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Preparing for a disaster helps everyone in the family accept the fact that

disasters do happen.

A disaster supply kit can help your family stay safe and comfortable during and

after a disaster.

Tom Trace, FEMA Public Affairs A disaster can strike very quickly and many

times without warning. Having a disaster supply kit prepared is essential to you AND

your family's safety. Boy, it looks like we need to get busy.

You'll likely have many of the supplies you need already in your home. The items you

don't have on hand are inexpensive and readily available at a local retail store.

Start with the essentials including a three day supply of water and nonperishable food.

A manual can opener and basic kitchen utensils. Make sure to include specialty items for

infants if needed. You'll need sanitation and hygiene items

including hand sanitizer, soap and toilet paper.

Also include extra clothing, blankets, bedding as well as an updated first aid kit.

Here's a list of a few additional items you should add to your disaster supply kit.

And one more thing, don't forget to include supplies for your family pets!

Remember: Be smart! Be prepared!

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