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- Good morning, it's currently half past nine

and I just woke up.

- I thought I would take you along for my morning routine.

- I'm gonna eat my breakfast, drink my coffee.

My nipples are showing.

Maybe you can find me a boyfriend.

Just kidding.

(upbeat music)

- It is eight o'clock in the morning.

Yeah, I'm gonna show you my morning routine.

Let's fucking go.

- Before I leave my bed, I do the most important thing.

I gotta stretch like a baby.

- I'm gonna lie in bed for another half an hour I think.

- My morning routine is pretty short.

So I just get up and I open my curtains.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

And then I brush my teeth.

- I'm using a weird Korean toothpaste.

It had like a box of cigarettes on the cover of the box,

'cause it's supposed to be like, hardcore,

make your breath awesome.

- I know it's weird but I just brush my teeth in the shower.

- Bleh!

- I'm done bathing and I'm gonna wash my fash.

- I think I'm gonna do the second cleanser.

So good to keep your skin healthy

even if you're not going outside.

- Everyone does like the ten step cream skincare or whatever

but I've pretty much condensed it down to like five.

It's just, who has time for that?

- I got my hair up in this right now

because barbers are closed.

It's not cute.

(light music)

- I sometimes do my makeup

if I want to feel better about myself.


Oh my God, I think put too much.

Oh, shit.

Okay, that looks so bad.

I'm just gonna pretend like it didn't happen.

- This is the height of my makeup skills.

I used to be emo so I know how to do it.

- Oh!

- Now that I look like Shrek,

I can go and get on with the rest of my morning routine.

- My dad usually leaves breakfast.

I think this is scrambled eggs, yep.

- Usually what I have for breakfast,

half boiled egg with kaya toast.

Spread butter on one side of your toast.

Kaya on this side.

It's basically PB&J.

- This is the breakfast I made.

Toast with almond butter,

bananas, strawberries, and blueberries.

- So good.

- I'm not gonna make anything,

I'm just gonna make coffee with milk.

- And there you have it.

- Ah!

- Oh my gosh.

What would we do if we couldn't have a coffee everyday?

- I don't wanna get shit for this

but I drink coffee with a straw.

It's not a Swedish thing, this is just a me thing

because I don't wanna get yellow teeth.

It's a bit superficial, I guess.


Damn, I love coffee.


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