Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Karl Pilkington and the Down Syndrome lad

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Alright? I was on a.. don't know whether this is to talk about. I mean it happened, so you know

of course it's alright to talk about, everything is alright to talk about, but I was on the train.. right?

coming from manchester back to London


got on it, it's like a friday night

and it was heaving, you know like the last train is and all that

and erm. absolutely choker, so I am walking through the carriages

thinking, oh, is there any seats anywhere? Anyway

everyone's like, it's heaving right? There's people stood up

in the doorways, you can't get in the toilet and all that

there is not gonna be a chair knocking about.. is there?

Anyway I see this one empty chair, sort of in front of me, right?

think why isn't anyone sat there? thinking, rush to that get to that, get my self a seat

plunk myself down

night hummer souls turn round stamps serum facing nazis on a chat with

no follow that


world down syndrome cared



any other on song

right now i'm not proud thought gee genomic they're always told tonight


briseno's hahaha

recounts in our house knuckle because of thing is that's obvious

shirlstein so asked us one dino dot another one of the named johnny printed


so m

something i know i'll go to sleep clever

monster shut my eyes families minimum one

so angry phone goes i think i want to do

all derail communist unserious an email from now it is critical and counseling

well nothing probably how shitty thing that i wasn't even work on strength


so anyway i don't like that

so he's like hello non-aligned maron

he says they're city on off switch

yeah yeah



some simple his stump missus again stressing out

hello i'm also known as alleged ananya from a lot more slamming the trademark


so uh... a solaralert

he was from a soft

krone's friend for lunch just another hour after that

he told bobby seal on the left refused i don't think it was hidden zuniga

overland through the jury's along with saudi money out

killian appreciating won't decide on mostly compliments of

but they were too and not one of these people watching you know not joining in

knox of nominal often that we may just just like watching will pretend to know

pinellas table states i will be and he kept saying to our muscle

sunday's game while gus vargas tucson our mascot


who are doing good health and only that's that

they said he's going to keep askin another however off on the triangles so

anyway clouds asking anyone one yet while our people plant that's on fairly

recently was stopped and just as well we

no noy solve the mystery was when i was talking about

and he was really like you know town down there so i don't start laughing

goethe dot de tocqueville would have meant you know i mean

if ross are everyone's in the triangle hidden

sources as soon as they really need to win this

return content

but let me just uh... emotion about favorite food money like sausages

hustlers dealers of u_s_ hostages as you know i want to the chinese movies now

hotel com chinese

malone chinese one


too nice edta snow on southern


we have to have a good long shot off bounced off multiple zillion

in the end it was it was alright jackie just one season to spin okay

noble issac thing in a city

is always when it one of the essays for something different yeah i was often

that i'm not saying it's not going to leave and i i i think i have to go right

everyone else was unknown implemented alleges does pretty good

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