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Hello everyone, welcome to another episode of SOEDESCO Time

It's week number 34, let's see what we have in store for you this week

If youre one of our followers who speak Spanish, youre in luck!

We now have Spanish speaking Twitter and Instagram channels

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Its that time of the year again, GAMESCOM!

Yes, its not a physical event again this year, such a bummer.

However, there is an all digital version which well be a part of.

You can even play a demo of Monster Crown during the Gamescom week, all good fun.

And now it's time for this week's question of the week

And it comes from CMHeadbanger on YouTube

And they ask

Will the AI trucks be on the current map as well?

It would be strange if it would be DLC only

Yes, this is a question from 2 weeks ago

This question is still going on left and right, sue me...

And the answer is YES!

AI trucks will actually be rolling around in the base game map as well

With, and without trailers

And this will be part of a free update

No purchase of the DLC required

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And last but not least, Truck Driver

Now, just to answer some frequently asked questions about the map DLC

There'll be 3 new characters, offering 25 new unique jobs

And of course, after that, they'll be offering you repeatable missions for you to complete

And as you know, those missions are randomly generated

You can just keep playing those, just like in the current map

OH! and also, you will be able to travel back and forth

between Mangefjell and the current map

Information like the exact size of the map and stuff like that

We will be revealing in a live stream we will be doing before Heading North comes out

Make sure you're subscribed for that

And that is it for this week's episode of SOEDESCO Time, thank you for watching

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But for now I hope to see you, next time!

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