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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Message Man

Difficulty: 0

[ominous music]

[waves rumbling]

[calm music]


[ominous music continues]

[gun cocks]

[engine sputters]

[in Bahasa]

[continues in Bahasa]

-Mechanic? -Mechanic?

[in Bahasa]

[upbeat music]

[children playing]

[children singing]



Sorry, I have no,

but I can make.

-How long? -Mm. Maybe...

three days.

No, that's, that's too long. I need faster.

You want good, mister?

Yeah, maybe three days.

Two days.

Okay. Two day.

[speaking in Bahasa]

-Hey! -[groans]

-[moans] -Shit.

[child] Why you do that?

I just trying to help.

I don't need any.

Go away.

You need help.

I good worker.

Please, I help you.

[soft music]

[child] You too quiet.

You need to talk more.

I serious. My mom cook you dinner.

She really good cook.

[in Bahasa]

[man in Bahasa]

[in Bahasa]

[both in Bahasa]

It's fine.

Don't worry.

I take care of you.

[in Bahasa]

[man in Bahasa]



Oh, shit.

I be right back.

[in Bahasa]

[Doni in Bahasa]

[in Bahasa]

[continues in Bahasa]

[Doni in Bahasa]

[Doni] Uh...

you meet my mom.

I... got stuff I have to do.



Doni tell me you give Doni work.

For today.

[in Bahasa]

[continues in Bahasa]

That's really nice of you give Doni lots of money.

What did Doni do?

Just take some things to my boat.


tell me you want come to home to dinner.


I have to get back.

Uh, why?

[in Bahasa]

Well, it's nice to meet you Mr.?


Mr. Ryan.


-[in Bahasa] -Yeah.

If you want to come to our house to eat,

you are very welcome, Mr. Ryan.

[in Bahasa]


What you looking at?

Get in.

[engine sputters]

[engine revs]

[ominous music]

[Doni grunts]


Don't, don't touch that.

Don't touch anything.

What is for?


You use for fishing?

I told you not to touch anything, please. Don't.

So what do you for job?

I'm retired.

What that mean? Retired?

Means I don't work anymore.

Is that hard?


Being retired?

Let's get the rest.

You come for dinner?

Go home.

It's the kampong at the end of the road.

The hut with the blue door.

You come for dinner at my home.

I help tomorrow, mister?

Go home.


[engine revs]

[waves sloshing]

[foreboding music]

[foreboding music continues]

[door opens]

-[in Bahasa] -[woman whimpers]

[continues in Bahasa]

[in Indonesian]

[man in Bahasa]

[in Bahasa]

[woman whimpers]


[in Bahasa]

[knocks on door]

[all speaking Bahasa]

Mr. Ryan!


[in Bahasa]

[speaking in Bahasa]

You came.

[Doni] Wow!

You used your arrow?

Good shot.


[Jenti in Bahasa]

Thank you.


[singing in Bahasa]

This is my chickens.

[chickens clucking]

[Doni imitates clucking]

This one my favorite.

He grow up one day and fight.

Where's your father?

He die.

You like my chicken?

it's nice.

When did he die?

When I was little.

This one, my second favorite.

I like him just as much.

But I need to have a favorite though.

You see the strips, huh?

They're nice.

[in Bahasa]

We better go in.

[praying in Bahasa]

-[Jenti] Okay. -[Doni] Yeah.

Wants fish?

[Doni] I work tomorrow?

Meet me at the jetty,

nine a.m.

Don't be late.

I never late, ask mom.

Good night.

[ominous music]

[children shouting]

So, I think my mom like you.

You nice guy.

You just so quiet.

That's enough.

I did a good job, huh?

So what next?

We provide.

[Doni] Okay.


[in Bahasa]

[Doni chuckles]

-[in Bahasa] -Yeah.

You need fish?

I'm your man.

I take care of it.

So are you come...

coming for dinner?

I mean,

do you want to come to dinner?


Could you tell Doni that I'll be back.



How'd you go?

Perfect. I do really good job.

Best ever.

Not good enough.


Look there. See?

There's a crack.


It's no crack.

[in Bahasa]

-Redo them. -Ha?

Make me an extra set for spares.

Oh. Okay.

Five days.

[ominous music]


[ominous music]

[ominous music continues]

[no audible dialogue]

[Doni imitates clucking]

[Doni shushing]

[chicken clucks]

[Dewi speaking in Bahasa]

Good Mr. Ryan, get in.

[Dewi speaking in Bahasa]

[Ryan grunts]

[chicken clucks]

[Ryan and Doni grunt]

[Doni imitates clucking]

Go there. There, there, there.

[Ryan and Doni cheers]

-[thunder rumbles] -[rain pours]

-[birds chirping] -[hammering]

[Doni speaking in Bahasa]

[speaking in Bahasa, sobbing]

[Doni cries]


[speaking in Bahasa]

He die.

My favorite one.


A dog.

Do you know which dog?

Yes. [sobs]

So, what are you gonna do?

What do you mean?

You can't accept the dog killed your chicken

and let him go.

Or you could kill the dog

so it doesn't come back and do it again.

I don't kill dog.


Because that bad.

I want a better cage.

That will stop dog.

Let's say a prayer.

And bury the chicken.

What about the others. They not safe.

We could sleep out here tonight. And keep an eye on them.

We'll fix the cage tomorrow.

[ominous music]

[man] Hey.






-[grunts] -[clucking]

-[thuds] -[dog yelps]

[sighs] That's it.

No more room.

Why don't you take this to the house. I get the rest.

What about stuff for my chicken house?

We'll get that next.

You okay with that?


[straining] Just need to get it started.

[foreboding music]


-[glass shatters] -[engine stops]


[in Bahasa]

[foreboding music]

[in Bahasa]

[knife swishes]

[men speaking in Bahasa]

[men laugh]

[in Bahasa]

[continues in Bahasa]

[shouting in Bahasa]

[men groaning]




[flies buzzing]

[camera clicks]

[flies buzzing]

[suspenseful music]



[speaking in Bahasa] Doni!

-I'll fix him. Let me fix him. -What happened to my son?

Clear the table.

Do you have any antiseptic or thread? Needles?

-No, no. I don't have. -Okay.

I need you to put pressure here.


No, Doni.

Where are you going?

I'll fix him.

My son.

Doni, my son.

[Jenti speaking in Bahasa]

[tense music]

[tense music continues]

Are you a doctor?

How you know all this?


Tell me about the pirates.

Every month they come.

They took girls.

They took money.

They took lots.

How many are they?


[Ryan] How many?

Thirty, maybe.

The people here give them what they want.

If not, they kill.

Was it them?

When he wakes, I'm gonna take you somewhere.

To another place.

A better place.

No, no. We stay.

It's too late.

What did you do?


[grunts] [in Bahasa]

[door opens]

[man in Bahasa]

[in Bahasa]

[manager] Mr. Lee,

we're running late.

We need more workers and they want more money.

[Lee] You know the one thing that I hate most in this world?


I understand, sir.

-But they need more time-- -It's unfortunate

that what they want and what they get

is two different things.

Cut all their wages in half.

-Cut in half, sir-- -As I just said,

everyone gets half.

-With all due respect-- -Then,

next week,

and they all have quit,

they will come begging for work.

We'll give them a raise.

I say, what, 25 percent?


need to give yourself an opportunity

to be a nice guy for once.

[telephone vibrates]


Who is this?

Not now, he's busy right now.

Feel the amazing feeling of giving someone a raise.

Boss, I think you might want to see this.

[tense music]

[tires screech]

[engine stops]

[foreboding music]

[foreboding music continues]

[phone beeping]


I want you to bring him back to me alive.

[device beeps]

[in Bahasa]

Pretty necklace...

for a pretty girl.

[device beeps]

I need to get something from my boat.

What? No. If something happen I don't know what--

I have to.

[device beeps]

I need you to keep the kids inside.

Pack some clothes.

If I'm not back in two hours,

take the kids to the green church

in the jetty.

Please do as I say.

-Two hours. -Okay.

[foreboding music]

[foreboding music continues]

[trigger clicks]

[tense music]

[telephone rings]





[both grunting]


Who sent you?

How many others are there?

[heavy breathing]

How much they pay you?

One million?


Two million?

Was it Lee?

They didn't pay you enough.


[action music]


I'm sick of waiting, Lee.

[Yanto] I sent my men in.

Do you think this is a game?

Do you have any idea who this is?

I lost girls and I lost my men.

I'm sick of this little game.

You will not waste my chance.

I need you to be a smart man now and seep these next word

to your fucking tiny, little skull,

you fucking wait 'til I say!

[telephone beeps]

Is everything alright?

I found something.


I've wanted for a very long time.

-How long you look? -[sighs]


[sighs] ...many years.

What is this thing?

[Missy gasps]

A man.

A murderer.

And why you want him so bad?

He killed my parents.

How did he do it?

This had to happen.

I've killed too many.

[Lee] Their bodies were on the floor.

Blood everywhere.

They call him the "Message Man."

I thought he was going to kill me too.

It's my time now.

We'll see how he likes losing things.

-[thuds] -[Missy gasps]

[ominous music]

[dog barking in distance]

[fan humming]




The money.

I needed the money.

It's been quiet out there.

Kids are getting married.

My goddamned mortgage.

The kids.

[Tom sighs]

[Tom] All grown up.

Trish is married now for god's sakes.

Got a granddaughter.

And Lucy?

[gulps, sighs]

We're divorced.

Hey, 20 good years out of it.

All good things come to an end, right?


where does that leave us, friend?

Tell me about Lee.

He got wind you were here.

He's like a kid with a fucking toy now.

And how many?

Jesus Christ, it's fucking hot here.

What are you doing out here anyways?

This fucking place is a shithole.

It stinks, mosquitoes, bad water,

thousand fucking islands.

Wait, wait.


The other players.


We just met.

Third guy is a Jap.

Chinese or some shit like that.

He's been getting all the big gigs

over the last couple years.

Listen, this guy doesn't play by the same set of rules.

And he's here now.


And the pirates, the work for Lee?



I can walk away.


Completely off the grid.

I tried that.

What was it like being alone for so long?


I'll keep an eye on them for you.


Do they know about the family?


Something tells me I'm just the distraction now.

What's your granddaughter's name?


She's the most beautiful thing--


[somber music]

Send them now.

[engine humming]

[foreboding music]

[Asep] Okay.

[speaking in Bahasa]

[men speaking in Bahasa]

[speaking in Bahasa]

[men speaking in Bahasa]

[speaking in Bahasa]

[tense music]

[device beeps]

[gun cocks]

[phone vibrates]

[phone vibrating continues]

[Asep in Bahasa]

[Yanto in Bahasa]


[door creaks]


-[grunts] -[shouts]



[man] Oh, shit! [grunts]



-[gunfire] -[distant shouts]

[distant scream]

[distant yell]


[ominous music]

[Jenti coughs]



[telephone rings]

[Jenti sobs] Why are they here, Mr. Ryan?

Why they take my babies away?

[telephone rings]

[Jenti sobs] [Jenti] Why me?

[somber music]

[ringing continues]

[telephone rings]

[phone beeps]

[Lee] Ryan, welcome back.

Did you like my gift? I asked them to be creative

and i hope they did their job well.

You know what I want.

[Ryan] I will give you one chance,

to bring them back to me unharmed.

[Lee] See you in Jakarta. Two hours or I kill them both.

[somber music]

[no audible dialogue]

Just sleep.

[whispers] It's okay.

I'm gonna get your kids.

I'll get 'em back.

[women whispering in Bahasa]

[foreboding music]



[Yanto] Lee!

Why the fuck is this here?

To kill you, I suggest.

You said that he will come for you.

Well I say he come for all of us.

[Yanto] No, no, fucking game.

I will kill him myself.

Then I will kill your girls,

then I will kill you.

You fucking with me?


Good luck with that.

[Yanto] Lee? Lee?

[telephone beeps]

-[shouts] -[telephone thuds]


[in Bahasa]

[man in Bahasa]

[in Bahasa]

[man screams in distance]

[all whimpering]

[all sobbing]


[all yell, whimper]


[ominous music]

[man grunts]

[man groans]


[all whimper]

[Asep groans]


-[gunshot] -[gunfire]

[gunfire continues]

[guns cock]

-[gunfire] -[men screaming]

[Yanto yells]

[Yanto groans]

Due to time constraints,

I won't be able to stay very long.

[Yanto whimpers]

That being said,

I feel under the circumstances, I owe it to some people

-I've become very close to. -[Yanto groans]

To give you my fullest attention.


Please, don't kill me.

This is not an exercise in torture.

Nor is it a lesson.

This is a combination

of all the bad choices that you've made

grouped into a single action.


[Yanto] Wait.

We must...

accept the consequences of our actions.

No matter how painful, how torturous,

how brutal or cruel they may seem.

Anything. Women, money, anything.

I don't need anything.

[Yanto grunts]

Transfer code two four three eight double-nine F-D-S.

Voice recognition approved, how can we help you today?

I need a long-range consultant and a satellite track for two.

Please confirm price and availability.

We have a long-range consultant available in the area.

The price will be one million, US.

Do you approve?


[engine revs]

[foreboding music]

-[gunshot] -[crashes]

[tense music]

Activation code 1135.

[sniper] Your consultation period is now active.

Purchase request code 2315. How may I be of assistance?

Sending coordinates. Relocate to marker one.

Hold for instructions.

[sniper] Copy that. Coordinates received.

Relocating. ETA, 16 minutes.

Where to mister?



[engine starts, sputters]

[action music]

[engine revs]

How far away from here do you live?


How far away from here do you live?

Not far.

Okay, turn down here. Here.

[engine revs]

-[gun clicks] -No. No.

-I need you to listen to me. -[whimpers]

I'm gonna go into this building

-and I'm gonna get a small girl. -Okay.

When I come back we take her to your house.

-[gasps] -I want you to call your wife

-and tell her to be ready. -Not my wife. No, no.

We go to one more location and you are done.

No, no, no. Money is no good if I die, mister.

You will not die as long as you stay in the vehicle.

As long as you do not leave this location.

-You understand? -No, no, mister.

This is too dangerous for me. You can go. Please, please.

-Please, you can go, mister. -What's your name?

What's your name?



Adi, these people...

they take children like your daughter.

They abuse them and then they sell them.

I'm gonna make sure they never do it again

but I need your help.

[stammering] Mm, no, no. I'm not involved.

You already are.

[Adi sobs]

Look, you are not in danger as long as you stay here, okay.

Do not get out of the vehicle.

[Adi whimpers]

[both speaking Bahasa]

[in Bahasa]

-[man 1] Ha? -[gun clicks]


[gunshot whistles]

[gun clicks]

[sniper]Please advise movement.

[Ryan] Relocate.

-Southwest. -[sniper] Copy. Relocating.

[indistinct chatter]

[speaking Bahasa]

[telephone rings]

[telephone rings]

[telephone ringing continues]


-[gunfire] -[screams]



-[screams] -[gunshot]


[sniper] No clear shot. Please advise.

Hold for instructions.

[sniper] Copy.

[tense music]

[man] Hey!

Oh, shit!

[man speaking in Bahasa]

-[device beeps] -Bomb!



-[man yells] -[gunfire]

[man] What?

-[screams] -[gunfire]

[both in Bahasa]

[tense music]


[in Bahasa]




[sniper] Ground vehicle clear. Please advise next location.

About to enter top floor. ETA one minute.

[sniper] Copy. Relocating.

[gun cocks, clicks]

[tense music]

[Dewi sobbing]

Ryan Teller.

I have to admit, I'm quite an admirer.

[sniper] Have clear shot. Two targets.

Your three o'clock and your nine o'clock.

Awaiting signal.

The work you did in Korea.

That group in Brazil.



So it's hard to believe that

someone with such a skill and passion

for brutality would just...

fade away.

[Lee] Seven years.

You of all people should understand

the necessity for such drastic measures,

if nothing but at least find some kind of, uh...

finality to our relationship.

I'm actually extremely grateful that

now I have the opportunity to show you

how much you affected my development as a child.

Put them down or the girl will die, very slowly.

Put your guns down now.

[Dewi sobs]

Put the guns down now!

Kill the girl.


Dewi? Hey.

You okay? They didn't hurt you?

Okay, come on.

I need you to wait here for me. Can you do that?

I want you to cover your ears and close your eyes again.

Good girl.

I shot him in the cerebellum.

Paralyzed, but all his sense and feelings

are still intact and responsive to pain.

You know, I've always considered myself

a highly motivated person.

Just imagine the, the passion

I must be feeling.

Can you imagine the passion, Lee?

Can you? Huh?


Give me back the fucking boy!

If you've hurt him,

I'll kill everyone in your family.

I'll kill all your friends,

I'll kill your business associates.

I will kill everything that you've ever loved.

Kill him.

Find and kill this fucking piece of shit!

We go to the club.

[ominous music]

[Adi speaking in Bahasa]

[continues in Bahasa]

[grunts] I got you.

Hey, mister. You're bleeding, let me help you.

No, I've got it.

[in Bahasa]

Keep her safe for me.

Mother's address is in her pocket.

Mister, you bleeding.

We need to fix you. Let's go to doctor first.

Need to hurry. I haven't got much time.

Get in.

-They're moving. -Where to?

The city.

-Go. -[engine sputters]

[engine revs]

[Toby]Your consultation period has now ended.

Funds have been wired to your nominated account.

Your services have been requested in Rome.

Please board flight in 48 minutes.

Time and location received.

Acknowledge termination of consult period.

[Ryan] Adi, do you know this place?

-[Adi] That's the Red Club. -[Ryan] Take me there.

That's where they've got the boy.

[cab driver] Where we go, sir?

Red Club.

[tense music]

I'm gonna go get the boy.

Okay, good luck.

You're gonna help me.

[stammering] No, no I cannot help you.

-No, I cannot. -Yes, Adi, you can.

-I believe that you can. -How can I help you?

I'm just a Bajaj driver.

No, you're a good man.

You know the difference between right and wrong.

No, mister. Please, listen.

These people are very, very bad.

[stammering] They're like the king of bad.

If you don't help me, this little boy could die.


You have a choice,

and I'm asking you for your help.


Okay, but this is the last time.

This will be the last time that I am going to help you.

No more.

Promise me, this is the last time.

I promise you.

No. Promise me that this is the last time

I'm going to help you.

I promise.

What do you want me to do?

I need you to be rich.



[speaking in Bahasa]

[continues speaking in Bahasa]





[club dance music in distance]

[in Bahasa]


[in American accent] Do you take Americans?

-[laughs] -[Adi] Yeah, oh.


[bouncer 1 laughs] Okay, okay, okay.

[bouncer 2] Okay. Okay, boss.

[in Bahasa]

[club dance music playing]

Sometimes I feel On top of the world

But I feel Like I deserve it

I look around At all these beautiful people

And I think I must really want to... ♪

[Adi in normal accent]

[club dance music]

[club dance music continues]


[Adi] Security?




[people screaming]

[crowd clamoring]


Go. Go.


[gunfire continues]



[sniper] Two armed guys approaching your seven.

No clear shot.




[whimpers, grunts]




We are going to have a lot of fun with you.


[gun cocks]

[Lee] He's coming.

He's coming.




[Ryan groans]




-[Lee yells] -[Ryan grunts]

-[thumps] -[groans]

-[Lee laughs] -[Ryan shouts]

Come here. Come here.

It took a lot of work. But here we are.

-[yells] -[grunts]

-[thumps] -[screams]

[Lee shouting]

[Lee howls]

I got you now, bitch!

Wait, wait, wait.

Wait, wait.


Remember this sword, Ryan?

-[grunts] -[yells]

-[groans] -You should.


[somber music]

It still have my parents' blood on it.

Here's what I'm gonna do.

Starting with the boy.

I'm gonna keep him.

Oh, and that little sister, that little girl.

I'm going to make her work her whole fucking life.

Until she's dead.

Oh, and the mother, the mother?

Oh, I'm going to cut her throat into five parts.


Get the message?

You should have forgotten about me.

Bye, Ryan.



[Lee sobbing]

The dog must die.

Come on. Come on.



Close your eyes.

Close them.


-[whimpers] -[yells]

[sword clangs]

Don't worry, I take care of you.

Yeah, I know you will.

[police siren wails]

[policeman speaking in Bahasa]

[somber music]

[somber music continues]

[bicycle bell rings]

[ominous music]

[in Bahasa]

[continues in Bahasa]

[buttons clicking]

[lock clicks]

[ominous music]




[upbeat music]

[action music]

The Description of Message Man