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As you can see, the sugar liquid is turning brown and thickening

[Speaking the Khmer language]

[Mr. Rum]: It not only smells good but also tastes sweet

It has a shiny golden color

[Khoai]: Thank you

It's so dark now

Hi everyone, I'm Khoai Welcome back to Khoai Lang Thang channel

Next to me is Mr. Rum

He is the one who is gonna lead me to the doub palm garden

Me, with Mr. Rum and Mr. Sên

We are going to pick some doub palm fruits to make palm sugar and we'll drink their juice too

Wait for us, we're going there now

Can you hear the speaker sound?

Because it's only 5:20 in the morning

We'll be there in no time Mr. Sên has been there since 4 AM

It's so dark, I cannot see anything

Let me turn on the flashlight

[Khoai]: What's your name? [Woman]: Mao [Khoai]: Mrs. Mao!

It's so dark This is the stove that we'll use to cook palm sugar later

To be honest, I can only wake up early if I go filming like this

Normally, I'm still falling asleep now

I don't know if you can see clearly

This place is very beautiful

Because there're a lot of doub palm trees

Yesterday, Mr. Sên said that

I should come here at 6 or 7 AM because I cannot see anything in this early morning

But I want to join them

It's true that I can see nothing now

[Khoai]: What time did he started to pick the fruits?

[Mr. Rum]: 5 AM [Khoai]: Oh, it's 15 minutes ago

Introducing to you, this is Mr. Sên

He has been climb on the doub palm trees for a while

Mr. Sên can hear Vietnamese well

But he can only speak a little bit of Vietnamese

There's a dog that running around

As you can see, this is a doub palm tree

The root of this kind of palm is 4-5 times bigger than a coconut tree

And he will use a bamboo tree

With has nodes for him to climb on

When the sun rises, I'll use flycam to film the top of the tree for you

It's so dark now, we cannot see anything

We only know that he's climbing up there like this

After 10 minutes, he's coming down

And bringing 3 containers of doub palm juice

This juice, if you let it sit on the outside for several hours, it'll become sour

So they will add in a kind of herb, called "sên"

As can you see, it's floating on the surface [Khoai]: Can I take it out a bit?

[Khoai]: Thank you

It's like a kind of medicine

If you put the pieces of this tree inside, the juice won't be sour

Without this herb, the juice hanged on there will become sour and we cannot drink it

We will filter the juice first

To get rid of the flowers or dead ephemera

A box like that contains 5 liters of juice

[Mr. Rum]: No, only about 3 liters [Khoai]: Oh, 3 liters

[Mr. Rum]: Or maybe 4 liters...

It smells so good

The doub palm flavor is strong

Oh, there's a rat!

Ah, he put a rat cage on the top of the doub palm tree

In order to prevent any creatures that eat the fruit

[Speaking the Khmer language]

[Khoai]: This is tea tree leaves

Can you see the white cows?

They have delicious meat, very fragrant too

Sorry you two

I cannot say to the cows that their meat is yummy

I'm such a weird guy

Actually, that is one of the An Giang specialities

The white cow meat has a condensed milk fragrant

Such an angry dog!

There're some trees in this area, I'll follow him

The speaker is playing children's songs


Can you see that long flower?

If a tree has that flower, it's the male tree

People prefer the male fruit juice than the female one, because they think it's more fragrant and tasty

And the special thing is he has to cut off...

Cut off the sprout of the flower, so the resin can come out more

Then he will apply those containers in

And tomorrow, those containers will full of juice

That juice will be used to cook into doub palm sugar

4 to 5 flowers in a container

If a flower releases less juice in the other 2 or 3 days

He will use a tool to massage the flower

[He is sitting on the male tree and the right one is female tree]

Once the flower is massaged, it will release more juice

Many people think that doub palm juice comes from the fruit, but it's not

The juice comes from sprouts and flowers of the tree

Not only doub palm tree gives us sweet juice and sugar

Nipa, palm and coconut can also give us sweet juice

In Bến Tre, we also have sugar that made from flower or sprout of the coconut tree

You can search it on Google

People in my hometown are selling sugar that made from the coconut tree, not only selling fruits

Because they can have more money by selling the sugar than the fruit

I'll try drinking the juice freshly like this, to see if it's different from the store

It smells good

[Man]: Because of the "herb"

It's the "sên" tree

[Mr. Rum]: Drink some! [Khoai]: Okay

[Khoai]: Can I have some?

[Mr. Rum]: It's very good

There're some bees and butterflies inside

They also want to drink the juice

So we just have to blow the bubbles on the surface aside and drink the lower clear juice

The sweetness is stronger than the juice that sold in stores

Maybe it's because there's no ice and it's March

The juice in this season is sweeter than in rainy season

[Mr.Rum]: The juice in rainy season is not good [Khoai]: It's more bland, right?

Please have some!

Maybe he has drinking this so much

He has caught another rat

Because they will eat the fruits, so we have to capture them

Mrs. Mao has just come back from the market with a fish to cook a meal

She also bought a very special thing

Let me introduce to you

This is chewy sponge cake that made with doub palm

Maybe I have introduced to you so many time before

They're made with rice flour and doub palm flesh

I'll have some tea

You didn't come here

If you have stuck with me, you cannot escape

Come here

Don't be shy

You was very angry

Why not now!?

Only female trees have fruits

And male ones only have flowers

Later on, we'll use these fruits to cook in to doub palm sweet porridge

I'll carry this one


No!? Wow, you're so good

The fruit will be opened

So we can take the white flesh out

Can you see that? When we slice the top of a fruit

There's a part that has a triangle shape

We will cut the fruit in 3 parts exactly the same with that shape

So we can have 3 parts

With 3 pieces of flesh inside each part

[Khoai]: This is for me? Thank you

This is the flesh that Mr. Rum gave me

I'll take a bite

It has some juice inside

This one tastes like nipa flesh

Kinda chewy and soft

It has a light taste

It's not completely like nipa flesh, because it's kinda more jelly-like

It's like nata de coco I love eating this

The sugar liquid is thickening

And the liquid will boil strongly

So we have to pay more attention in this part, the liquid can boil too much and spill outside

Smells so good

If it's about to spill outside, he'll mix it with a stick immediatly

But when the liquid gets thicker, it's more dangerous because it's very easy to be burnt

She's cutting the flesh into smaller pieces

So beautiful They're like crystals after being peeled

This girl asks for a piece

She's using some palm sugar

Cook with some oil to make a beautiful color for the dish

He'll pour some doub palm juice in

Blowing some ants away

He doesn't want the ants to fall inside

We don't need any sugar because the juice is already sweet

We only use the flesh and the juice

One glass per person!

Thank you!

This is doub palm water

Which we collected this morning

And the flesh that she has just taken out

Just need doub palm juice, some fleshes and ice

We have an awesome drink

Normally, at the beverage stall

This is usually sold for about 10 or 20,000 VND per glass

However, I could tell that the juice there isn't as this fresh

[Mr. Rum]: Is it sweet? [Khoai]: Yeah, it is

[Mr. Rum]: No need sugar, right? [Khoai]: Yeah, sure!

I think in the beverage stall, they boil the palm water already

So it has the smell like sugar

The aroma here is a little slighter

It also has the flesh we took recently

[speaking the Khmer language]

The palm sugar is normally insipid, not sweet

But when we mix with doub palm juice like this

It's really suited

Usually, in summer, the juice would be sweeter

In the rainy season, the juice would be more insipid

I prefer drinking doub palm juice in the rainy season

Because it's insipid, we could drink a lot without getting bored of it

This is sticky rice

So we soak them, right?

You see this, the recent fruit is a young one

This is the over-riped one

It's soft and self-falling

So in this, there are yellow fiber which is squeezed with water

And mix in rice flour to make doub palm chewy sponge cake

The yellow fiber will help the rice to ferment

It's over-riped so is it this big

As you see here

My hand is already very big but look at it

She will extract some coconut milk

She'll put coconut milk into the sticky rice

And then boil the mixture

The sticky rice when cooking with coconut milk would become soft and sticky

Then she'll put

all the flesh pieces in

We usually cook aloe vera sweet porridge, don't we?

So this is doub palm sweet porridge

Then she'll add palm sugar in

Here we go, a sweet kind of porridge

The sugar is pretty hard

I remember that when I was young, my mom usually buy palm sugar to cook sweet porridge

People use refined sugar now

Anyway, palm sugar is the best suited for cooking sweet porridge

The palm sugar gives a beautiful golden color

We do not need to add food coloring

The sugar liquid is turning golden brown

And it's thickening

She said it's very delicious

She cooked it so it's definitely good

The sugar is still boiling

The sugar now is...

has a slight caramel smell

The most important procedure is stirring

We have to stir continuously in 30 minutes

So fragrant! If you are here, you could smell the fragrance of the cooked sugar

[Mr. Rum]: Sit back a little bit [Khoai]: Ok

[Khoai]: It splashes, right?

He told me to sit away from the pot or I'll get burned

Because the sugar is very hot now

So interesting!

It's cooling down

I notice that she is not stirring vigorously

But she's stirring on the edge of the pot

[Mr. Rum]: She's tired already

After a while, she gets tired

Her husband gets in the turn

It has just been 10 minutes

Why do we have to stir on the edge surface not the bottom?

[Mr. Rum]: To make it have a white color

[Khoai]: To make foam, right? [Mr. Rum]: Sorry?

[Khoai]: Making foam to create white color, right? [Mr. Rum]: Correct!

So if we stir on the edge surface like that, we're creating the foam

So we can have white surface, can you see that?

So the palm sugar would look more eye-catching

Ah! So one of the manual making foam ways

To make the palm sugar white and look more eye-catching

Can you see that? On the edge...

We stir like that and there's a white foam

[Speaking the Khmer language]


[Speaking the Khmer language]

[Mr. Rum]: So fragrant!

[Mr. Rum]: It's also sweet, guys!

[Speaking the Khmer language]

[Khoai]: Is it hot? [Mr. Rum]: It's hot but warm enough to eat

The palm sugar has a very beautiful golden brown color now

He said that normally it takes 7 liters of juice to make 1 kilogram of palm sugar

6-7 liters for a kilogram of palm sugar

Or even 10 liters for a hard palm sugar

How much money per kilogram do traders usually take?

[Rum asks in the Khmer language] [Mr. Rum]: Just 19.000 VND

[Khoai]: 19.000 VND per kilogram

A finished palm sugar costs 19.000 VND?

[speaking the Khmer language]

[Mr. Rum]: It was 20.000 VND but now treaders just take 19.000 VND

[Khoai]: It used to 20.000 but it's 19.000 now

[speaking the Khmer language]

The palm sugar becomes very beautiful golden now

It's the time to pour to the tray

And wait until it gets solid

We pour all of it to that tray?

We could pour it to any frame we want to mold

We sell a whole big palm sugar

We package it into a bag and sell to traders

It's golden yellow

[speaking the Khmer language]

This is braised fish by using palm sugar

Let's me take it

Ok, then, please!

[joking in the Khmer language]

Thank you!

The sweet porridge bowl is so big!

Enjoy the meal, please!

After eating the meal, I'm having some doub palm sweet porridge

Look at this, there's coconut milk on it

There isn't any green bean, the yellow comes from palm sugar

With coconut milk, sticky rice, and doub palm flesh

As simple like that

But the palm sugar's color make the sweet porridge look so delicious

Let me try some!

The sticky rice is really soft

The coconut milk is rich

There's palm sugar aroma

Eating with some flesh

See it?

It's now a little transparent


Because we put the doub palm flesh in the end

So it's still soft and chewy

Also, she cooked this not too sweet! Moderately!

So it's really delicious

I'll finish this

Then stay and talk with them a little while

Tomorrow, there would be a festival of the Khmer here

Probably, I would ask to come over

Then I'll share it with you

Ok! Then, see you in next episode Bye Bye

Goodbye. everyone! I'm Khoai

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