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hello in this tutorial I show you how to make an encapsulated letter


computer with word and printer, a recycled sheet, white or colored sheets, ruler

scissors, a bottle, it can be a medicine bottle, capsules, you can get them at health food stores, tack or pin and a pen

put the recycled sheet on the table and put the capsules over

take the tack and the pin, use them to empty the capsules

take 1 and open it carefully

take the filled part and with the tack remove the inside

don´t inhale while you are doing it

when you finish close it and do the same with the others

remember to take the capsules with dry hands

if your hands are wet it will undone

when you finish take 1 and measure the width

write the measure and go to the computer

open a new document on word

insert a rectangular shape

go to format and change the measures to 2 cm wide and 10 cm high

copy the rectangle the number of times you need

copy the rectangle the number of times you need

each rectangle is equal to one capsule

select the rectangle, go to format and click on text

start typing

change the letter size to 6 and continue writing

when you finish remember to put in the bottom of the letter, the numer so that the person can read the letter in order

continue writing the other rectangles

when you finish print them

cut each rectangle

when you finish start rolling, you can use a pin to help you

when you have the roll don´t drop, put it inside the capsule

do the same with the others

when you have them put them inside the bottle

take the printable tags, the link is in the bottom

select the one you want, cut it out and glue it in the bottle

you finished the encapsulated letter, if you want you can add sweets

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial

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