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Yeah John.

General David Petraeus is one of those people who went through Fort Bragg a number of times,

even though his first command was at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

He panned a quite lengthy and detailed editorial about the reasons why those bases should be

renamed, saying its ironic that American soldiers and Marines are being trained at

bases named for people who fought against the Union, back in the Civil War.

That, for many of the people whom these bases are named were leaders held in questionable

regard, but who were elevated during the lost cause movement.

He goes on to say, we do not live in a country which Braxton Bragg, Henry L. Benning, or

Robert E. Lee can serve as an inspiration.

What does the White House say to that particular point?

Fort Bragg is known for the heroes within it that train there, that deployed from there.

And its an insult to say to the men and women who left there the last thing that they

saw on American soil before going overseas and in some cases losing their lives, to tell

them that what they left was inherently a racist institution, because of the name.

Thats unacceptable to the President and rightfully so.

And I would also note, where do you draw the line here?

Im told that no longer can you find, on HBO, “Gone With the Windbecause somehow

that is now offensive.

Where do you draw the line?

Should George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison be erased from history?

What about FDR and his internment camps, should he be erased from history.

Or Lyndon Johnson, who has a history of documented racist statements.

And finally, what about people that are alleged by the media to be segregationists?

NBC tells us Joe Biden didnt just compromise with segregationist he fought for their causes

in schools, experts say.

CNN tells us, letters from Joe Biden reveal how he sought support of segregationists in

the fight against busing.

Washington Post tells us that Bidens tough talk on 1970s school desegregation plans could

get him new scrutiny, and there are several more where that came from.

So, Ill leave you with the question should we then rename the Biden Welcome Center?

Thanks very much guys.

Even the White House correspondent from Fox NewsFOX NEWSis able to read the

room on the whole issue of protecting the names of confederate generals.

And yet because Kayleigh McEnanys only objective is to defend every inane fleeting

thought to fall out of Trumps mouth, her position here is to SUPPORT these confederate

generalsapparently this administration is unaware that they represent the side that

DEFEATED the confederacy.

And look, were used to seeing Kayleigh flail in her desperation to defend her boss,

but this moment has to take the cake, because in the SAME breath, she says that Fort Bragg

is known for the heroes that train within it, before THEN saying that it would be BEYOND

insulting to the troops that deployed from there to tell them that the last place they

saw was being disparaged as racist.

So which is itdoes it not matter WHAT the base is named because its about the soldiers

or are the soldiers there fighting for the institution that they left?

Because as much as shed like to have it both ways, her response doesnt make any


McEnany then asks, where do you draw the line, invoking George Washington and Thomas Jefferson

and James Madison as if this is some slippery slope.

Its not a slippery slope.

You draw the line at CONFEDERATE GENERALS.

You draw the line at erecting monuments to those who fought to the death to preserve

the institution of slavery.

And rest assuredthats what this is.

Confederate generals fought to protect the Confederacy, which existed solely to protect

the institution of slavery.

Thats it.

That was the difference between the North and South.

One side wanted slavery and the other didnt.

The people who fought for the Confederacy made the conscious decision to fight for the

right to own human beings.

Its 2020we are ALLOWED to acknowledge how wrong that was.

It doesnt mean we discard our heritage, it means were big enough to own up to our


And lest theres any confusion here, the foundation of the confederacy was a mistake.

The fact is, if our national identity is so fragile that all it takes is changing the

NAME of a military base to cripple it, then maybe weve got some bigger problems.

And of course, McEnany ends with WHAT ELSE but an attack on Joe Biden.

Because, per usual, the White House strategy isnt to NOT do bad things, its to do

bad things and then blame everyone else when they get called out on it.

So even though Trump TODAY, in June of the year 2020, is still defending the confederacy

which, to remind you, waged war against this county that we live in RIGHT NOW with

the aim of destroying itthe White Houses defense is that in 1970(!), Joe Biden had

an untoward school desegregation plan.

In 1970.

By the way, to show just how much of a loser Trumps position is, even NascarNASCAR

has come out and banned the display of confederate flags at their events.

They issued a statement saying quote, “the presence of the confederate flag at NASCAR

events runs contrary to our commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment

for all fans.

Bringing people together around a love for racing and the community that it creates is

what makes our fans and sport special.

The display of the confederate flag will be prohibited from all NASCAR events and properties.”

In other words, even NASCAR realized this wasnt a hill worth dying on.

Even Nascar was able to read the room.

As far as Trump goes, when you make NASCAR look liberal, you might have lost the plot.

The simple fact is that if the quoteheritageof this country that youre trying to PROTECT

is one of confederate generals who fought to preserve slavery, then you are telling

peoplein no uncertain terms - that you arent against slavery.

The same way that defending a Hitler statue would make clear where you stand.

So Trump and his mouthpieces can hide behind their buzzwords and pretend this is about

heritage or patriotism or liberty or freedom or whatever other poll-tested slogans they

use to mask their actual depravity, but hes not fooling anyone.

And even worse is that this is all being done while protests have sprouted up across the

countryprotests predicated on the unequal treatment of black Americans.

And the fact that Trump chose NOW to defend CONFEDERATE GENERALS makes it abundantly clear

which side of the issue hes on.

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