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And now, part 2 of our story Sleeping Beauty!

Just a quick recap:

An evil fairy (not a nice fairy like me!)

put a wicked curse on Sleeping Beauty,

and now she must sleep for 100 years!

Okay, fast forward the story to exactly 99 years,

and 11 months,

and 30 days later...

This very nice prince, from a nearby kingdom, was checking out the local real estate,

and saw the enchanted castle just peeking out from behind the jungle there.

Yes, I'm just a handsome prince doing princely stuff...

Hey, what's that over there?

Looks like an enchanted castle!

I'd better call my dad...

the king.

Hey daaaad?

Um, well this is the king, who's this?

It's Harry.

Oh! Hey my boy, what can I do for ya?

Whats up with the enchanted castle on Sleepy Lane?

Ohh, the one with the brambles and trees and kudzu all over it?

That's the one.

Ohhhh, now that you mention it….

Oh hey, what day is it??

H-h-hold on!

Oh, wow! Ha ha ha!

Ha, yeah, totally slipped my mind


theres a princess in there, cursed to sleep for a hundred years,

and she needs a prince to wake her up...

and give her a kiss.



Hey wait a second, I'm a prince!!

Ha ha! Yeah, fantastic coincidence that is!

Hey, uh, would ya mind?

Wanna go be a prince?

Wake her up?

Well, its the PRINCELY thing to do!

That's my boy

Thanks daaad!

Ok, Harry, this is the really important part. Are you ready?

Am I ready?? Are you kidding?

Youre talking to the Prince!!

Oh, boy...


Okay, I dont want to startle her...

So, um...

Oh boy, a hundred years is an awful long time to sleep.

She might be really grumpy...


Okay... how to do this...

Wakey Wakeeey!

Time to wake uuuup.


You've been asleep for 100 years.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee--

Oh! Coffee!

Maybe I should make some coffee. Where's the uh...

Kitchen! Kitchen! Yes!


Well that woke me up!

G-good morning. I uh...

I hope you don't mind but I had to wake you!

And, um, now I uh...

I have to, uh, kiss you in order to completely break the spell.

I'm, I'm so sorry!

Uh, i-it's kinda what I have to do.

I didn't cast the evil spell I just, um...

Hey that wasn't so bad!

Wow! Suddenly I was awake and happy!

The evil curse was broken!

It only took 100 years!!

Miles. [clears throat]


'Tis I, Miles--- I mean, the good fairy!

I've come to bless you with happiness!

You will get married, and live happily every after!


Who put THAT there?

Sorry 'bout that.

Oh that's ok. I'm good.

It was the stuff fairy tales are made of:

true love at first sight!

The Prince and I got married, and when we had our own little baby,

we made sure to have a strict, no-curse policy.

Oh hey, I'm here for the party!


Oh, that picture?

Oh no no, that's not me. That's some other bunny!

Oh thi- this wand...

Ha ha ha ha. No no! I don't have a wand!

No no no, I'm a good fairy!

Yeah I only put good curses on people.

Come on, let me in!!

Aw, man!

The end!

What a great job, you guys!

What story should we do next?

Oh! I wanna do a story about King Arthur and the knights of the round table!

No! Something with dinosaurs in it!!

Big scary dinosaurs that are all like "roar"!

How 'bout Cinderella?

[all talking at once]

Okay, okay guys!

I guess we have some thinking to do!

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