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where's your mom?

She is in the room..

in the room

[Dek duk an]

what is

wrong with her?

Do you guys study well?

[feeling exhausted] Heiha!

I am hungry..

Please wait..Papa

I'm about to finish my work

To have an old wife is such a drag..


Bawi, Come here

- Anything ?...Pa!

come here..come here..come here..

- whenever we are studying...

on what purpose are you distracting us ?

I love...

Boi..come here

look at me ..look at me

You are more beautiful than your mom..

you're such a charm

[karei !!]

You're mom is such..

an old

But ..You..

resembles to me...Boi

its good...its good

Do you love your Mom..?

she is very ugly....

and an old hag

love me instead

you understand?

If I had love your mom...

I would be your father...

you understand?

If I had love your mom...

I would be your father...

You are my dad

Yes, I am you dad..

If I had love your mom...I would be your dad

Marrying with an old woman is such a torture...But..

May I eat ?

- have it...have it.

being fat and unagile....[laughing]...hihi..

[Praising] You are little bit charming and

- have it...have it.

you exceeded my expectation today


Papa's words are so sweet and pleasant...

It is pleasing when we love him...

- if we ingratiate the uglies ...

night sleep are the best

- That's it, its it ,eat it

- where are the peppers?

over there, over there


- You used to exasperate before you eat....

- The peppers are too much

Its good

I am pleased

and our food..

- eh! ..will I slice the fruit for you?

ummm...slice it

here, take with this..

Taking fruit with rice is good for health ...

and provides vitamin

Two piece, Two piece.

this is Wrong.

- Heiha...

Your too arrogant

- ummmm

- I need two piece.

- Heiha...

your'e too haughty

Whatever you say.

and whatever you command...I would do it

- ummmm

eh! you are pretier now, today.

Your weird today.

- you said, I'm old ...

And I feel timid about that.

- Even the Old hags are beautiful sometimes.


Even though my friends suggested you're old

you're not old for me.


- exactly...that

- Good morning

Thank you....Its like that..

- Nowadays, the oldies have more affection and

care for the young. ...note that.

- Like Goodnight, ya know!?


- it's like that

- enjoy your meal

I can't eat raw food,..

so let me eat the cooked one's, Okay?

- This....and noodles too.

enjoy whatever you wish...

- Should I apply and eat like this or...

- eat that one first and this, and that too...


- Theres a lot.

You can drink water too.

[Pleasing] Its good, its good.

- enjoy yourself

Bawinu, Bawinu....wake up

you are too talented in morning sleeps..

- Is she still on the bed?..wake her up.

Why is she still asleep this late.?

Or has she grown roots to her bed.?

we should wake up...

if we want to sleep again.

- Bawinu, Bawinu....wake up

- wake her up...wake her up

A lass shouldn't wake up this late..

she can't even surpass her mom.


Eh..!Have you taken you medicine for the morning?

You haven't take it yet..Right?

- Eh!..I almost forgot...

- okay, take it.

[ bathroom singer singing ]

By the way,

didnt you have an appointment with the doctor today?

Oh! are right!

I completely forgot.

Having a virtuous woman sure is priceless.

If you havent said that,

Id have completely forgotten about it.

- Come, let's prepare for it

- Okay, okay...

[Singing in background]

Honey, will you wear this white shoes.?

- Where's my other shirt?

It is still wet.

I washed it.

as it rained yesterday.

okay....Its okay then.

My wife is so virtuos

She place my clothes neat and tidy

And she cleans them nicely

Mention not...

I fear you might get angry.

- These little things are what makes you prettier.


- Your'e right...hehe..

[Laughing] hehehehe..heheheh!

- Stop praising me childishly.

- I am speaking the thuth

- Let me get dressed

- okay okay, take your time.

[Background singer singing]

I wonder if..

makeup will still work on me before going outdoor

Have you get dressed?

-Of course, I'm ready.

- okay, if you are done, can we go now?



stay at home, we are leaving for your father's check-up

- Mom , bring me Singju, okay?

Singju ?

- Yeah...yeah...yeah.

- It may lead to stomach-ache.

take good care of the house, okay? ..Bawi

Okay, okay...

It is too hot for outdoor

My Dear, even though your father might be an alcoholic

Never ever despise him.

Parents might be foolish or wise, Arrogant or immodest,

But their role as a Father and Mother never get vanished.

Thats why a child should always respect their parents just as they are.

Then, youll succeed in this World,

And also be blessed by the Lord.

[Drunkard] I'm coming.

- Okay, Papa.

would you take bath and have dinner right away?

- ehhhhh....

- Ehhhh...


[son exhausted] Heihaa...

Who are you to Boss me around ?

Taking a Shower..

I know what Ive to do.

Ill shower, and Ill have dinner.

- You Misunderstood,

Im just saying you should take a bath should take a bath and then...

...have dinner and sleep soundly. that's all.

I'll be bathing, and will be eating, I knew it.

Dad, please sit down.


- Its not nice for our neighbor to hear our arguments day and

I'm over exhausted and shy about you

- [Mom] Please think about your family...

- Who do you think you are?

-[mom] its nothing

- Why did you.....your father

[mom] Your son is just trying to make you sit as you are not stable.

- Why did he push his father!?

Get away!

If he didnt push, you wouldve fallen.

-Get out...get away

- you are always like this every evening

...I'm too worried about you.

- You, Get out.


..I am sick of our house.

[Mom] - Bawi, Please wait...Bawi...please..

[Father] - get out...

[Mom - Bawi, Please come back..

[Father] - get out...

[Mom crying from distance]

Get out...all

- Son,please wait...

[Sister calling her brother]

- Son, Please wait me...

[Sister calling her brother]

- Son, Please wait me...

[Sister calling her brother]

[Mom cried] - My son.....


How dare you still lay down!?


While I tried to bring our son back with sorrows in my heart...

How dare You lay here with no regards to whats going on.....dek duk

Have you No Shame!!?

- What news did you got? you keep on yelling about it.

-There are a lot of spoiled kids out there

because of their parents Incompetence.

Or else..

Did you want a spoiled child just like you?

Now, we don't even know where he would sleep and stay

And here you are, sleeping on the couch.

[Father exhausted] - hmmmm...hmmmmh

Keep on speaking..Im too tired of you..

[In Gangte] - Lawm lawm an...

-What kind of father are you even?

regardless to the future of his son and his wife.

and you're just...

Im worried, I dont know how to put up with you

- Keep on yelling...

I'll sleep..

-Come, You are not going to bed

We'll search and bring him back

- He might run into trouble with some thugs

[Sigh] My mind is filled with worries,

How far will you go to torment me! ?

[Father singing]

How can I find a way to call my son!

Please bring me my phone, Dear.

-Here mom

[Sigh] Who am I gonna call or enquire about.

I'm too worried


Are you all asleep?

Eh! ..I just wanted to ask you a question.

One moment, Dear

Your friend just went out recently...

and enquire you where he's about.

You havent seen him?

Okay, let it be dear.

Goodnight all...dear

[Sigh] Heihaaa


- Go to bed first, my dear

you're my sweet lass,my dear

-Mom, why my brother isn't returning this late?

- He isn't returning this late, dear..

Hoping he will be back soon

My Dear...

- Hmmmm

-Get some water for your father..dear

[Sighs] - Heihaa


Your son hasnt returned home this late...

Arent you a bit concern?

I kept on reminding you that you have a Son and a daughter who looked up to you.

But you ignore every word I've spoken...

And now your son…..


but now..


Your son has left you...

And now I'm not healthy like I'm used to...

I fear I might not recover.

If I passed away, How will you look after the family?

How will take care of our children?

Thats what worries me the most.

Life is....

...If you're a father and have responsibilities...

the value of a father is priceless

I may call and prayed for you in the name of the Lord..

But...if you ignore the responsibilities of a father..

All my prayers will likely be in vain.

look into those wise father...

Intelligent father....

will take good care and support for their family

..and their Children's futures are well planned.

But You.. are being annoyed by our cuisine every day.

You always sought anger in wherever you pass

You always made my life in a terrifying situation

which later degrades my health day by day

And now...

after leaving you..

and if I passed away...

You must take good care of our children

I wonder ..

You can't even take care of me..

and can't even afford my medication..

You only bother for your hard liquor

Because of that...I..

am deeply depressed and unable to have a word

which degrades and spoiled all my body.

Ehh!...U Pawl, the medication you took in the morning has nothing left.

- It would be nice if Bawinu takes it

- assshhh....

Is it urgent? Dad

- No, I used to take in the morning

- If it is taken in the morning,

Can I take that in the evening? Dad..

- Yeah, could take that in the evening

It's too sunny right now..

- I concur, it's too hot out there

- Hei..!

Don't you even see a girl?

- We saw them....

what's your problem?

- How dare you keep on speaking..?

[Anquish in pain]


Bawinu's mom is,much prettier than ever before

[Laughing] hehehe..

and most lovely day by day..

- Hehe..don't praise me too much....sesu chun..

- Am telling you the truth...heheh


- Marrying with you is a blessing for me.

-You are a blessed man who receives the blessing

- People often told me that...

-Stop teasing me....I too feel blessed.

- It Is a blessing that we both met with a favour..


[Hurriedly] Ah..!



- What has happened to you?..Dear.

- What is it?...Bawinu

what has happened to you?..tell me

- On my way back..

On my way back home..

ah!, I'm thirsty...

Ahh!... I need water

- You feel too hot, wait..let me quench your thirst.

- Yeah...take some water for her...

Let her quench her thirst and then....ummm

What makes you so indeferrent?

What news do you got?

What's wrong with you?

I feel too

- Mom, on my way back home..

on the way, the thugs...

.. distracted my path

on the spot, a man..

assist me and he was severely injured.

on his face...


they strike him and...

and was severely injured

umm!..b'cause of me, a man suffered like that


I thought of bringing him home. But he refused.

I just left him there.

- Whether he likes it or not, It's your duty to bring him home as he suffered b'cause of you

Yeah, and know whereabout he is.

- We need to look for him and bring him home

- Eh! ..I wonder he still be there!

- Do you know the location?

-Yeah, I know the spot..

- Come, we need to bring him home..

Come on, follow me

- You both go...I'll be home..

- Okay, you stay, we are leaving..


what a conditition we have faced!

how unfavourable it is!

- There he

- Boipu,

- Boipu,

-[Shocking] - Heii...

Ehh..ehh ehh.. Don't be afraid,

we are here to take you home..

How come you're so injured like this?

How dare they misbehave in the society like that?

We need to find them and teach them some lesson.

come...come here and take some shower in our home

If it's hard to walk..we can also hire a taxi.

oh!.. You have arrived!

- Eh...We are coming..

E ka rei sei.... What happened to you...

You seemed too serious..

- Yeah, he is seriously injured

ashh! it's too bad..

- take the pillow and let him lay down here.

- Bawinu, bring me some water.

-Clean him fast and enquire if he had taken his food

Is that pain? Bawi

- He might feel pain, treat him slowly.

- Okay, be seated and will go on..

Bawinu, go prepare him for the shower.

and get it ready.

Is that hurt?..

-Please be patient, we are about to finish...Does it hurt?

Bawi...have you done the shower?

okay, wear....wear this...

I bought it for my daughter but she said, " Its for boys".

It is pre-owned and will fits you more likely and last longer.

Eh..! nice, it exactly fits you...Bawi..

Bawi, you are now smarter with your outfits. Alright?

Bawi, you need to rest early

as we need to wake up early...

and as you are unenergetic right away.

follow me


Okay, have you done the beddings?

- Ummm...umm I've done it

- Bawi...Please rest comfortably and...

if you have any problem regarding your sleep, during the night

just wake me up without any hesitation.

- Okay, Ma..

we are also about to sleep right away..

Upawl, Have you known him before?

- I've....

not known him before. But I saw him once..

around the street..

But, I too have no idea about his parents.

- oh!..I feel pity for him...

whatever may, the night's late. I'll talk with him in the morning.

- Will I turn the light off?

Okay..go on..

[Singing in background]

[Singing in background]

- Bawinu, Where are you?

- In the bathroom, Mom....

- What have you done? Come and water the flowers...

[Joking] If i'm in the bathroom, I am likely eating food....hehehe...

- This little chick..

..have many things to speak


- U Pawl...

I wonder if our boy would always stay in our home without even knowing his parents...will it be good?

- Okay, let me talk to him. Everything will be alright.

[Girl teasing] My boyfriend is too virtuos..hihi

- Boipu, Please come here.

I wanna ask you some question


-Okay, Bawi..please don't feel bad and hesitation...Eh..!

I wanna ask you a question...

What is the condition of your family?...and....

what drives you into this situation..?

Eh..! it because your parents left you?

-Father, my mom and dad, still with me...

- Bawi, what makes you stroll around the street if your parents are still living with you?

- Father, let me tell you a brief condition of my family..

-Once upon a time, there was contentment in our family

Shortly afterwards, my father was bibulous to alcohol.

One night, my father returned home as drunkard...

Father, that was the condition of our family.

Bawi, I'll tell you.

Everyone has imperfections in the family.

We all have the integrity to make it right.

Do not only entrust the parents for the well beings of the family

We, the children too have the same responsibilities, Bawi...

Never expect a healthy family, if one ignores unity and integrity.

- Oh! I realize, father...

At first, I thought it was just the responsibility of my father.

- Bawi...listen...

You can stay with us for as long as you could...

But, keep this in mind...

when dilemma and trouble strikes you,

No one could surpass the love of your parents, Bawi.

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