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We always find some crazy things or surprising things but in most cases its just pure physics.

My name is Teddy Woll, Im Head of Aerodynamics at Mercedes-Benz.

Aerodynamics comes from the old Greek. “Aeris in English simple and dynamics comes

fromdynamisand that means force.

So, aerodynamics is about forces created by air.

Air streaming around bodies, like a passenger car.

The biggest impact on drag has the basic shape of the car.

The drag coefficient is a figure that shows the quality of the shape.

The cd value is between 0.05, that is the best known body, for example the penguin, and if you have

a flat plate like a notebook and put it into the wind, there you have a cd value of 1.

And all other bodies are in between.

So, the Mercedes-Benz EQC has 0.27 and from an aerodynamicist point of view, has a very good round front

to lead the air around the frontal wheelhouse and over the greenhouse.

We spent with the Mercedes-Benz EQC around 500 hours in the wind tunnel.

We use 3.5 million hours of CPU time for solving our simulation tasks and as a comparison, if

you were to use a normal quad-core computer you would take for the same simulation tasks,

you would need about 100 years.

Im Maurice Girod, Im the responsible aerodynamics engineer for the new Mercedes-Benz EQC.

For the Mercedes-Benz EQC the battery is a big part of the underbody, so we had on one hand a chance to

make the underbody completely closed from the front to rear.

We also have many special aerodynamic parts like aerodynamic optimised wheels, the aerodynamically

optimised running boards, also we have a roof spoiler with an integrated side spoiler and

an active cooling shutter system for regulating the air flow in a positive way.

We know that the Mercedes-Benz EQC itself is a highly efficient aerodynamic vehicle.

The goal with the Mercedes-Benz EQC AMG line was to push the limits a little bit further.

My name is Alex Link, Im an aerodynamicist at Mercedes-AMG.

The designers shaped the car and gave us the first designs and then we closely worked together

with the designers.

We speak about details that could be changed to improve efficiency and the aerodynamic drag.

When you compare the standard Mercedes-Benz EQC with the AMG line,

its quite obvious that the front design is different.

We have huge air inlets which are called air curtains.

They guide the air around the vehicle at the sides and especially the wheels.

I think to be an aerodynamicist at Mercedes-Benz is a fantastic job, because you have very early

access to first designs and you deal with the artists in the designer studios, you deal

with many engineers and bringing all this together, thats an incredibly great job and is a lot of fun.

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