call my name

You're the reason of my life

On a path to choose dead or alive


The next song we'll introduce

is a song that Ravn and I composed together

and this was actually my first composition

It's a song called 'Dizzy'


In fact, you also worked with CyA from ONEWE

The lyric is addicting

as well as the melody

so it's a song that's easy to follow

We'll give you a snippet of this song

It's really dizzy

This isn't how you love

My feelings became sake of others

It's really difficult

In the distance between us

I fell for lies again


The next song we'll introduce is called 'Airplane'

This song expresses the change of feelings from meeting someone

You'll hear clear and powerful singing

Shall we fly?


Like an airplane

Fly above the sky everyday

Woo ah woo ah

Far behind the cloud until the end

Like an airplane

With you everyday

Woo ah woo ah

We fly up far far away

The next song is 'COME BACK HOME'

It's the new song that we performed at the 'Road to Kingdom' finals

The lyric is about earnestly wanting the one who left to return

In this song, ONEUS' own storytelling

and the powerful performance stands out

We'll give you a snippet of the rappers' verse



I miss you

Your overshadowed absence

The white sky is already dark

Even the blue moonlight can't shine on me

Reach out for help

The cross that I gave you

Awakening after drinking you

The repeating

Sweet whisper of you


We're now down to the last song of our highlight medley

which is our long-awaited title song

What's the title, guys?


Yes, our title song is called 'TO BE OR NOT TO BE'


In this album, you'll see ONEUS' independency and strength

of choosing our own fate instead of surrendering to the given fate


The risk of standing on conflicting paths is expressed with strong beats

and delicate singing as well as outspoken rapping


Shall we sing then?

Let's go!

I always regret, but it was the happiest moment

Dead or alive

I'm going to cut you out

To live, I have to let you go from my heart

To be or not to be


We've introduced this album in a special way

All the tracks in ONEUS' 4th mini album, 'LIVED'

will be available on various music websites on August 19th at 6 p.m.

so please wait for us

We've also worked hard to prepare amazing performances, right?

That's right~

So we hope you'll look forward it

and please send us lots of love

This was ONEUS!

Thank you!

We'll see you on the 19th


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