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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dealing With Team Members Only in it For Them Self - Jocko Willink and Echo Charles

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you talk about playing the game quote-unquote to win but what about

people that play the game to win for themselves

and how do I defeat them that's a good good question and it hit me yeah when I

saw that question ooh that's a good point and that's a

good there's a very important distinction there because I'm always

saying play the game yeah hey you gotta play the game you gotta you gotta build

the relationships with the boss you gotta learn what they like and kind

of tow the party line you kind of do the little things you gotta support the

corporate headquarters or the boss or the man right or whatever entity is up

in that ivory tower I want you to play the game get them on your side and the

reason I say to do those things is that so you can get more control so that

people ask your opinion so that you get listened to so that perhaps you get

promoted which is good but the reason you're doing all those things the reason

that you're playing the game is to help your team accomplish the mission that's

what you are trying to do it's to help your team accomplish the mission now the

the other side of that is what this question is about people that are

playing the game for personal gain they they play the game so that they can get

listened to so they can drive their personal agenda so they so they can get

promoted and they want to get promoted so they can abuse their power and maybe

that abuse of power is just is just working less maybe it's making other

people do through crap jobs or whatever that whatever the case may be but

they've got an agenda and they're gonna try and get promoted so they can take

care of themselves and that is not why I tell you to play the game and that's not

why I played the game and I definitely played the game and I played to win but

I played because I wanted my squad or my platoon or

tasks unit or my training command to be able to better accomplish our mission

that's why I played the game now there is a secondary benefit of playing the

game and that is that you could possibly get promoted earlier you could get

praise from the boss that looks good on your record and all those things can

happen when you're playing the game but that's just like collateral sort of

fringe benefits but that's not why you're playing the game you play the

game to help the team win and when the team wins you win which also makes the

team win again so it's like a positive cycle because you start developing a

good reputation now you get more leeway from the boss in a more leeway you get

from the boss the more you have the ability to make maneuvers on the

battlefield the more you can maneuver on the battlefield the more offensive you

could be the more offensive you could be the more you win and then you get more

ability to move more because your boss is giving you even more room to maneuver

so it's a it's a cycle it's a good positive cycle now when you have someone

that's on the team that's playing the game for themselves first of all no one

likes that person right everyone can see that person no one likes them and

there's believe me the military the military has unbelievable people that

play the game for the best possible reasons to help their platoon and help

the mission and help succeed there's also plenty of people in the military

and in every every different line of work there's plenty of people that play

the game because they want to they want them they want they're looking out for

themselves looking out from number one right I'm noting expressions they're

looking out for number one there's plenty of people and I dealt with people

like that all the time and what did I do I used the to my advantage and I'll tell

you what I would get in their head and what I would do is I would make them

think that the best way for them to win for themselves personally was for the

team to win I would get that into their head because a lot of times they missed

that point they're looking out for themselves they're not worried about the

team and I would get them thinking that they're gonna look the best if the team

wins hey if you really want to look the best way you can get promoted is if

we look good you know if the team does great if you get us the gear we want the

equipment we want their training that we need that's the best way you're gonna

look awesome because we're gonna succeed more and that's gonna make you look good

mmm and I'm of course I'm gonna be more tactful that I'm not saying it like that

but I'm saying it right don't get my word getting them get the messaging is

they're gonna be saying things hey you know our boss doesn't like our boss

doesn't like leaders that complain right you know until the boss he doesn't like

complainers you know I mean little little things like that right hey the

possibly boss likes to hear the truth about stuff he wants to know what you

know what I mean little things like that

and you know here's the thing that person that person might get the

promotion because what you've done is you've helped them act correctly

actually and there's a chance a decent chance a good chance even that they

carry that forward they realize that hey the best way to play the game is to help

the team and the best way to look good is to help Dead's is to make the team

good and succeed at the mission hmm and it's really well you know one of the

classic cases then we'll get into ownership a little bit but if something

goes wrong right the person that's looking out for themselves blames

everyone else mmm and and so that's a challenge right because once you start

blaming once that boss starts blaming everyone then the whole team starts

blaming each other so how do you fix that well we've talked about so million

times you step up and say hey you know boss is my fault and boss that's right

it's your fault and there's a there's a good chance that they recognize how

positive that is mmm and it may take a while and it may never happen because

some people are just savages right some people are just complete they only care

about themselves they only care about the next promotion and getting the next

award and getting the next bit of recognition there's people like that

there's they're horrible they're horrible they exist but they're pretty

small most people if they see hey this this is working for this guy

it can work for me too and that starts to spread and the other thing that

happens I think is if someone's a just a flagrant self promoter mm-hmm that you

might get them one promotion because you were there to kind of make them look

good but the next time around they're gonna get seen they're gonna get found

out they're gonna people are gonna realize what kind of person they are and

that's that's where it catches up with them so you keep playing the game you

keep you keep working hard don't worry about them and actually do your best to

help them out the person that's like self promoting do your best to help them

out and if they're the boss make them look good I always want to make my boss

look good yeah yeah it's gonna help you in the long run yeah it hurts sometimes

yeah it's hard to do sometimes yeah our ego gets in the way sometimes okay put

that ego in check because what's more important because if you're my boss echo

and you're doing this just to make yourself look good if I then undermine

you well and now we don't accomplish the mission as well I'm actually a bad

person because I didn't do my best to accomplish the mission mmm right we

didn't look good yeah I'm not worried about how we look but we failed in our

mission oh we didn't do our mission to the best of our ability so now I'm not

gonna let that happen you want to look great cool I want to

make you look great because I want us to look great doing our mission because

that's what's important to me yeah and if some of the collateral damage of that

is that you look great even though you're a jerk and I get you promoted

that's okay because eventually you're gonna get found out or you're gonna

learn to be a better person and to support the team and that's how

you got promoted and you're gonna realize that you'll become a good leader

yeah yeah I agree with that when well like I always have where people can see

that too you know they can see yeah you know like if your boss is like a

self-promoter or whatever and you have it in your head I understand I

understand this because I've been in a situation where I'm like shoot I kind of

feel inside like I don't want to like make an effort to make them look good

kind of thing because it's like he doesn't deserve it and

thing and what like what I'm gonna make him looking and now everyone's gonna

think that he looks good kind of thing but then when you really think about it

now they're not yeah you're right and the same goes for you like if you if

you're like to you know if you're just focusing on the positive stuff you know

you know how like you're what do you listen you know if you don't have

anything nice to say don't say it at all if you're really doing that like people

noticed that too like that guy is like really positive good idea focusing like

this you know kind of thing like people see it and this doesn't mean you're just

mr. positive sugarcoat and everything and no it's not what I'm talking about

that but you are not focusing on the negative instead of saying oh we're all

about this you say you know what we got some deficiencies here here's what I'm

gonna do to fix them yeah yeah how simple is that

just get better yeah the point is people they see they see don't think that you

know like you're gonna help you know make this guy look good in their just

good they're gonna not see it and they're just gonna fall for the trick or

science badly see that most of the time it's that example that you said about

playing to their ego or whatever where you're like hey you know you you're

gonna look really good if so you ever seen the movie Moana I saw three minutes

of it ah see there you go she does excel the guy the main guys near the demigod

name is Molly I'm played by the rock by the way

Dwayne Johnson great movie by the way um she does him like that she's like hey

let's they got to go do this mission you know restore the heart you know whatever

it's long story but and he's like you know whatever reluctant and he's like

she's like hey you'll be a hero again and he's like I'm already a hero

just like wow no not for a while you know you haven't done anything lately

but if you do this and you'll be the hero to everyone and yeah any you know

of course he does it of course be a man it's good to get a quick example it

works there it is proof on on Mon

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