Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2-ingredient CONDENSED MILK Truffles

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- Greetings my beautiful lovelies,

it's Emmy and welcome back.

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Now today, I'm going to be making

a recipe that just sounds too good to be true.

There are only two ingredients

and the results look absolutely gorgeous.

It is for two ingredient, condensed milk,

the clutch ingredient of all clutch ingredients,

and cocoa powder.

Now, I first learned about this from a YouTube channel

called Nino's Home, have you seen it?

Oh my gosh, it's so stinking cute.

So it would be categorized as an ASMR cooking channel

but it includes Nino which is a beautiful, sweet cat.

Definitely check out Nino's Home

if you don't know them already,

I will put the link down below.

But Nino's Home also credits Cooking Tree

so I also checked out Cooking Tree's version of this recipe,

I'll also put Cooking Trees video down below

and it looks pretty straightforward.

You're just gonna combine condensed milk and cocoa powder

into a mass and create truffles that look delectable.

So I never knew you could make so many wonderful things

out of condensed milk but you know who knows?

It's the Brazilians.

The Brazilians know all these wonderful recipes

using condensed milk because it's a dairy

that is shelf stable and Brazil is very warm,

so having a shelf stable dairy product that's easy to use

and it's already sweetened -- it's so handy!

So this recipe is actually very similar to brigadeiros

which are these beautiful little truffles

but that recipe includes two more ingredients,

margarine and sprinkles.

So, let's go ahead and make this recipe, shall we?

Condensed milk, you're gonna need 240 grams

and that works out to be about seven eighths of a cup.

I know, weird right?

There's a lot of sugar in this

and this will burn very easily

and we're just gonna warm it up.


Start to boil around the edges.

Remove from the heat.

So you can see things easier,

I'm going to transfer this to a bowl

but you can just do this in the saucepan.

See how it gets kind of runnier in consistency?

So know we're gonna add our cocoa powder.

Now cocoa powder likes to clump up

so we're gonna use a little sifter to get those lumps out

and we're gonna do this in three batches

so that's about a third.

Sift, sift, sift, sift, sift.

Oh, I love that.

See, look at all those clumps.

We don't want those in there.

I'm gonna just mix that in there

into our warm condensed milk.

It's already smelling so good.

And add another third.

See all those little clumps?

It smells like brownies.


Okay, so now the mixture is getting nice and thick.

Oh it smells so good.

When I was a kid,

I actually didn't like chocolate all that much.

But now, oh my goodness can't get enough.

And it's very, it's kind of like a very

stiff frosting at this point.


I'm using a little brownie pan here.

I'm gonna line it with some plastic.

It's very thick, yeah.

I'm thinking this pan's gonna be a little bit too big

so I'm just gonna fill this half way.

Because this mixture is so sticky,

I'm gonna use the plastic wrap to help me spread it out.

Now, we're gonna place this in the refrigerator

and let this cool for two to three hours

before we cut them and then eat them.

So, I'll see you in a little bit.

All righty my lovelies, welcome back.

So my truffle mixture has been sitting in the refrigerator

for about three hours.

Now let us cut it into little bite size pieces

but let me go grab it first (squeaking)


All righty, before we lay it out,

we're gonna take some plain cocoa powder.


Oh I love that, it's so velvety.

I see now why the recipe uses plastic wrap,

it's pretty sticky.

Now we're gonna liberally dust the top of this

with more cocoa powder.


Now we're gonna cut this into bite sized pieces.


Cuts nicely.

Look at that (chuckling)

Now we're gonna perfect these

and pick each one of these up

and just use our fingers to shape them

so they look a little bit more perfect.

So we're just pinching the corners a bit,

rounding them out.



Makes them look so stinking cute, so velvety.

All righty my lovelies,

I made a absolute mess with the cocoa powder.

It ended up everywhere.

But finally, I have my condensed milk truffles

and they look lovely.

I put them on this little gray plate.

Makes them look very elegant.

I'm gonna grab this one right here.

The cocoa powder.

All righty, here we go, itadakimasu.


Those are so good.

I think what I found surprising was the texture.

They're sticky and a little bit chewy.

A little bit gummy.

They kind of just gum and adhere to your teeth.

But the chocolate flavor is so, so good.

Actually better than I expected,

I was expecting very kind of,

more like a hot chocolate flavor.

Chocolate flavor but not intense.

This is very intense, as intense as, say, a brownie.

And it even has that richness of a brownie

even though we didn't put any butter in this.

The level of sweetness is perfect for me.

It's sweet but it's not cloyingly sweet,

it's not as sweet as, say, like a candy bar.

Or even a brownie for that matter

but it has that delicious chocolate intensity

that I love in a brownie.

The richness because we used condensed milk

and of course, there's dairy in it.

But these are delicious.

I think what's most interesting and unique about this

particular dessert is the texture.

It's sticky, kind of like, chewy like gum.

But it melts away, kind of coats your teeth,

a little bit thick like a frosting but more

substantial and also more lasting than, say, a frosting.

Frosting kind of just melts

and it's very intensely sweet.

Look, you can see a little bit of that stretchiness.

These are so good.

Their chocolate intensity

is definitely reminiscent of a truffle

but what I like about these

is that they're not as sweet as some truffles are.

And this is made with cocoa powder.

We didn't have any chocolate bars melted down

or any of that.

Not that truffles are difficult to make.

They usually consist of a ganache that's made of

chocolate melted and combined with hot cream

and then reshaped into balls.

But I love the convenience

and this combination of sweetness and chocolate intensity,

so great, so easy and so pantry friendly.

You can keep a can of condensed milk in your pantry for ages

cocoa powder, ditto.

And then you've got this really easy, delicious,

beautiful looking dessert.

So great, I'm sure my teeth are coated in this stuff.


All righty my beautiful lovelies,

there you have it,

the two ingredient condensed milk truffles.

Absolutely delicious.

If you are a chocolate head like myself,

you will love, love, love these.

Thanks again for watching

and big thanks to Glasses USA dot com

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Thanks again for watching, I hope you guys enjoyed that one.

I hope you guys learned something.

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Toodle-oo, take care, bye.

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Cocoa powder, cocoa powder.

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