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today I'm going to show you how to style an outfit to hide your belly fat hi I'm

Schellea this is fabulous fifties a lifestyle channel that explores fashion

beauty and lifestyle for women over 50 and if you're a woman over 50 click

subscribe and click the bell and you'll be alerted every time there's a new

video and they'll all relate to you as a women over 50 most of us have belly fat

issues because when we go through menopause and when we're entering

menopause and midsection thickens it's so unfair

but I'm going to show you some ways some really great ways to disguise your belly

fat so that it's still there but nobody's going to notice it tip number

one wear an a-line top or dress that will skim your belly

rather than cling to it this is a great tip because it does completely disguise

all the roles and all the belly fat this first example is me wearing a

tight-fitting top and pants the problem here is that it looks okay on the front

but when I turn to the side you can see my belly so clearly and I wouldn't like

to go out like that it's not comfortable and I'd constantly feel like I had to

suck it in and even though I'm petite it's still disproportionate to my body

that belly and I'm not happy about it but there's plenty of ways to avoid this

look and this is an a-line top so it actually skims over my tummy and it's

more fitted up top and then just under the bust it flares out a little bit so

it's totally skimming and you can't see the same as what you can see in the

picture before you can't see anything and when you're shopping for an a-line

top I want to show you what to look for this is what you want to have you want

to have a fall on it but the way to check it is to fold it in half

shoulders and and the arms and this is what you're looking for you're looking

for that shape there so it's like a semicircle they cut it on the bias can

you see that properly when you're looking at the half this way you want it

to look like that so it's like a half circle cut on the bias if it's not cut

on the bias and then the fabrics just cut straight you won't get the proper

fall what you're going to get is maybe a bit of a flare at the bottom but it's

still gonna hug to your tummy so avoid those kind of tops and dresses and do

the test before you buy it I'll add some links in the description below of tops

like this or dresses like this but it's a line cut on a bias and tied up top and

flow it's the skimming part over your tummy that's going to make all the

difference tip number two add definition to the smallest part of your body so if

your tummy's big and just under your bust is the smallest part that's where

you add something to it your good bits have to be sent a staged so in this

example here I've added a crop top over my a line top so the crop top finishes

just under the bust and there's no way I'd wear this on its own because that

would be ridiculous on me but wearing it over this top it's bringing me in on the

smallest part of my torso so it's actually giving me some a V look so it

comes down into the middle and that hourglass and then it comes out over the

hip so this is really good because you have an a-line top underneath which is

skimming over your belly and then on top of that you're layering with another top

that's going to bring you right in at that smallest part a tip here if you

have a big bust don't wear a neckline up like I have you

would wear a v-neck you can do it short sleep long sleep but

you can try this because this is a really great way just to experiment with

your wardrobe and just to try new things also what you can do here is add a belt

to the smallest part of your body again if it's for me it's underneath and just

adding a belt to here again is giving me definition to my good bits and you can't

even notice that I have a tummy anymore because it's covered it's still there

but nobody can tell tip number three is to layer your tops to draw your eye away

from your belly so what you can do here is you can layer two tops on top of each

other with different hemlines if you can get

occur or of the coming down like in this picture that's going to just bring the

eye right down so that nobody's focusing on your tummy and things with a flow

give us a softer look and if you think of the belly as a curve you're more

curvaceous you can address that with adding curves to your outfit so if you

were if you have curves in your tummy like the rolls that we all know that we

have if you're going to address that with straight clothes it's going to

emphasize it so curb and curb and straight and straight tip number four

high-waisted jeans are a girl's best friend and the reason is because they

suck you in and what's not good about that so a high-waisted jean I have on

here it comes up just a tiny bit past my bellybutton that'll be different on

ladies who have got a tall long waist but around your belly button if you're a

little bit shorter it'll be just over your belly button but that's where the

curve of your hips comes in so if you've got a high-waisted pant that is just

hugging your hips and pulling your tummy in that's magic you you can work with

that so if you put your jeans on and then pull everything in zip it up your

Hill for the day and there's no muffin top

and then anything that you put over that all of your tops you've got an extra

layer of protection and security and it's amazing tip number five is a layer

over the top of your outfits so layering with cardigans vests or long tops this

creates the illusion of again it's that flow that you're looking for

so you're become more curvy you've got curves here we're going to complement

that with some sort of interesting angles on your layers so if you wear a

garment like this one this is not going to particularly hide and cover your

tummy but it's going to add interest and softness to the rest of your look and

it'll smooth out all the lumps sort of up here and then on top of that you can

layer another layer which is just going to give you a more interesting look and

another way is to create a column of color from your top to your bottom and

this works magic because the eye is looking at here on me is a dark color so

the I was looking into this length but this is going to disguise anything that

I've got going on and you can tell from the picture at the very beginning

there's a bit going on there and you can do the same as this just add layers and

add flow that's going to help make you feel a lot more comfortable in

everything that you're wearing tip number six is to invest in shapewear no

matter what your size is all of the movie stars all of the women our age all

of the young women they're all wearing some sort of shapewear under their

outfits but for us with belly fat and issues around menopause it's just a

really nice thing to wear to give you a bit more confidence to go out and feel

like you are all together and you're all smooth I like Spanx the best

because for me they they just work they're so well designed

and they really make a big difference to everything you're wearing if you're

gonna wear something completely clingy and wear Spanx you still kind of have to

suck your tummy in so that you don't have that bump but you have to be aware

of it so in this case by something like this that is going to be the exact right

size for you and two things you have to be really super cautious of where it

finishes up here and where it finishes on your leg so if you buy it a little

bit too small it kind of rolls up on your leg and that's the worst thing in

the world because it gives you a line that you didn't used to have and that's

what we've got to look for and try on you've got to try these things on put

your outfit on top of it and if you're seeing lumps like indents into your leg

when you've got the Spanx on you need a different size or you need a different

style but if you just like to wear some shapewear to give you some confidence

and you're not going to be in really tight clothes I would recommend going

one size up because then you're super comfortable every days you're smooth

everything's good tip number seven this is genius I don't know how many of you

know about the Spanx workout wear so if you're someone who works out and

hopefully if you're in your 50s or 60s or 70s you're doing some exercise you

got to check out these Spanx I discovered these about three years ago

and they are game changes I didn't think they would be as good as what they are

because I thought they would be like wearing Spanx undergarments and kind of

tight and uncomfortable but they are so comfortable but they suck you in and

they lift you up and I can't believe that the whole world is of wearing these

that these are really good and not sponsored nothing I don't get anything

for this I just want to tell you what I love and these are amazing they're not

see-through and they make plus sizes which is amazing I think that's great

because no matter what size you are you can get a pair of these and you can work

out and you can feel way more confident than if you didn't have them tip number

eight is posture and you might say yeah yeah but we forget we forget that

holding our shoulders up and you know our head high and holding our tummy in

is going to give us a much better look than being slouchy and putting all that

load on our body says standing up tall not so much holding your tummy in so

that you can't notice it but holding yourself in a way that gives you

elegance and it gives you structure and it keeps you upright it's so nice to see

women standing up straight tip number nine to hide your belly fat is to show

off the other good parts of your body find out the thing that is good about

you so do you have a really good decolletage do you have a beautiful set

of wrists or ankles or do you have a nice waistline whatever that is for you

that's what you need to show off because that will take the eye away from your

tummy and on to these beautiful parts of your body that deserve to be shown off

and don't focus on your belly focus on something that you love find what you

love and just focus on that and tip number ten is the most important tip of

all give yourself a break don't get so caught up on you know

looking great and fashion and style and what's in style and I don't know what to

wear don't get hung up on it do the best you can implement some of the tips I've

shown you today find out what you love about your body and show that off but

your number one thing and you're very very very best asset and the thing that

people will notice the most is your smile so when you're with other people

smile be present think about what they're telling you take it in ask

questions be interested and focus on what they're saying and focus on how you

think you are making them feel when you're that present with someone and

giving them all that energy they're not even going to notice

Billy they're not going to notice anything about you except how you made

them feel please give a thumbs up if you found any

of these tips helpful and please share with any of your girlfriends who are

struggling with belly fat thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful


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