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Joy to the food

Great meals have come

Which food did you like best

- Let's talk about that.

(upbeat music)

Good Mythical special holiday episode!

- Ha!

You thought we were done last week,

but here's another week in holiday mode, y'all.

Actually we told them,

so if they were listening, they'd know.

- It might be a surprise.

- All right.

- It might be a surprise that you have begun

the official transformation into Santa.

- I prefer Kenny Rogers.

- Okay, just don't go to the mall

and ask anybody to sit on your lap.

- I hope you're not surprised

to find out that it's the holidays,

which means, look at that,

we got a stack of presents back here.

- Yeah, they're full of nothing.

- And we are gonna be extra thankful,

and we are thankful

that we're gonna be right here all week long

looking back at the top Mythical moments of 2020

as voted on by you.

- And we are kicking off what is now

an annual top five week

with a trip down culinary lane.

We're gonna be reliving the absolute best,

the craziest food creations Mythical Chef Josh

and the Mythical Kitcheneers

delivered to this desk over the course,

get it, the course of the last 12 months.

- Okay, so this is like, what, a five course meal,

is that what you're saying?

Yeah, we asked you to vote.

We didn't ask them, who asked them to vote?

- [Stevie] We did.

- We, corporately.

- The royal we.

- [Stevie] The Mythical crew.

- Asked you to vote on your top five

favorite food creations of this year,

and you did not disappoint.

Or maybe you did, I don't know,

we haven't seen what you picked.

- Right, that's what we're doing now.

- We're gonna experience this together.

We ready for number five?

- Yes.

- [Stevie] Starting off with moment number five,

two full grown men have a little too much fun

playing with chocolate peanut butter groin protection

for an alternate dimension.

- In an alternate universe, however,

they don't have Reese's Peanut Butter Cup,

they have Reese's Peanut Butter Athletic Cups.

- Athletic cups.

Look at that.

- [Link] Anybody wanna play baseball?

I do.

- Also in this universe, tampons are made from Twix bars.

(crew laughs)

It's a functioning cup.

I mean, there's peanut butter in there and nuts.

- But it wasn't carved out.

- Can you consume some of that in order to create a space?

- You need me to eat some of this

to make room for your balls?

- Yeah, my entire junk really.

- What is on your shirt?

You already had something on yourself at this point.

- Yeah, this is not the beginning.

- All right, this is my favorite moment of the year.

I'm not gonna hit it that hard.

You're protected.

You ready?

- It doesn't have a--

- Yeah.

You're protected!

Look, make eye contact with me.

(Link exclaims)

(Rhett and Link laughing)

- It's does not hollowed out, man.

- It does not hollowed out.

- Oh, that's nasty.

That shot actually is.

You cracked the whole thing open.

- Oh, look at that, look inside.

- [Link] Look at that.

- Give me that part.

(crew laughs)

- You give me that part.

- The part that was on the outside.

- Did you say crotch?

- I'm sorry, Link.

- I remember that.

- But not.

(Link laughs)

- So that was just number five,

and boy, what a culinary moment.

- There's four more?

- Yeah, yeah.

- I don't believe it.

(Rhett and crew laughing)

Let's see number four.

- [Stevie] At number four,

just when you thought Domino's

chocolate lava cakes couldn't get any better,

Mythical Beast takeover winner, Clara,

decides to swap chocolate for cheesy.

- This is Domino's cheesy lava cake.

Let's dip into this first.

- First of all, Clara came up

with the cheesy lava cake,

so we know which one she prefers.

- Look at how tan we are.

- Or which idea she prefers.

But let's see if we can get a little...

Oh baby, we got some oozing cheese here, look at that.

That was so good.

- [Stevie] That looks so good.

- It was. - Stevie's hungry.

- [Stevie] I'm so hungry.

- It was good.

- Well you know what,

we'll both eat this half

and then we'll keep that one intact.

- [Stevie] Oh, thank you.

- If you wanna watch me eat it later.

Ha, got her!

I remember getting her.

- This is gonna be good, I can smell it already.

- And sink it.

Look at us, watching us eat.

That is cheesy.

- Oh my gosh, that is so good.

I'm a cheese lover and I like it when it's sharp.

- I can remember the taste in my mouth right now.

What kind of cheese is that on the inside?

- [Josh] That's cheddar again.

(crew laughs)

- And?

- [Josh] Oh, that was all I had to say,

do you wanna talk about something else?

- Yeah, what else? - Some sort of joke here,

but I don't remember.

- [Josh] I don't know, I really like this episode.

(Rhett and Link laughing)

- What's going on?

I'm disoriented. - That is excellent.

You and Josh were having kind of a moment, I think.

- [Stevie] I remember what was going on.

- Oh, you cut him off.

- [Stevie] Yeah, you asked him,

like tell me about this

and then you started talking. - And then I didn't want to

to hear the response?

- [Stevie] Yeah, exactly.

- Yeah, yeah, and you do that with others as well,

but you know, it's cool, it's fine.

- Stevie, you should tell that we did share that with you

and tell them what you thought of it.

- [Stevie] Well, it's funny because--

- It was very good

is what she probably would say.

(Rhett laughs)

- [Stevie] When I was watching that with you guys,

I, in my mind, thought what I said before I said it.

Like, I was like, mm, that looks really good,

or whatever I said,

and then I heard my voice say it.

Trippy, man.

- Wow.

- Well, I keep hearing you on there

and I wonder if it's you here.

But I'm just not letting myself wonder.

- I'm also seeing me there,

and wondering if that's me now.

That's why I have this beard,

so that I know--

- That's not you.

- That that's not me now, that's me then.

The tanner, beardless me.

- But is there really a difference

between you then and you now?

Isn't time an illusion?

Speaking of the Mythical Kitchen,

Josh and the Mythical Kitcheneers--

- I would say time is a construct.

- I think it's an illusion.

Are not just over here off camera on this channel

all the time, no, no, no, no, my friends,

they have their own channel,

it's called Mythical Kitchen.

- They are on camera.

- Yeah, where they are on camera

and we're off camera.

Meaning that we're so far off camera

that we're doing normal things

during the day while they're making videos.

- Right.

- You should go watch it.

- It's amazing to think and the beginning of this year,

before we knew what 2020 was gonna be,

we launched the Mythical Kitchen channel.

Look at them now.

We're so far away they forget about us.

(Rhett laughs)

Let's see the next one.

- [Stevie] Swooping in at number three,

Taco Bell and McDonald's have a food baby

and Rhett and Link eat that baby up.

- We got some McDonald's nuggets

that have been Taco Bell-ified

to become taco nuggets.

This could be weird.

No, it can't.

I mean, it already looks weird.

It could be good.

- And what kind of dipping sauce we got here?

- [Josh] Oh, that's McDonald's sweet and sour,

the most underrated dipping sauce in the game.

- Have more faith, tanner Link.

- So what's inside these nuggets?

- [Josh] So we've actually taken Taco Bell's meat,

cheese, and a little bit of jalapeno sauce

and we've frozen them into discs,

then deep fried them,

McDonald's McNuggets style. - It looks nasty inside.

- Well, it looks brown.

(crew laughs)

Most of my favorite food is brown.

- I feel good about it though.

- I like the taco bell meat.

- You hear that noise?

That's you.

- No, that's tanner me.

I like it, you like Taco Bell meat?

- [Josh] It's my favorite.

People talk trash because they found out

it was only 88% meat, but that's more than enough,

that's a B plus.

- Yeah, that's definitely the majority.

- If it was just straight meat

with nothing else to make it taste good...

You want some seasoning and some other additives.

That's you, man.

- That's tanner me, man.

Tanner Link chews loud.

It really works with the sweet and sour sauce too.

To me, this is a clear winner. - You see, you watch me chew

there's no noise.

This is novel, this is inventive.

- You're not chewing, you're mushing and swallowing.

- And I kind of want to keep eating it.

- No, see, when you chew, it makes a lot of noise,

when I chew, it doesn't make a lot of noise.

Both in the past and the present.

- You're a snake.

- I think I just chew with a little bit more

self awareness.

I think it's just like, I know people are watching me chew.

When I'm at home I'm a loud chewer.

- I'm figuring this out.

- On the internet, I'm a soft chewer.

Especially when it doesn't really need to be chewed,

when it's just Taco Bell in a nugget.

- We've firmly established,

no one ever sees Rhett's teeth,

when he tries to smile no teeth show

because there are no teeth.

That's what it is.

- Hey, y'all.

- You're toothless, man.

- I got teeth.

Look at that.

- But you don't use them.

You don't use your teeth when you smile.

- They're perfectly straight.

- You don't use your teeth when you chew.

That's what it is.

And you're throwing me under the bus.

- You're using more than your teeth.

It's almost like there's an alien jaw

that comes out from underneath and begins to chew

like in the movie "Alien", that's what it sounds like.

That would make sense,

if you opened up your mouth

and there was another being in there, chewing,

I would be like, oh, mystery solved!

- I haven't seen "Alien".

Actually I've seen the first--

- Well, I just spoiled it for you.

- 15 minutes of it.

- There's a baby inside.

- I went over to Matt Ensor's house

and Benny, his dad,

who would later be in our garage rock band

was watching "Alien"

and we sat down and started watching it,

and I was afraid.

- You were scared, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- I mean, it's a rated R movie.

- Scared of that.

- I wasn't allowed to watch rated R movies

and then all of sudden, this guy--

- You don't have to police that yourself though.

- Puts his hand on a table

and then there's another guy with a knife

and he's doing this,

and I think that I said,

"I don't think I should be watching this."

I was that kind of kid.

- Yep, you were.

Let's see the next one.

- [Stevie] At number two,

Rhett and Link dare to see what happens

when you stuff the entire Popeyes menu

into a breakfast burrito.

- Okay, well let's start off

with a breakfast burrito that's chock full

of Popeyes Louisiana spice,

but will it be Louisiana nice?

We've got Popeyes chicken in a burrito.

We're calling it the Popritto,

aka, the Louisiana Slammer.

- Oh, Louisiana Slammer.

Josh, what did you do?

- [Josh] So I made a hash brown patty

out of the Cajun rice and mashed potatoes.

- I'm so hungry right now.

- [Josh] Actually got the chicken tenders

into a chorizo. - What?

- [Josh] There's a spicy mayo pickle salsa

in homage to the sandwich

and then of course, eggs that have been poached in gravy.

- Man, that sounds like it should be illegal, Josh.

- Poached in gravy.

You're already eating?

- Oh man.

- That's fabulous.

- Man, the way that came together.

- You went above and beyond

because I was thinking you were just gonna

chop up hunks of chicken, like fried chicken.

- See that?

You don't hear anything.

- And that would've been fabulous too.

- Yeah, if you had have done that,

we'd still be enjoying ourselves.

- But you turned chicken into a chorizo mix.

- The chorizo is so good man.


Okay well, this is very simple.

The only thing that's not simple

is me stopping myself from continuing to eat all of it

right now.

- I'm so hungry and so happy.

- Maybe I'm insulated.

And now you've got some insulation.

Give him something to chew and let's listen.

- Give him something to chew?

- We got something to chew?

- I mean, I have like a half poured water bottle.

(Rhett laughs)

You hear anything?

You hear anything?

Give him something to chew.

- Give that boy something to chew.

- What episode is it if we don't have anything to chew?

This is a food show.

- That's weird, yeah, that's weird

that we don't have anything to chew.

- Okay, now we are at the number one pick,

as picked by you.

Do you have any inkling what it might be?

- No.

- The number one food thing from the year.

I personally think that the Reese's Cup

should've been number one, not number five.

- Okay well, your votes don't count at all.

- That was a visceral experience.

- I have no idea.

Everything I've seen so far today

is kind of a, oh yeah, we did that.

- Oh yeah, and it was good.

- Yeah, I remember that.

We do this a lot.

- This one better be good, guys.

And we better be like, oh gosh,

how could we have forgotten.

- [Stevie] And the moment you've all been waiting for,

the number one food creation of 2020

as decided on by the Mythical Beasts

comes all the way from an alternate dimension.

It's the Giant Deborah Oatmeal Creme Pie.

- Now in our universe, we have Little Debbie's

Oatmeal Creme Pies.

You know them, you love them. - Look at this beautiful box.

- It's so comforting.

- I mean, I've never looked at this

and found myself thinking,

I wanna go to another dimension,

I bet it could be better.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,

we found another universe

where they have Giant Deborah's Oatmeal Creme Pies.

- In this universe,

you do not simply buy the snack and bring it in,

you have to summon Giant Deborah in verse.

You ready?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- [Both] Giant Deborah, hear our call,

you are big, and we are small.

We hunger for your oatmeal treat.

Creme pie is all we want to eat.

We pledge our loyalty for all you do,

Giant Deborah, please come through.

- Did someone summon Giant Deborah?

(Rhett and Link laughing)

- Wow. - Still funny.

- Deborah, you're so giant.

- Yes, I am.

I am the tallest one here by a long shot.

- And your oatmeal creme pie is freaking...

No taller than he normally is.

- [Rhett] Is this where I put my hand?

- Yep, right there, yeah. - Oh my goodness.

Oh my gosh.

(Rhett laughs)

- Here, take the packaging.

- Look at that.

- Should you just go in the middle.

- Yeah, go in the middle.

I think you should just go in the middle, yeah.

- Dink it.

- And sink it.

- Oh, I remember this.

- Yes.

Spot on taste. - It's so creamy.

- It tastes exactly the same.

Yep, I remember that.

- That cream. - Look at that cream.

- I mean, I'm not just being transported

to another dimension--

- That's dead on.

- I'm being transported to my childhood, man.

- My childhood, man.

- I ate a lot of Little Debbie.

- The Giant Deborah.

There it was.

- Let's summon Giant Deborah again today.

Maybe she'll show up.

- I don't remember the rhyme.

- I also don't think Chase is here today.

- Yeah, right, so let's not do it.

Let's just say we forgot it completely.

What we should summon

is the way we're going to end every one of these

top five episodes,

by receiving a gift from the Mythical Crew.

Mythical Crew,

- [Both] Please come through.

- Thank you, Davin.

You think you could've been Giant Deborah, Davin?

- [Davin] I'm not big enough.

(Rhett laughs)

- Not big enough.

- Not big enough.

All right.

- Who's this from?

- Well, who do you think it's from?

If you could pick one part of the company

that this would be from on today.

(Stevie laughs)

- Me.

- To Rhett and Link from your Mythical Kitcheneers.

- Oh!

Yeah, I don't like it when you talk to me like a baby.

- Hold on, hold on, hold on.

- Mythical Kitcheneers.

- PS, we had to travel a long way

to get this gift.

Oh, that's a hint.

- I can tell you right now, it's a frame.

Is there something in it?

- I hope it's a big frame of Giant Deborah.

(paper rustling)

- Oh, it is!

- It's a painting.

- What?

- What?

Y'all got an oil painting.

- [Stevie] Oh my god, can I have that?

- No!

- I don't know if you can tell,

but this is not a photo.

Can I turn it sideways so you can tell?

- [Stevie] That is the coolest thing.

- Is it printed or is it painted?

- [Stevie] I thought these were gonna be silly things.

- It's a process.

It's probably a process that you pay for

to make a photo look like a painting.

- Yeah, it's just canvas.

- Don't be so rough with it, man.

- Well, it's just canvas, there's no actual paint brush.

- You just rubbed Little Deborah's face.

- I mean, I'm glad that they didn't

blow the entire present budget

that we allocated to ourselves on day one,

'cause we got four more days of countdowns.

But this is going up in a special place.

Where should this go?

- I don't know.

You know, somewhere in the office.

- The basement.

- How about the door of our office facing out?

So you have to see Giant Deborah

every time you wanna--

- Yeah, the outside of our door.

- Yeah, you need something.

- But then it would say Rhett and Link's office underneath.

- See you tomorrow when we find out

the top five most chaotic moments

of "Good Mythical Morning" in 2020.

- You know what time it is.

Do we say that?

- Nope, we don't. - Dang.

- All right, so now we're gonna take all that gravy.

Yes, please.

If I were watching this on my work computer

I would clear my browser history.

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