Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Charice - Pre-Glee Debut News [Eng Sub]

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We are one day away from the second season premiere of TV Hit series, "Glee" in America.

Wherein it will feature Filipina YouTube Sensation, Charice.

Her unique success nominated her in the Teen Icon Awards of US Magazine.

Ginger Conejero will be reporting.

She's being featured on TV, newspapers....

and radio stations in different countries...

The filipina singing sensation and certified Hollywood actress, Charice.

Charice is the new cast member to look forward to on the Hit TV series, Glee - that will be shown tomorrow.

Charice will be playing a role of a filipina exchange student that will rival lead star, Lea Michelle.

And while Newsweek Magazine (US) named her as the "Rising Pop Star of Asia,"

She is now being featured on USA Today as the "little girl with the big voice."

In the article, it reminisced her painful past when her father pointed a gun at her mother while Charice was still young.

But her world is completely different now...

as she was even nominated by Teen Magazine J-14 as the "Teen Icon of Tomorrow."

The other nominees includes the youngest of the Jonas Brothers, Frankie Jonas...

and Disney star, Bella Thorne.

Despite her success, her heart remains as a filipino that misses the Philippines, her friends, eating "adobo" and "sinigang."

Ginger Conejero, "patrol of the filipino."

You're excited.

I'm proud.

Her appearance on Glee will be shown tomorrow.

It is 95 days to go until Christmas.

To all our countrymen in Ilocos Norte, "Naragsak apascua!"

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