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today we eat some awful pickles let's

talk about that


good mythical morning as the best

mythical beasts know one of the three

pillars of mythicality is curiosity and

throughout our lives curiosity has

driven us to new and exciting and

sometimes scary experiences like eating

ceviche and denver oh and today we're

gonna be tasting something equally risky

pickles that have been brined by the

crew in mystery liquids and we were

actually inspired to do this by today's

sponsor Skillshare Skillshare is an

online learning community with thousands

of creative and entrepreneurial classes

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fueled lifelong learning including

pickling oh yeah there's one class

called brine time pickle like a pro and

the mythical crew has taken that course

and will be taking it to an extreme

today I was looking around and saw a

couple of classes that appealed to me

like the marketing class storytelling

for leaders how to craft stories that

matter and when the come my intention

was wildlife photography capturing

portraits of your favorite animals and

my favorite animal is kind of wildlife

Barbara this is really gonna take our

photo shoots to the next one that really

interests me was learned how young guru

engineers 4jz and introduction to audio

recording so since it's back-to-school

season Skillshare has a special offer

for all mythical beasts that we're gonna

share with you a little later but right

now let's taste some weird pickles it's

time for well this pic will give us a

tickle or wear this cute make us poop

monster by Skillshare mythical chef josh

has pickled a bunch of cucumbers in

various liquids we're gonna taste the

pickle then we're gonna count to three

we're gonna try to guess what it was

pickling mm-hm get a ride get a point

whoever has the most points to the end

guess what what they win Hey the loser

has to drink a glass of brine in good

mythical more I love bride let's do it

okay first pickle oh darn pickle

round like a Dickel that's what they

call it that's what they call it that's

what they call a dark pickle oh yeah

they call it a dark 'el a dark hole yeah

you got it better get a little bit more

of the word dark okay Nicholas okay

we'll talk about it later

well oh it stinks oh wow that is musty

this is round one where we go from here

it's bitter that is it's nasty it's

still very cucumber and I hate cucumbers

I only liked it when it told it fully

turns into a pickle but whatever we

brine this in just kept it from doing

something good I actually think I have a

guess okay three two one yeah smoked

chocolate okay you're both wrong in your

hinges it's a Dickel no um these heads

were written by Micah so I'm just gonna

say that oh nice just hang

separate separate yourself from I'm with

you Micah this pickles cool beans

Oh beans bean juice Oh coffee

Oh boom very bitter

so here it is the hint is the answer

beans you want to know how to make a

dark hole trickle it in the stick your

dark alone no don't

alright next one

okay not quite as dark hole no this is

it's basically just kind of pickly like

I saw that I'd be like maybe that

pickles been out a little wall there's a

little brownness to it I mean you didn't

pickle this Enfamil dehyde did you that

would kill us

yeah that's the guest formaldehyde hey

well I'm gonna guess there's not tasting

it in Oh

oh this is bad as well god I'm afraid to

bite this I'm gonna lick it lick your

pickle lickle very salty man she looks

like a cucumber babe I can't decide if

this is oh I think I know it I think

this is something that you eat at a

Chinese restaurant you ready to guess I

am sure 3 2 1 oh so sauce okay nope it

does have it does have it all you're

kind of in the right family but here's

Micah's hint this pickle will take your

breath away clam take your broccoli um

chicken noodle pickle chicken noodle

soup pickled bean beef broth here's

another great one to guess this pickle

you'll have to use your noodle ramen yep

got it

ramen I said chicken it did have a

choice therese Ausmus to it oh is that

it oh that's beautiful

we're tied up

this one looks just like the last one it

has a residue it has I get oh and you

know what it's done something to it it's

wrinkled it is wrinkled to pickle

wrinkled I just said the word wrinkled

this trip I'm try you try it ain't easy

but you try to combine pickle and

wrinkled together

tinkle tinkle oh this was a little sweet

it's still absolutely horrible this is

not bad

but what would leave that a little brown

residue sorry I know they don't do this

like a harmonica it seems like cheating

I'm gonna do it too it's using your

mouth for the pickle tasting it's sweet

right it's sweet and savory at the same

time some form of candy hmm this is it

you ready oh I think I got it three two

one Franco coke Coca Cola what did you

say well I said wrinkle I had no gift I

don't think it's going goals I don't

think it's coke because they wouldn't

have that rezulin okay here's your hint

that went right no but you are in the

right family

okay so beverage so this pickle gets to

the root of rubidium oh no I think I

mean the hit can't have the word in it

Micah that's like giving half the answer

hey Micah I got you I got you bro

purple it looks like like a raw tuna

slice to me

purple pickle it's not purple that's

pink Pirkle this is pink man pink flesh

this is a flesh pickle man

you keep saying flesh pickle and you

keep iterating on that you know what

you're gonna get - you're gonna get back

to Dickel again Oh smells it this one

smells sweet oh my I don't like pickles

I think you can't judge a pickle by

what's happening right now I love

pickles and I haven't liked any of these

ooh ooh I know what this is - I got this

I got this one I'm not telling you

anything but I'm saying it's taking me

I'm ready to celebrate I'm gonna get it

wrong and then get it with like his head

that's what I'm gonna get this right and

then I'm gonna celebrate okay three two

one champagne pink

I said champagne but I was doing the

thing it doesn't matter if we've got it

right we both got it right you're both

really close but I'm gonna look for the

exact thing Prosecco

strawberry wine beer this pickle tickles

me pink baby white wine pink grapefruit


what does pink wine called Rosie yeah

you know what link hey man truce you can

drink the pickle wine you know in France

they only drink this in the summer not


here's just a cucumber just laying there

but again it has the wrinkle of pickle

these are very floppy - what on earth

this is this has gotta this smells like

a schoolboy like trying to go to his

first dance is this cologne I'm glad we

don't hang out out spective anymore I

don't know what what I remember the

first Colonna like a schoolboy it was

like a generic the first cologne I ever

got as a schoolboy was like called big

man and it was like it was just he was

very generic oh man it smelled like this

hmm you have a spit bucket this is right

in front of me man I was for the school

boy oh I know the family but I don't

know I'm gonna have to it's cleaner well

it's a cleaner of some kind but what is

it like it it's something you put on

your body if you're a school boy school

ball a pickle all right here we go let's

get okay three two one hey soap your

clothes deodorant body wash this pickle

is real suave up right got it

you know those school boys constantly

shame three to one man you're pulling


well four to one actually oh gosh it's

citrusy though

okay link I'm up four to one but in the

name of gentlemen's gentlemen Sandri I'm

gonna give you three points if get this

right three four points no cuz then you

can win it's just you could tie how

about that how about four points okay

four points okay you're quite the


oh oh gosh wait you get away for this oh

I just did Oh stinky stinky pickle well

that's bad

whoa that is intense it takes it takes

your breath away my eyes are watering

you got to man you gotta you got to you

got to put in your mouth put the pickle

in your mouth I can't decide if it

smells like fish or I don't want this to

drip on mine oh gosh yeah I can't decide

if it's fish or like a bottle excretion

I wanted to say I wanted to say durian

at first but it's it's so much worse

than durian because I actually like you

this smell is so bad and now I'm not

putting my mouth in that on that around

there put your mouth in it I'm not see

if you can do that if you if you're able

to put that in your mouth and keep it

there in your guess I'm gonna side time

you win man I'm sorry if you put your

tongue it's so I have a gas I have a gas

three two one swimming I should have

known that I couldn't even formulate

again just smelling your fingers after

you touch it this is a gag every time

stuck it

take it back to your lair where you

invent these crazy

you're evil person insane offensive


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