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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Judge Isaac C. Parker : Feared By All (Jerry Skinner Documentary)

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This is Isaac Charles Parker, known as the Hanging Judge.

On the 18th of March, 1875, Judge Parker was appointed

by President Ulysses S. Grant

to replace Federal Judge William Story,

who, along with some of his deputy marshals,

was facing charges of impeachment for corruption.

Judge Isaac Parker will serve as federal judge

over the US District Court for the Western District of Arkansas,

located at Fort Smith.

Judge Parker's jurisdiction will cover some 75,000 square miles

of Indian Territory, of what's now known

as the state of Oklahoma.

Lawlessness abounded in the Indian Territory.

Parker was appointed to establish law and order.

The 36-year-old judge was given almost total power

for his first fourteen years on the bench.

There will be no appeals available, even to the Supreme Court.

His word was final.

The Judge arrived in Fort Smith on May the 4th, 1875,

initially without his wife, Mary O'Toole Parker,

and their two sons, Charles and James,

who will arrive sometime later.

Six days after arrival, judge Parker will hold court for the first time,

on May the 10th.

The first eight weeks, Parker will try

some 91 defendants.

18 people that first summer will be tried for murder;

15 will be convicted.

Parker was served from 1875 until his death in 1896,

21 years,

the first 14 years with total power until 18 & 88.

In the last six years, prisoners will be given the ability

to appeal to the Supreme Court.

This is the buildin' housin' Judge Parker's Court on the second floor.

The first jail was on the first floor or the basement.

It was called a "Hell on the border" with good reason.

In 1888, the Government ordered a new jail built on the left,

that joined the courtroom and old jail, making it one huge building.

Now, you can see the location of the gallows

from the courthouse and jail.

The first summer, Judge Parker sentenced eight men to be hanged,

all for different crimes,

three white men, one black, and two Cherokee.

Six were actually hanged at the same time;

one was killed trying to escape,

and one sentence was actually communed by the Judge,

because of his young age!

Six prisoners marched up the stairs.

Seated along the back of the gallows.

The death warrant was read for each one.

They were asked if there were any final words.

The six lined up ropes were placed around their necks

and the executioner sprung the trap.

Within the next twenty years,

there will be 73 more hangings.

There were so many people that come to watch the execution

That Judge Parker ordered a fence

built around the gallows and ordered from their own only family and friends were allowed to watch the execution and the

Scaffold was to be painted white

He ordered the u.s.

Marshals to hire some 200 US deputy marshals to help bring law and order to the territory

over his next 21 years

deputy marshals were given warts by the court to serve throughout Indian nations and

The marshals were also allowed to make arrests on their own everything from murder to horse theft

The deputy marshals did not receive a salary they were paid two dollars forever a risk that they made

+6 cents per mile for going to the place of arrest

If the marshals failed to make an arrest from a warrant they receive no money

If they had to kill and make an arrest he had to bury the suspect at the marshals expense

Unless he could find a family member or friend to do it

However, he did receive a dollar from making an attempt to arrest

65 US deputy marshals will be killed in the line of duty

14 posse members and one jailer will be killed working under judge Parker's court a

Typical trip for a marshal was to take with him a wagon to hold the prisoners

He would also take a cook and supplies. He usually took one Posse member

responsible for the prisoner while the deputy was out making arrests a

Round trip might cover as much as several hundred miles

And he might be gone several months one of the best marshals serving judge

Parker's Court was marshal hick Thomas

Thomas was hired by judge Parker's chief marshal in


His first trip out he returned with eight murders horse thief

Bootleggers and several hardened criminals on one occasion when hick returned from his many trips he found that his wife

Isabel and their five children

were gone she

had divorced him and left for her family in Georgia in

1887 heck received two gunshot wounds while trying to make arrests on the Purdy gang


Recuperating from his wounds he meets nurse Mattie Mowbray

They will marry and he will always return to Manny

Tomas will later form an alliance with marshals bill, Tilghman and Chris Metzen

outstanding lawman in their own, right

They'll be known as the three Guardsmen

Marshal heck Thomas will pass away on August 19 and 12 of art failure in

Lawton, Oklahoma

He was 62 years old

Now this is a monument dedicated to us deputy marshal bass Reeves a

lawman's lawman

bass Reeves was born a slave that escaped slavery during the Civil War

He ended up in Indian Territory living with the tribes and learning their language and ways

Judge Parker approved the hiring of Reeves as a deputy US Marshal

He would be the first of twenty-something black marshals hired

Parker felt that Indian tribes would work with black marshals better than he would lack deputies

Reeves owned a farm with his wife Nellie Jenny and 11 children in the Van Buren area

bass Reeves of the credited would make an arrest of over

3,000 felons during his 32 year career as a lawman he shot and killed 14 outlaws in self-defense

Reeves was never wounded although he had several close calls

bass Reeves was one of the most respected deputy marshals serving under judge Parker's

jurisdiction both by lawmen and outlaws alike

Once he arrested his own son Benny Ruiz for murdered his wife

No marshal would take the warrant in respect for bass

bass found and arrested Benny and brought him to Fort Smith for trial

Benny was tried and found guilty of murder

He was not hanged tavern but sentenced to Fort Leavenworth prison

He got an early release and became a model citizen


1893 bass was on the trail and cleaning his gun when it discharged hitting and killing his posse Cooke

Reeves was charged with murder his badge and gun was taken away

And he was placed in jail for months waiting for trial the whole thing was degrading for Reese

Judge Parker's court found bass Reeves innocent and his badge and job was restored to him

On January the twelfth nineteen and ten

Bass Reeves will pass away of Bright's disease at the age of 71 in Muskogee, Oklahoma

after retiring from a distinguished career in law enforcement

When John Wayne played deputy u.s.. Marshal Rooster Cogburn in the movie true grit

It was said that the character Rooster, Cogburn

Was a composite of several real deputies under judge Parker's court

Such as the true grit of heck Thomas and bass Reeves

Deputy marshal Calvin whitson did not have a patch over his eye

But he had lost an IED during the Civil War and always wore his hat pulled down over his missing left. Eye

When the marshals brought prisoners in during the first 14 years of judge Parker's term. They entered jail through these doors as

Many as 50 prisoners were sometimes placed together

waiting for trial

They slept on the cold hard rock floor on straw mattresses

youngsters charged with minor crimes was placed in with hardened killers

Sawdust they say was placed in the ceilings to keep the stiched from a rising up into the courtroom above

from unwashed prisoners

Prisoners gave it the name hell on the border and rightly so in

1866 Myron Ebell surely well marry James Reid they will have two children pearl in a

James tried farming

Unsuccessfully, he then started running without loss family name star

James was killed by authorities in eighteen and seventy-four and in 1880

Myron Ebell were Mary outlaw Sam Starr she began calling herself Belle Starr

on March the 8th


Sam and Belle will be convicted in judge Parker's court of horse theft

They will both receive one year in federal prison. He was considered a light sentence, and they'll be out in nine months

Bail, they say was a model prisoner

Less than three years later on January the 1st

1886 bail would turn herself in at Fort Smith

accused again of stealing a horse

Bail and bass Reeves were acquainted, and they were believed to have been friends

It's believed that bass told bill that he had a warrant for her arrest and he told her to turn herself

In and save her from having to ride several miles in his prison wagon

This time bail will be found not guilty in judge Parker's court and released

Three years later on February the 3rd

1889 two days before her 41st birthday

Bail will be shot in the back from ambush a short distance from her home. The killer was never found

Belle Starr was buried in the front yard of her home a

Few months after Belle was killed her son ed will be sent to prison by Judge Parker for horse theft

Some stores say that Parker respected Belle because she would spend her own money

Furnishing lawyers and paid bail for Indians and others that had no money

He sent instead to seven years in prison

But some say that Judge Parker reigned for edge release a few months later

He then placed him on probation and assigned him to Marshal Bass Reeves, who had been a friend of Belle

Later ed was hard as a US Deputy Marshal himself, but on December the 14th

1896 it had gone to the Gibbs and Clark saloon in Claremore

Oklahoma to arrest the owners for serving poison whiskey he was killed by two

shotgun blasts now

Belle's daughter pearl will become a prostitute at Miss laurels brothel in Fort Smith

miss Laura's original building is now the Information Center in Fort Smith and

Pearl will become the madam of her own place later on

Now this is judge Parker's courtroom. The only picture of Judge Parker on the bench

During his 21 years. He will try thirteen thousand four hundred and ninety cases

Everything from cattle and horse theft whiskey peddling

bandits who sought refuge in the Indian Territory

Nine thousand four hundred and fifty four of these will be found guilty or confess

Three hundred and forty four of these cases will be for murder or rape

Parker will send us a hundred and sixty men two death;

seventy nine will actually be hanged the rest died in jail or

appeal are pardoned

he sent us for women to hang to work immune to life by the

President one sentence was communed by the Supreme Court

And one was ordered a new trial by the Supreme Court, and she was acquitted in

eighteen and ninety Judge Parker authorized a $1,000 reward for the capture of

Cherokee Neddy wata known as Ned Christy

Ned was known as a


Cherokee statesman in 1885 Ned was elected to the Cherokee Council and the Indian nations Senate

He fought for the independence of the Indian tribes

This all changed on may the 4th

1887 when deputy US Marshal Daniel maples were murdered in the Cherokee Nation

US Marshals arrested John Parrish for the murder.

John told the deputies that Ned Christy was the one that shot marshal maples a

warrant was issued for Christy by judge Parker's court

Ned maintained his innocence, and he petitioned Judge Parker to allow him time to find the guilty party.

The judge refused.

Unlike most fugitives Christy refused to leave home

He fortified his home and for five years held off a text by law being

Even managing to escape and rebuild when they burned him out all the time

Maintaining that he was innocent in

November of 1892

Gus York and 16 or more other deputies

Using a barred cannon managed to kill Ned Christy as he run out of his burning home

Now this is Ned Christy's .44 caliber

Winchester that he was using and his 44 Colt revolver

The deputy's strapped Ned's body to a door and placed his rifle in his hand for this photo after

Bringing his body back to Fort Smith Ned's father claimed Ned's body and buried in in Adair, Oklahoma

Unfortunately after Ned's family had suffered from Posse attacks over a five-year period on his home and family

Even killing one of his sons it was discovered from witnesses that he was innocent of the murder of deputy

Maples and the real murderer was named.

On June 23rd,


Bluford duck known as blue duck

while riding drunk with a companion shot and killed for no reason a farmer by the name of

Samuel Warwick in the flint district of the Cherokee Nation

They had tried to kill a cherokee boy that had witnessed the murder by shooting his horse, but he got away

Duck had been a member of the outlaw gang

operating in Indian Territory for years US Deputy Marshal Frank Cochran captured the two and took him before Judge Parker

Where they were found guilty of murder and sentenced to death.

Now this photo of blue duck and bail star was taken in Fort Smith on the 24th of May

1886 before his trial

It's been said that duck had rode with Belle and Sam Star's gang

Others say that she only agreed to the photo as a request from blue ducks attorney hoping to influence the court

Doug sentence was later reduced to life in prison

Belle Star assisted in the appeal for Doug and while serving time at the federal penitentiary in Illinois in

1895 blue duck was diagnosed with tuberculosis

Terminal and was given a pardon and released. He was buried in Oklahoma. Territory at the age of


Judge Parker described Crawford goes be known as Cherokee Bill as the most bloodthirsty

Mad dog who killed for the love of killing and the most vicious of all outlaws in the Oklahoma Territory

His belief that Goolsbee killed from 7 to 8 men, although. He bragged that it was closer to 15

after goes Beach capture and shortly after this photo was taken a

bill in the center with his left hand in his pocket and his right hand behind deputy marshal dick critic 10 a

few seconds after this picture

Bill attempted to grab marshal Craig Tain's pistol. If he had gotten the marshals gun that would have been five dead

US Marshals, according to Bill.

on April of 13

1995 Judge Parker sent us Cherokee bill to hang for the murder of a man named, Ernest, Melton

during a bank robbery attempt on July the

2618 and 95 while waiting on appeal Cherokee bill attempts to escape

It's believed that someone slipped a Colt revolver and to bill sale

Guard Larry Keaton was a Sisson jailer Kimball Alf unlocking cell doors

At Cherokee bells sailed the outlaw Gale to keep to throw up his hand and turn over his pistol

Instead keep him started to draw his own

Bo shot Keaton twice in the stomach killing him over thirty rounds were fired and

Ricocheted through the jail as the other guards arrived as the jail became a standoff feller prisoner

Henry Starr, who was actually a nephew of Sam Starr the husband of L star

He offered to get the gun from Cherokee Bill if they would promise not to kill bill if he surrendered

Starr who himself had been sentenced by Judge Parker to hang for the murder of a US Deputy Marshal

Went in alone to build sail and convinced him to give up

After the killing of guard Larry Keaton it only took three

Days for judge Parker's court to send its bill to be hang the second time for over two years

Crawford Goolsbee had terrorized the Indian territories now this picture of goes B

And his mother was taken shortly before he was to be hanged on March 17 18 and 96

Where they ask him what his final words was bill said I come here to die not to make a speech

the roof of schmuck gang

Consisted of five mixed blooded teenagers the boys had spent time together in Fort Smith Jail for minor crimes

Their leader an 18 year old Rufus buck third from the left

Bragged that his gang would make a crime spree that would outdo all the others

There are 13 day rampage began on July the 30th

1895 when the boys robbed a local grocery store

When a black US Deputy, Marshal John Garrett?

Attempted an arrest they shot and killed him

Running from the murder the kidnapped and raped a white woman by the name of miseries will

The next couple of weeks two gangs will rob several stores and ranches they preyed on white settlers and Indians alike

while robbing an elderly

Salesman by the name of Callaghan they offered him a change to escape if he could outrun the gang

He did and the gang were so upset that they killed his assistant

They later killed a man by the name of Gus chambers when he objected to them stealing his horses

they then robbed a Stockman and took his money as boots his clothes shooting at him as he ran naked a

Few days later. They helped the husband of roseto Hanson at gunpoint

while they raped her and

At least two other women and a fourteen-year-old girl

rape victims of the gang

died of their injuries

They were finally captured outside of Muskogee Oklahoma by US Marshal and Creek lat foot police

They were all five sentenced to be hanged by Judge Parker

the sentence was carried out on July the 1st to


Judge Parker would pronounce the sentence, but marshals were responsible for seeing that the sentence was carried out

They had walked the prisoners from the jail to the gallows, but they didn't relish the idea of spring in the trap

Therefore the court needed a special hangman. This was Judge Parker's hangman, George Melton.

He'll be known as the prince of hangman

accredited with over 60 executions

Melton first served as deputy sheriff and federal jailer before becoming a marshal and chief executioner

George Melton wore a stuffy long beard he always wore black and with two pistols on his side

He seldom smile. They said and

Women and children and even me and would cross the street when they seen him coming

In eighteen and ninety-five a man by the name of Frank

Carver was in Fort Smith and had a brief affair with George Melton's beautiful 25 year old daughter and

When Carver left Fort Smith and he followed him to Muskogee


an Indian Territory there she found that he had an Indian wife and an argument ensued and Frank shot any

She was taken back to Fort Smith where she died less than two months later on May the 19th


Carver was convicted of murder and sentenced to death by Judge Parker

The Supreme Court reversed the decision to manslaughter

George Melton was so upset over that and he left Fort Smith for good

He had planned on being the executioner of Frank Carver in

September of


Congress effectively closed the federal courts for the Western District of Arkansas by removing this jurisdiction

when the

1896 court term began in August Judge Parker was sick at home unable to hold court

Parker was suffering from a deteriorating heart and brights disease

Judge Isaac Parker passed away at his home on November the 17th

1896 at the age of 58

He's buried only two blocks in the Fort Smith National Cemetery from the gallows

Where he ordered the death of a hundred and sixty people

with 79 actually being carried out. "I

never hanged a man," he said. "The law hanged them."

The Description of Judge Isaac C. Parker : Feared By All (Jerry Skinner Documentary)